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Some users have been reporting today that there is a new option in their Redbox kiosk: 9mm handguns.

An Inside Redbox community member shares the following:

Early this morning – after getting off work at about 2am – I went to the Redbox to pick up a new release (Alvin and the Chipmunks). I do this early every Tuesday because I know that the movie I am looking for will always be there. The Redbox I go to is in downtown Chicago near the shipyard where I work.

Anyway, when I got there this morning to pick up the movie I noticed a new movie I hadn’t heard of called “9mm”. So, I check out the description and all it says is: “If you need it, you know what to do.” I thought that was a little weird, and there was no “Add to Cart” button, so I figured it wasn’t out yet.

Thinking nothing of, I decided just to get what I came for, and as I was about to checkout I noticed a little post-it note on the ground. I picked it up and it had some random letters on it, so I thought maybe it was a promo code. So, before checking out I entered the code (IMAGETU) and it was accepted.

So, I do all the usual checkout stuff and while my movie was coming out I heard a little “click” and noticed that the rectangular door at the bottom of the Redbox had opened. I get down and take a look and notice that inside this door is plastic box with a handgun inside. A little freaked out, I quickly closed the door, took my movie, and left.

This member – who wanted to remain anonymous – sent me this email hoping to find out if I knew anything about this. I decided to call Redbox and see what was going on.

I talked to Tommy G. in the PR department and he gave me the details…

“With recent reports of violence at some of our ‘rougher’ locations, Redbox wanted to help ensure our customers’ safety”, said Mr. Gunn. “So, we added this option in some of these areas to test out the idea. It is unfortunate that this customer found out about this before it was ready to be released to the public. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make our customers’ experience at Redbox the best it can be.”

Tommy went on to tell me that the rental of handguns from Redbox will have the same policies as movies, and were due back at 9pm with a $1 per day charge for keeping it out. The one difference, though, was that after 25 days the charges would cease but ‘other’ means would be used to ensure the weapon was returned.

So, has anyone else seen this at their Redbox location? Have you tried the mysterious ‘IMAGETU’ code? Leave a comment and let us know.

[Note: The above story is fictional and was written for April Fool’s Day]

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    J S [visitor]

    There is a box in the bottom of every Redbox, but if I recall correctly it is a removable cassette containing the computer hardware. But if I’m right this would be a considerable weakness considering how easily the door can be opened!