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This past week at InsideRedbox has been a week of tremendous growth for us, and I would like to officialy welcome all of those who have joined us.
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Just yesterday, we had 3000 visitors to our website (a definite record), most of which came to us from SlickDeals. In addition, much of our growth is due to all of you telling others about how they can get codes for DVD rentals at their local Redbox.

If you know someone who lives in an area where Redbox operates, make sure you invite them to come join us here at

On to the movies…

These week there are 4 new releases to be found on the Redbox new movies page, and they are: Fun with Dick and Jane, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Caved In: Prehistoric Terror, and Wolf Creek.

The first two I have heard of and am mildly interested in seeing, but the second two – I don’t have a clue about them.

So, get on over to our Redbox codes page at get ready to watch the latest movies Redbox has to offer!

Click Here for Redbox Codes

Also of note, I am working an addition to the site that will make it even easier to keep up-to-date on Redbox codes and news, and I should have an announcement by next Tuesday. Until then, have a great week!

Thanks for your support,


PS: If you haven’t yet, help support this site by redeeming your DVD from Peerflix. When you signup for a new account (totally through our link, it helps with the costs of running this site. Just follow the simple instructions found here:

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