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News from Redbox – Feb 6, 2007

Salvation from the cold.

Utterly unaffected by some
groundhog and his shadow.

You happy, friend? All those online rentals from redbox (and maybe some food and warm clothes) got you through January. Here’s what early February holds…

To start things off, something on the touching side. Clint Eastwood—redbox sees big things for this young man, by the way—directs Flags of Our Fathers, the story of the soldiers made famous by the photograph of their raising the flag at Iwo Jima. Ryan Phillipe and Jesse Bradford star as the men brought back to the US as celebrities to sell war bonds, then struggle with their instant “hero” status.

Next, redbox suggests The Grudge 2, the sequel to the runaway sci-fi hit. Amber Tamblyn plays a young woman who becomes infected by the same condition that turned her sister (Sarah Michelle Gellar), well, pretty wacko.
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The movie brings together several of its victims, all of whom were filled with blinding rage. Yep, sounds about like every grudge redbox still holds from high school.

Those first two sound a little much for the kids? Go online and rent them Cinderella III: A Twist In Time.
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In this animated feature, Cinderella’s stepmother (still old, still evil) conjures a magic spell that reverses everything the fairy godmother did. It features the voices of Jennifer Hale as Cinderella and Susan Blakeslee as the stepmother.

Speaking of children, here’s a DVD for the kids. Open Season (one of redbox’s great movies returning from last week). It’s animated. It’s hilarious. And it features animals going wild, not to mention the voices of Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher. Redbox thinks that about sells that.

And don’t you dare forget about The Marine, the story of recently discharged soldier who now has to contend with the diamond thieves who kidnapped his wife. John Cena and Robert Patrick star, as the punisher and punishee, respectively.

Finally this week, there’s Danika, the story of a woman who has premonitions of her children being harmed that become way too real. Marisa Tomei plays the title clairvoyant. Regina Hall plays her psychiatrist.

Go online. Grab some movies. Stay warm. Redbox will holler at you next week.

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