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A friend of mine – Brian McElroy – has been working on this project for the last 2 years, and has dedicated 6 years of his life to helping the people of rural Haiti get an education and improve their lives…

Please read his letter below and support the cause of education in rural Haiti by buying the documentary film “The Road to Fondwa”.

Dear friends,

This is about the coolest thing that has ever happened… so I thought you would like to know.

Have you ever wondered what goes on beyond the view of news cameras?

How people in poor settings, or war zones, or massive floods actually perceive their situation… and how they deal with it from day to day?

For 6 years I’ve had the privilege of learning from the people of Fondwa, Haiti about their lives, their language, and their culture.

I have been so inspired by the efforts they have undertaken to improve their own conditions, that I wanted to share their story with people like you… people who are interested, engaged, informed… but don’t necessarily have access to the real story.

But even after all this time… I’m still a ‘beginner.’

So rather than tell the story myself… I asked the people of Fondwa to do it for me.

After two years of production, many trials and tribulations, and the superhuman effort of many friends and family members, the result is “The Road to Fondwa,” a documentary film that takes you inside the struggle of a rural Haitian village from the perspective of the peasants, teachers, students, mothers, and children of Fondwa.

Call me biased, but I think the story is extraordinary. In just 40 minutes, you’ll see…

  • The peasant association that has planted more than 500,000 trees over 20 years
  • The humble priest who built a microcredit bank that has provided over 70,000 women with access to credit
  • The students of Haiti’s first rural university and their dreams for the future
  • The struggle of women who take on overwhelming responsibilities with no resources to back them up
  • The contrast between rural and urban poverty, and why rural communities hold so much hope for Haiti

For people who can’t travel to Haiti, or any other developing nation for that matter, this film is a unique chance to hear people speak about the great challenges we face from a painfully personal perspective.

And yet, for all the negative press exposure and daunting challenges faced by Haiti… you will be *shocked* not by violence, not by gore… but by the unmistakable sense of hope transmitted by the people you meet.

Buy this film. Watch this film. Share this film.

It WILL make a difference.

Read More About the Film and Order Here

Thank you,

PS- This is about as grassroots as it gets! We have no marketing budget- YOU are our outreach team. Please help spread the word!

As he mentioned, there is no marketing dollars available to promote this film. So, even if you don’t buy the film yourself (but please do!), please help by posting about it on your blog, forums you visit, MySpace, facebook, etc… and help get the word out.

Thanks everyone!

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