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Consumers want to watch online video on their HDTVs, and are willing to pay for it if the price is right, according to a new survey from Cisco Systems. 65% of survey respondents said they are more likely to watch online video if it is available on their HD television, and 50% said they would pay for it if the price point was between – a month.
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Additionally, 56% of survey-takers said it was important to them to be able to watch online video across multiple devices, a figure that climbs to 72% when respondents under 25 are factored in.
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Doug Webster, senior director of service provider marketing for Cisco, offered the following observation on the marketplace’s reaction to shifting consumer preferences:

“In an on-demand, personalized world, some service providers are already voicing their intent to offer more flexibility in their pay-TV service options and associated pricing,”

Now that it offers an $8 streaming-only option and more and more devices are compatible with its streaming service, Netflix seems ideally positioned to take advantage of this trend.

Terms like “more flexibility” are positive when associated with service provider content. It will be interesting to see how content delivery develops as the market becomes more fragmented and customized. Do your preferences match those of Cisco’s survey respondents, Insiders?

(via Home Media Magazine)

3 Responses to “Survey: Two-Thirds of Consumers Want Web Video on Their HD Televisions”

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    Hey, I would love having a TV with web on it too!

  2. Member [Join Now]

    Putting the streaming option directly into the TV, rather than a DVD player, just makes a little more sense. Either way though, the viewer still has the option and that’s very, very good.

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    Nanny55 [nanny55]

    That sounds awesome!!!