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I have actually run into quite a few photos over the years of what the inside of a Redbox kiosk actually looks like, but I don’t think I have ever posted about it.
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So, here is a photo for your viewing pleasure.
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[click photo for larger view]

Most of the space is taken up by the DVD “carousel” that holds all of the movies. You can also see the touch screen, the computer that runs it (black box on bottom left), and the white box at the bottom that holds the guns.

Do you see anything else of interest? Any surprises for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks to reader ‘timscarlet’ for sending this in.

42 Responses to “What Does the Inside of a Redbox Look Like? See It Here…”

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    Gracie [visitor]

    Wow, i have always wondered what the inside looked like, i have always wanted to catch whoever replaces the DVD’s in there, is there a certian time they do that? Is it just some regular guy who gets mailed all the new DVD’s to go replace?
    I am looking? Is he gonna clean the machine? Is he stealing a DVD? What is that white box and who is he on the phone with? Red thing hanging between his legs? Redbox key?

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      Joe Redbox [visitor]

      The what Box is what loads the DVDs in the machine. he most likely on the phone with tech support. trying to fix the machine. and yes he will clean the machine once he is done.

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    You have got to be kidding. Liability to Redbox would be overwhelming.

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    mimi [visitor]

    I see the camera say “Cheese”

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    Terri [visitor]

    The red thing is probably a lanyard holding the Redbox key. The inside looks a little like a pop machine.
    If he was going to steal the DVDs, he would do it somewhere other that right in front of the redbox.
    It looks to me like the perfect job to have.

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    Debbie [visitor]

    I have a bunch of photos of a redbox employee servicing the unit. How do I post them? Just happened to catch the guy and started taking photos.

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    MNMAN [visitor]

    I once went to go rent a movie at an outside Redbox at Walgreens and found a duffle bag full of new movies sitting right by the Redbox.Looked around,waited a few minutes,then called the 1 800 number for Redbox.About 5 minutes later,guy comes out of Walgreens with a roll of paper towels.Explained I saw the duffle bag and was calling Redbox to track him down.He acted like a real jerk/asshole.Told me to hang up.I figured least he could do was give me a free code but nope.I called up again and reported him……………….what an idiot.He would had been responsible if someone walked with the bag.Had to been at least 30 movies in there.

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      Movie King [visitor]

      Sure, he’s supposed to be grateful for you calling & ratting him out that his DVD’s were unprotected & you’re the good citizen that saved Redbox from a terrible loss! And all you expected was a free code in return. Well we found the real A-Hole – just go look in the mirror! Jackass.

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        The Eye [visitor]

        Wow, stupidity really doesn’t take a day off.

        MNMAN was trying to save Redbox from a sizeable loss, hadn’t actually reported the worker, and hung up when the worker requested him to do so.

        Sure, he was expecting too much by hoping for a free code (we should do these things with no expectation of any reward), but he didn’t need to be treated badly by the worker, who was clearly in the wrong — or by you. He was trying to be a good citizen, something there’s too little of these days.

        The worker got his just desserts by being reported; he likely wouldn’t have been if he’d just been civil. Really, what kind of idiot leaves their tools outside a store while they go shopping?

        And your taking the worker’s side and calling this guy names just proves that we finally did find the true moron. Thanks for posting!

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          rb [visitor]

          Agree with The Eye!

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            Jody [visitor]

            yea, what an idiot for leaving the movies out in the open for anyone to take!!! he should be grateful no one ganked them!

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            Movie King [visitor]

            Now that I think about, you guys are right
            I am the A-Hole, actually I could go for some A-Hole right now cause I’m gay and all

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            Movie King [visitor]

            Wow, a gay basher and an imposter going around as a real yellow coward not even posting their real name. Nope, no surprises there.

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          Movie King [visitor]

          Want to be a good Samaritin? Fine. Hang around and watch the guys stuff until he appears. You did your good deed, got points to heaven, now be on your way.

          But reread the guys original message. He’s not a good samaritin at all – just one of today’s busy-bodies that wanted somethin for nothing. That’s why he called (twice) RedBox to rat out the worker. If the DVD’s were taken then the worker would be on the hook for them anyway.

          The next time you eff up at work, maybe you’ll get a taste of your own b.s. when a co-worker is there to announce it during the next staff meeting. Gee, won’t that make you feel real good?

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        Justjaq [visitor]

        Movieking you’re a real role model for all of the white trash punks hanging out by the Redbox asking for change and cigarettes. What a little bitch you are.

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          Movie King [visitor]

          Sure Jaq-off, the guy probably went into the store to buy paper towels to clean the machine and this douche reports him. You’re probably the douche’s brother. Run around interfering in the name of justice like a half-assed wanna-be superhero.

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    susie homemaker [visitor]

    Why would anyone want to take pictures of someone doing their job? They don’t go into your office and take pics of you sorting files, or doing a surgery, or cutting someone’s hair.

    Redbox employees are not supposed to let people take pics, and if they are working they can’t be paying attention to some crazy person taking pics just because they want to.

    Leave them alone, they are working, providing the movies that YOU want to rent… its a great company with pretty cool employees, let them work to ensure that when you want your movie, it is there and the machine will properly give it to you.

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      JJJ [visitor]

      You could probably ask and the guy would get out of the way and let you take some good closeups.

      It’s just in my nature to figure out how things work.

      So please, take pictures and post ’em!

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    Debbie Avant [visitor]

    I think redbox is great, and it looks like that old movie slides we had in school inside of it. It beats going and spending 4 to 5 dollars on a new release at a blockbuster or movie gallery when you can go to rebox and spend $1.08

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    That big, round case looks like a cinema movie reel shipping container, and the computer appears to be one of the Dell small-footprint desktop models. And I really like his Redbox cap!

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    The Hoff [visitor]

    The octagonal box is called the QLM, or Quick Load Module. It’s a patented way to make the loading and unloading quicker. When the kiosk is not operating i.e. when no one is renting and returning, it runs a process that ‘thins’ or takes out the movies that are no longer renting and sticks them into the QLM. If you’ve ever noticed the locked drawer at the bottom of the kiosk–this is where the QLM goes.

    The QLM is locked as well and can’t be accessed without destroying the movies. When the Field Rep walks in, all of the old inventory is in the QLM, which gets returned to the warehouse. In theory, the field rep has pre-loaded a QLM with next week’s new releases, but in practice they just hand load them into the carousel while they perform routine maintenance and diagnostic checks.

    He’s most likely on the phone with redbox’s Machine Support group, which is staffed 24hrs/day-7 days/wk/365 days/yr and work in an area that looks like Ground Control from NASA. They help to keep the kiosks running smooth.

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      Gracie [visitor]

      Thanks for the info Hoff, i wonder what happens to all the old movies no one rents anymore, do they sell them off or something?

      • Member [Join Now]

        Good question, Gracie. I was wondering the same thing. I was also wondering why people who respond on sites like this must resort to name-calling or true confessions. I guess their world is a lonely place.

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          Gracie [visitor]

          because its easy to talk trash when you are hiding behind a keyboard/computer….Oh well right, laugh it off and be glad we are not that lonely and sad.

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    If you arrive to rent or return while a kiosk is being serviced, is it appropriate to ask for a promo code to offset the wait time?

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    Laura [visitor]


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    JaySherman [jaysherman]

    Nice. I’ve always wondered what the inside looks like. Nice job. When do they usually change the movies?

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      Carson [visitor]

      All different times I’m sure, one guy will service different machines all day long. I ran into a guy servicing a machine, it was Tuesday and he was putting in new releases to be available the NEXT Tuesday. I asked how many of each new release is stocked, and he said it just depends on the area and demographic. But what was sweet is I just had to hand him the movies I was returning, didn’t have to wait for the machine to take them… I’m glad he didn’t just pocket them…

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    The Hoff [visitor]

    If the field rep’s left shoulder and arm were transparent you could see the camera/picking mechanism. It travels vertically while the carousel spins. Most reps will stop what they’re doing if a customer comes up. You can actually still rent when the door is open via the touchscreen. the rep will usually just grab it from the picker arm since it can’t make it out of the slot due to the open door. Most reps do carry promo codes on them if they’re doing some maintenance and repairs that prevent the person from renting.

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    JJJ [visitor]

    This one was posted a while back, it has a different view and you can see some of the different control boxes

  16. Member [Join Now]

    I would ask you not to post pictures, or take camera photos of Redbox employees doing their job. You are just going to ruin any shred of integrity that THIS site has. Redbox/Coinstar is just going to get them taken down. Redbox has over 17,000 kiosks across the country and still growing. Think of all the out of the way locations that these merchandisers and repair technicians travel to. Be nice and understanding of their job resposibilites.

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      Stop Whining [visitor]

      I agree with redcox here

      Please do not post pictures on your website because this site still has integrity, so don’t ruin your own website by doing things that you normally do
      Got it buster?

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      You are joking right? I mean you’d have to be!

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      JJJ [visitor]

      You guys have got to be kidding me. This is the U.S.A. isn’t it?

      Daylight pictures out in the open public cannot be restricted, they are not private, there’s no expectation of privacy.

      Are you saying people can’t walk up and talk to a guy working on the box?

      If you ask and he steps out of the way, that would be better of course. And sneaking up on the guy is just rude.

      If the thing is open and you can see the inside from a publicly accessible place, there’s really not much anyone can do about it. If Redbox is worried about it they can put up a curtain.

      Technically, I don’t see the problem. You can guess how it operates, the thing spins and some sort of vertical arm grabs the disk and puts it in the slot. So what. There’s probably a patent out there that shows everything.

      Personally, it would be fascinating to see a youtube video of the thing rotating and the arm doing it’s thing. That would be cool.

      It’s like going to a public event outside and saying you can’t take any pictures.

      “Think of all the out of the way locations that these merchandisers and repair technicians travel to.” what does that have to do with it?

      Most are inside a busy store, others are in well lit places. To get a good shot of the inside, it would be better to take it during the day anyway.

      “don’t ruin your own website by doing things that you normally do” what? Who’s Buster?

      How about pictures or video of the inside of the coin kiosk too?

      Another solution, employees take the shots, post them everywhere and no one will bother anymore because they are already all over the place.

  17. Member [Join Now]

    can anybody tell why the redboxes in gardenerville nevada no longer allow on line rentals they have been like this for at least two months

  18. Member [Join Now]
    UBM [ubm]

    @bbbkff: You have to call Redbox to find out, but chances are that
    they are having problems in your area with fraudlent online activity,
    and have limited it to at machine rentals for now.

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    Darin [visitor]

    Maybe redbox should come out with an animated file that shows how a redbox does it’s selection process and stores all of the DVDs. It probably would stop a lot of people from having to take a pic of the inside of a unit because not only someone would know what it looks like, but how it works as well.
    Modern Marvels is a very good program to run a show showing how movie rentals went from ‘Be Kind, Please Rewind’ to a dispencing machine for DVDs. (How about it Histroy Channell?!)