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Media conglomerate and Redbox antagonist Time Warner enjoyed a healthy fourth quarter of 2009, as revealed by CEO Jeff Bewkes during the company’s recent earnings conference call. With powerful growth coming from its film and television divisions, TW posted a profit of $627 million. In contrast, the company lost $16 billion during the same period in 2008. Time Warner also posted record profits in its film and television units for the full year of 2009.

Here are a few other highlights from the call, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter:

  • In the fourth quarter, TV unit OIBDA [Operating Income Before Depreciation and Amortization] rose 29% on a 4% revenue gain. Film OIBDA jumped 41% as revenue rose 7% thanks to film releases such as “The Blind Side” and “Sherlock Holmes,” as well as DVD releases such as “The Hangover” and the sixth installment of “Harry Potter.” Collins Stewart analyst Thomas Eagan called the film performance ‘the standout’ of the earnings report.
  • After record profits in its film unit [in] 2009, Warner Bros. will bring “very strong profits” again this year, Bewkes said without committing to the goal of another record. While the weak DVD market is expected to be somewhat of a drag, more DVD releases, growth in Blu-ray and electronic sell-through, as well as the film slate and a strong outlook for the TV production business will all benefit the unit.

Just what could those “possible arrangements” be, Insiders? Are we looking at a compact between Redbox and Time Warner similar to the one recently announced by Netflix? Is an end to the litigation in sight?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

2 Responses to “Time Warner Posts $627 Million Q4 Profit Driven by Film/TV Growth”

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    Tinybrat [visitor]

    No wonder Warner wants to put the hurt on Redbox. Its tough to survive on 200 million bucks profit per month. All you people whining about not being able to get Warner products on tuesday morning, think about the poor execs at Time Warner who have to make their company survive on 6.9 million dollars per day profit. Its not easy being greedy.

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    Consumer [visitor]

    Which is only .57 per shareholder. Not a bad return on a $27 stock. Hold the stock for a year and get two Redbox rentals.