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RokuLogoRoku Inc., which has made its name manufacturing set-top streaming boxes, has launched an open platform online store. Besides Netflix and Amazon On Demand movie streaming, the new store features premium and free content channels that include Facebook photos, Pandora Internet Radio, Mediafly and Flickr.
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Anthony Wood, Roku’s CEO, touted the store’s open platform nature, which allows content providers to bypass traditional distribution channels:

“Now content producers and distributors – from single-person shops to billion-dollar corporations – can deliver their content directly to consumers without having to go exclusively through cable operators, satellite networks or TV affiliates,”

Though the streaming market is getting mighty crowded, the Roku store’s open nature and many free channels may allow it to carve out a nice niche for itself. Insiders, do you own or plan to buy a Roku box, and does this new store make the purchase any more enticing?
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[via Home Media Magazine]

3 Responses to “Roku Launches Open Platform Online Store”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    acdahl [visitor]

    Already own one and it is great in conjunction with Netflix. This just makes it more appealing.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Just Moi [visitor]

    I agree… we have a Roku and I LOVE it! Always something that I want to watch available. This DOES just make it better!