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Archive for February, 2007

You gotta love Ferbuary.

For a short month, February sure packs a punch. Rent any of these new releases online, and send February packing in style.
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First, check out Will Ferrell’s latest, Stranger Than Fiction. Ferrell plays an average guy who begins hearing a voice that seems to be narrating his life. Naturally freaked, he turns to Dustin Hoffman to help him find the source of the voice. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emma Thompson round out the great cast. Best of all, Ferrell breaks from his usual (albeit very funny) role: a kooky kook behaving kookily.

“No, do not investigate the old farmhouse!” Save your breath, friend, Sarah Michelle Gellar just won’t listen. In The Return, she plays a businesswoman who begins having nightmares of a 15-year old murder—then gets drawn to the farmhouse where it took place. Sam Shepard also stars in this drama/thriller set in the creepiest of locations. (Do NOT ask redbox about its farm history.)

Also new this week, the movie that takes you back to the beginning of Tenacious D, THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD*. In Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny you’ll see how JB (Jack Black) and KG (Kyle Gass) meet each other in Venice Beach, form a band, then set out across country to steal a golden guitar pick…acting pretty hilariously the whole time.

* This claim is painfully ludicrous. Just saying.

Returning from last week (and still available online) is the animated comedy Flushed Away. Hugh Jackman does the talking for a cartoon rat who gets flushed, literally, from high society in London, ending up down in the city’s sewers. Kate Winslet and Ian McKellen also lend their voices.

Redbox highly recommends the political satire and Robin-Williams-brand-goofiness in Man of the Year. Williams stars as a talk show host who runs as a darkhorse and gets elected President. Laura Linney and Christopher Walken —not to mention some real Washington players—star as well.

Finally, you best not forget The Prestige. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale square off as rival magicians whose competition gets ugly over the secrets of an amazing trick performed by Bale.
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Strong acting. Amazing effects. Get it.

Redbox belongs on Mt Rushmore

Finally, redbox gets to start out with a little potty humor…without the stern talking-to from HR. New this week is the animated comedy Flushed Away. It’s the story of a little old London rat that has to survive a whole new world when he accidentally gets flushed down into the city’s sewers. The voices of Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet and Ian McKellen bring this story to life (authentically, at that).

Next up, a comedy with a premise so terrifying, only Hollywood could dream it up: President Robin Williams. In Man of the Year, Williams plays a brash, straight-shooting talk show host who—what the heck—runs for President. After he wins, the satire gets thick. Laura Linney and Christopher Walken also star in this tale about what things might look like if Washington got turned upside down.

In the mood for a little President’s Day magic?
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Presto. The Prestige stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as magicians who go from friends to rivals to enemies over the secrets behind an amazing trick performed by Bale’s character Alfred. (Honestly, redbox isn’t sure what else magicians would be fighting over.)

Rounding out the new ones this week is Open Water 2. This second installment in the series tackles the same tough question as the first—drowning slowly with no one to hear your cries: fun or not? Susan May Pratt and Richard Speight, Jr. are two of those aboard a chartered yacht when a high school reunion weekend turns wet and horrible.

All the new releases are available right there online. So are these returning favorites…

Martin Scorsese’s The Departed features the most power-packed (and multi-nominated) cast in a seriously long time. Bringing this Boston mafia drama to life are Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson, among many others.
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Last but not least, something for the younger movie lover (or aspiring superhero of any age): Tim Allen, Chevy Chase and Courteney Cox star in Zoom: Academy for Superheroes. It’s where the superheroes of tomorrow get their start, under Allen’s super-supervision (get it?).

More codes, more Redbox, more news…

As you probably noticed, this week’s update is a little late. This is because my internet went down for about a day, and since everything I do is online, that put me behind…

Over the past 10 days there has been quite a bit of activity at InsideRedbox…

We have seen many new codes added, I did an interview with Fox News and posted the video, and we received news of further Redbox expansion.

The most interesting thing of all for me was a new experiment I started on the day of the interview.
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I am blogging about the experiment in detail on my personal blog, and you are going to want to check it out…

You can visit my personal blog below. Make sure you read the entry titled “My crazy sleep experiment…” first to get an understanding of the experiment and why I am doing it…

And, as always, you can visit InsideRedbox and get the scoop on all of the news I talked about above. Be sure to check out the last 4 entries or so…
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And, as always, I want to hear from you. Definitely leave comments on any of the entries you like, as well as on my personal blog.

Have a great week!


News from Redbox – Feb 13, 2007

Valentine’s day love advice from redbox


Not anymore, Cassanova. Or, er, Cassanovess. With redbox it’s the hottest way to show you care. (That comes straight from redbox, so you can count on the love advice you find here being pretty reliable.)

Saw the Golden Globes? Good, then you’re familiar with this week’s first movie: The Departed. A heavy-hitting— and heavily-nominated— all star cast brings this Boston mafia drama to life in a way only Martin Scorcese could envision it.
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Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson are just few of the huge names in the amazing ensemble. Oh, and Mark Wahlberg? Crazy good.

Also new this week is Zoom: Academy for Superheroes. Tim Allen, Chevy Chase and Courteney Cox star in this movie about an aging superhero who gets put in charge of whipping a group of kids into shape to become the superheroes of tomorrow. Is there an academy for super-villiains? Good question. Redbox will look into that. (Insert redbox rubbing redbox’ hands together and giggling menacingly.)

Last but not least this week is The 13th Child. This murder mystery has people being killed off by someone or something using superhuman strength. A clever DA Assistant, played by Cliff Robertson, is sent to investigate. Is this just a way to commit the perfect murder or will the legend of the Jersey Devil prove to be true? Who’s behind this murder mystery? Shhhhh, redbox will never tell. You’ll need to watch it yourself to find out.

Those new releases are all available online. So are these hot titles from last week.

Clint Eastwood tells the story of the American soldiers made famous in the flag-raising photograph taken at Iwo Jima.
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Ryan Phillipe and Jesse Bradford star as two of the men who became the face of a national campaign to raise support and sell bonds for the World War II effort.

Also, watch out for that pesky I’m-Going-Blind-With-Rage bug that seems to be going around in The Grudge 2. Amber Tamblyn and Sarah Michelle Gellar star in this sequel to the sci-fi hit about an inexplicable condition that makes its victims blow their lids.

Finally, don’t forget about Cinderella III: A Twist In Time for the young movie lovers out there. Jennifer Hale is the voice of Cinderella, and Susan Blakeslee is the stepmother, who’s somehow picked up enough magic here and there to reverse all the spells cast by the fairy godmother.

Until next week, have a Valentine’s Day filled with the kind of lasting love only Hollywood can deliver. You know what redbox means.

Last Tuesday Fox News reported on and how folks just like you and me can get “Free DVD rentals for Life!”…

Check out the video below and share it with anyone you don’t hate!
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Signup for “Redbox Insider Updates” (right side of your screen), and keep updated on how you can get your free dvd rentals… for life!

And, be sure to click here and tell your friends how they can get free DVDs, too..

BUT, be sure not to tell people you hate, OK?
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They don’t deserve the goodness of free DVDs!

Redbox is reporting today further expansion into stores under the Supervalu banner, as well as additional McDonald’s locations…

The Supervalu network includes: Acme, Albertsons, bigg’s, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Jewel-Osco, Scott’s Food and Pharmacy, Shaw’s, Shop ‘n Save and Shoppers Food & Pharmacy banners, as well as to hundreds of the independent retailers it serves through its supply chain services business.

The new Supervalu locations will account for another 850 Redbox kiosks, according to Greg Waring, Redbox VP of Marketing. In addition, Greg indicated that there will also be at least that many locations added to McDonald’s locations as well.

This rollout of 1700+ Redbox machines is scheduled to happen over the next 6 months, bringing the total number of kiosks to near the 4000 mark by the end of Summer 2007.

What does this mean to us? More free movies for more people, of course!

Keep on sharing Redbox – and Redbox will keep on sharing with us.

First off, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone! Since last Tuesday, I have received many entries for the InsideRedbox Logo contest. Because of these entries, I have been able to narrow down and better clarify what I am looking for in the new design for this site. Below you will find details on the revised contest…
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This last week as been great for Redbox Codes – with the addition of multiple new codes in the last 7 days. These codes are listed below…

And, last Tuesday I was contacted by Fox News and they requested to do an interview with me in regards to this website. Read more about this interview in the full update below…

Read the rest of this entry »

News from Redbox – Feb 6, 2007

Salvation from the cold.

Utterly unaffected by some
groundhog and his shadow.

You happy, friend? All those online rentals from redbox (and maybe some food and warm clothes) got you through January. Here’s what early February holds…

To start things off, something on the touching side. Clint Eastwood—redbox sees big things for this young man, by the way—directs Flags of Our Fathers, the story of the soldiers made famous by the photograph of their raising the flag at Iwo Jima. Ryan Phillipe and Jesse Bradford star as the men brought back to the US as celebrities to sell war bonds, then struggle with their instant “hero” status.

Next, redbox suggests The Grudge 2, the sequel to the runaway sci-fi hit. Amber Tamblyn plays a young woman who becomes infected by the same condition that turned her sister (Sarah Michelle Gellar), well, pretty wacko.
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The movie brings together several of its victims, all of whom were filled with blinding rage. Yep, sounds about like every grudge redbox still holds from high school.

Those first two sound a little much for the kids? Go online and rent them Cinderella III: A Twist In Time.
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In this animated feature, Cinderella’s stepmother (still old, still evil) conjures a magic spell that reverses everything the fairy godmother did. It features the voices of Jennifer Hale as Cinderella and Susan Blakeslee as the stepmother.

Speaking of children, here’s a DVD for the kids. Open Season (one of redbox’s great movies returning from last week). It’s animated. It’s hilarious. And it features animals going wild, not to mention the voices of Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher. Redbox thinks that about sells that.

And don’t you dare forget about The Marine, the story of recently discharged soldier who now has to contend with the diamond thieves who kidnapped his wife. John Cena and Robert Patrick star, as the punisher and punishee, respectively.

Finally this week, there’s Danika, the story of a woman who has premonitions of her children being harmed that become way too real. Marisa Tomei plays the title clairvoyant. Regina Hall plays her psychiatrist.

Go online. Grab some movies. Stay warm. Redbox will holler at you next week.