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19 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for September 22, 2009”

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    billy [visitor]

    Woo, Observe & Report!

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    Thanks for the early release notice.

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    Thanks for the update. I have no idea why Redbox itself does not send emails out on Monday with what will be available on Tuesday.

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      Michael [administrator]

      Glad you enjoy the updates – that’s why we are here!

      Have a great day.

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        Are the Redbox Movies available at midnight (12:01a.m.) The Day of Release??

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          Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]


          Always check on-line first.

          Sometimes titles are available at midnight (12:01am), but even if you check a kiosk or kiosks on-line, there is no guarantee.
          Sometimes the website/kiosk(s) doesn’t reflect actual inventory.
          Sometimes there is a delay.
          Sometimes a title has to be purchased through retail channels before stocking.
          You can never really tell.

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    barb [visitor]

    thank you.

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    Noodles [visitor]

    I’ll tell u why redbox doesn’t send the list of new releases on Monday,they don’t want to create to much demand that they won’t be able to fulfill with limited copies of a given new title. For example observe and report comes out tomorrow and they will probably all get rented by those who have been waiting for that title…. If 100’s more people are aware it’s available tomorrow and show up to rent it and can’t get it from RB they may go buy it or even pay a few $$ more and go elswhere…

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      rb [visitor]

      All I know is my email from Redbox with the Tuesday new releases doesn’t arrive in my email until around 8pm Eastern time ON TUESDAYS! I emailed Redbox to “complain” and was sent a generic email thanking me and that Redbox is always looking for ways to improve. Redbox gave me no answer as to why they send out the new-releases email so late, or how they could easily “improve” by sending the email out at least the day before , or for sure no later than first thing Tuesday mornings so patrons can get to the Redbox kiosks BEFORE the new releases are gone.

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    Might be a dumb question… but i’m sorta new to redbox.. Are the movies available at 12:01 a.m. the day of release?? And Thanx to redbox.. $1 a night rentals.. thats what everyone was waiting for.. Blockbuster and hollywood video missed out.. $4- $6 for a movie?? ya you get it for 7 days with no late fee’s, but who’s gonna watch a movie for all that time.. Rent It, Watch It, Return It… REDBOX!!!

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      slidecage [visitor]

      for those who might of missed it

      BOOK OF BLOOD was on Sci fi channel last night for FREE…

      okay movie but glad i did not pay a buck for it.

      battle for terra and o.and report will be the only 2 i grab this week

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    Dan [visitor]

    Poopy new releases.

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    Two additional Replay titles are appearing on Redbox’s website and its kiosks 22/09/09:

    Blue Streak

    Money Train

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    Parker Rainshire [visitor]


    Yes, Clive Barker’s Book of Blood was shown the other night on Sci-Fi a few days before being released on DVD. I have been dying to see this film since I heard about it a year ago. You have to realize that in order for it air on Sci-Fi it has to be HEAVILY CUT. Any real gory parts or intense scenes are deleted out, plus anytime there is a swear word, Sci-Fi either mutes the sound over that word or inserts a word that has nothing to do with it. That might all be okay for some people, but for horror fans you should rent the DVD. Sci-Fi did this with the Mutant Chronicles too a few months back. I started watching it and I could tell (having not even watched it yet) that it was SO incredibly edited and dubbed it was ridiculous. I stopped watching after fifteen minutes and the following week when it was released, I rented the DVD and it was so much better- they leave a lot of material out.

    Just FYI.

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      slidecage [visitor]

      like snakes on a plane on TBS

      im sick of these monkey fighting snakes instead of the cuss words..

      everytime i see that it makes me laugh

      i love when they mute out the word… like the avg person could not figure out what they were going to say… also there was one movie on a few years back (shocked it was never doubled check before it aired) the mute was a few seconds early so they would mute out the okay words but then air the cuss words LOL

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    rb [visitor]

    Good promo code!!!I just used code 9HB6MP22 and it worked at both Walmart and Giant Eagle in PA. Whoever shared that code , it would be helpful to put where you got it and it’s expiration date.

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    JJJ [visitor]

    Terminator Salvation, it’s WB so when do we get to see it?
    Love the new trailer…
    old one v=IcYdjHpJUV8

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    Too bad I had to rent from Blockbuster since Redbox won’t take my debit card anymore for some reason. Customer Service tried to just blame it on my bank but I’ve used the card at other places with no problem.