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Archive for April, 2006

Hope you had a good week. I don’t know exactly where you are located, but here in Salt Lake City we are finally starting to see some nice weather. It has been good to get outside, have a few barbeques, get some work done, and have some fun.

Even with all that, we still managed to watch a few movies this past week. Most were very good, and one not so good.


We saw “Lost”, which I thought was pretty weird. Neither my wife nor I liked it much, and could have lived without seeing it.

Then, we saw “Fun with Dick and Jane”. I actually didn’t expect much out of this movie, and didn’t want to see it too bad. But, one night it was the only movie there so we rented it. And, it was
better than I thought it was be. So, if you have some time, check it out.

Finally, the last movie we watched this week was “The Greatest Game Ever Played”. I would have to say it is a must see if you like ‘underdog’ or sports stories. Very well acted and based on a true story, it was the highlight of the week. Definitely check it out.


According to the Redbox site, there are 6 new movies in the box this week. They are: Shopgirl, Casanova, Aeon Flux, Match Point, Tristan and Isolde, and Dr. Dolittle 3.

Since we rarely venture to the theater (like once a year), we haven’t seen any of these movies. I plan on seeing Aeon Flux, and will likely find another one or two on the list to see, and will
let you know what we think.


There were quite a few new codes added this week, so definitely visit the codes page and take a look. Try a few in your area that haven’t been tried there and report back.
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It will help everyone
get more free movies, and who doesn’t want that?


We would love to hear from you!

What do you think about the new weekly emails? Do you think they are too long, too short, really boring?
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Let us know. (Not getting the emails? Signup using the yellow box on the codes page.)

Also, tell us about movies you have seen and whether they get a thumbs up or thumbs down from you.

Leave a comment using the form below (No form below? Click the “comments” link at the bottom of this post.)

Until next week, happy renting! Make sure you continue to tell others about our site, and give them a chance to experience the best thing about renting movies from the Redbox – codes!

Well, another week has gone by here at InsideRedbox and it is time
to look at the new movies for the week. But first…


I watched 3 movies this past week: School of Life, King Kong and

School of Life and Dreamer are both great movies for the whole
family; while King Kong lives up to its predecessor and is filled
with great effects and emotion.

School of Life is about a middle school and a teacher who
wants to make a difference. There is a great lesson in this movie,
even beyond just applying to school. If you haven’t seen it, and
you want to be inspired, check it out.

Dreamer is another great family movie about a young girl and a
horse she loves. Will the horse be a champion even against all
odds. You will have to watch it to find out…

King Kong has gotten rave reviews and did great at the box office.
While it is a tad long, and seems a bit slow to start, it is great
for action and drama. Check it out.


OK, there are quite a few new movies being released today. They
are: Lost, Mortuary, Prince & Me 2, Irish Jam, and Mrs. Henderson

Once again, I will have to admit to knowing nothing about any of
them except for Lost, which I have heard really good things about.
So, why don’t you check them out and let us know what you thought.


There were quite a few new codes released this week, so make sure
you visit the codes page and check them out.

Click Here for Redbox Codes

So, get out there and rent some movies, and make sure you come back
and report on the codes that are working and those that are not.

Have a great week!


PS: And again, stay tuned for some exciting new features coming
very soon to the site. You will stay more up to date AND be able
to keep better track of movies you have seen (and want to see).
Great things are in store for you at

It’s New Movie Tuesday at the Redbox

This past week at InsideRedbox has been a week of tremendous growth for us, and I would like to officialy welcome all of those who have joined us.
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Just yesterday, we had 3000 visitors to our website (a definite record), most of which came to us from SlickDeals. In addition, much of our growth is due to all of you telling others about how they can get codes for DVD rentals at their local Redbox.

If you know someone who lives in an area where Redbox operates, make sure you invite them to come join us here at

On to the movies…

These week there are 4 new releases to be found on the Redbox new movies page, and they are: Fun with Dick and Jane, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Caved In: Prehistoric Terror, and Wolf Creek.

The first two I have heard of and am mildly interested in seeing, but the second two – I don’t have a clue about them.

So, get on over to our Redbox codes page at get ready to watch the latest movies Redbox has to offer!

Click Here for Redbox Codes

Also of note, I am working an addition to the site that will make it even easier to keep up-to-date on Redbox codes and news, and I should have an announcement by next Tuesday. Until then, have a great week!

Thanks for your support,


PS: If you haven’t yet, help support this site by redeeming your DVD from Peerflix. When you signup for a new account (totally through our link, it helps with the costs of running this site. Just follow the simple instructions found here:

BusinessWeek is reporting that shares of Coinstar – partial owner of Redbox – have been upgraded to “Buy”. This has caused a jump in share prices. Apparently giving away free dvd rentals to all of us is a good business move!

Click here to read the full story.

So, maybe we should all go out and buy some shares of Redbox for ourselves. Looks like they may be valuable in the future. Way to go Redbox!

Hey everyone, I just got word that we made the news in Salt Lake City. Apparently KUTV 2 News did a spot on the Redbox, and the guy they interviewed (Cameron Dawson) mentioned our site and the free Redbox codes. You can even seem him viewing the site in the video.
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Click the “Play” button on the right of the page to watch the actual video.
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If you know Cameron (or you ARE Cameron) leave us a comment.

Keep telling people about our site and we can get free dvd rentals to people everywhere.

Thanks for your support. Free DVD rentals forever!