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I noticed a very interesting comment on the site today and thought I would share it with you. This comes from Todd in Kansas… (formatting added)

Of all the arrogance…

I own and operate 5 DVD rental machines in Hays, Kansas. They were here months before Redbox came to McDonalds. Now, Redbox customers are returning DVDS to my machines and causing damage.

I suspect this is largely due to the ‘can return our movies to any redbox’ feature. I need Redbox to place signage on their machine, further educating their customers. Redbox assumes there are no other machines in their world, which is inaccurate.

We were told that it isn’t a problem nationwide….well, it’s a problem in Hays, Kansas and as other makers, such as the ones I have, begin showing up across the country, it will be a growing problem.

Typical Corporate America arrogance!

This is a very interesting perspective that I had never considered…
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I am pretty sure I would never try and return a Redbox DVD to a non-Redbox kiosk.
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Although, it would be similar to renting from Hollywood Video and then returning to Blockbuster (or vise versa), I suppose, which I am sure does happen from time to time…

What do you think, is this really a problem Redbox should try and do something about? Is it their responsibility?

Have you ever tried to return a movie you rented at Redbox to a non-Redbox kiosk?

52 Responses to “Return to Any Redbox Feature a Problem for Some”

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    Angel [visitor]

    No, it’s definitely not Redbox’s fault or responsibility. Redbox doesn’t own or operate any of those other machines, so it’s not as though they even could do anything about it. The only thing that they could do is remove the ability to “return to any Redbox,” which is just punishing everyone else for the stupidity of a few.

    It’s a little strange that the other kiosks even take the movies. You’d think they’d try to read the bar code and kick it back out as “invalid.”

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      Todd Nelson [visitor]

      Wow – Talk about a mixed bunch of reviews. For what it’s worth, I thought I’d follow up with the facts as I am the guy with the 5 machines in little ole Hays, KS. First, business is good. I don’t even consider the Redbox (located just off the interstate) a competitor to worry about as they are of particular interest to travelers. My rental numbers are great, so throw the ‘sour grapes’ theory out. Someone talked about painting machines. That made me smile. My machines are tall BLACK cylinders and three feet in diameter. They are about as unlike a RED box as you can get. That’s what brings me back to my original concern. It’s not my custmers who are placing redbox dvds in my machines. It clearly is Redbox customers who are making the error. I am placing my own signage to help prevent further problems. But, if you owned these machines and someone elses customers were causing damage due to their ignorance, wouldn’t you expect that other business to do a better job educating their customers? That’s where the ‘corporate arrogance’ remark was born from. That feeling that just because Redbox has the bulk of business in the country, they can have that attitude. I don’t expect a corporate change to address my little problem, just some professional business courtesy. It’s nothing I wouldn’t do if the shoe was on the other foot.

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        Todd Nelson [visitor]

        And, furthermore, (lol) it’s the ONLY Redox in town. All I was after was some additional ‘local’ signage indicating that fact. “This is the only Redbox in Hays, KS” or something like that.

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    daniel [visitor]

    If its that big a problem he should hang a sign saying his machine is not a redbox, and if people still do it those are some stupid frackin’ people unless this guy went and painted his kiosk red for some reason, I just can’t see anyone doing that considering the only non-redbox machine I have seen was at the Albertsons just outside of fort myers, fl. on the way to sanibel and it was grey, had a much larger screen and was shaped completely different.

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    Eric [visitor]

    The only non-Redbox I have seen dispensed the actual movie DVD case instead of the little plastic holder. So I would assume that either machine would reject one anothers films. Redbox could take a cue from that company though, all the DVD boxes are displayed on the two sides of the machine, so you can see without going through the menus exactly what movies are in stock

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    Sucks to be him I say, I have seen 3 others besides redbox and it was black “new releases” or Grey “some in store kind and i even seen a blue one and one place calling themselves the bluebox. But so far I have only seen redbox with those return cases. Everyone else seems to be useing those big black things. so it seems to me that that dumb guy needs to upgrade his machine if his machine has problems. There is always going to be wars in every bisness line and in you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. It goes like if he can’t keep up sucks to be him he might as well sell them to someone who can and maybe redbox will buy his locations out. I always say if you can’t beat them, join them. LOL he should take a clue.

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    jsmith [visitor]

    Perhaps the privately owned Non-Redbox machine owners should take part on their own recommendation and post a big sign “educating” people not to insert Redbox DVDs into their machines.

    How is this problem in anyway a Corporate Redbox problem? People get jealous of Redbox’s overall success and they’ll complain – ridiculous.

    Learn to take your own advice – educate the people that come to your non-redbox machines.

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    Dex [visitor]

    I say it’s not Redbox’s fault or problem.
    Society has gotten more stupider ;) I see it day in and day out. I give people a form to fil out with specific instructions and they still can’t do it right.
    Since he owns these machines, it’s his issue. Keep the movies and convert them to rent from your machine. The idiot will get charged for not returning it.

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      Rosemarie Robertson [visitor]

      How does an interested client ever get a chance to
      discuss Red Box Dvd operation with a live customer
      service rep———their 1-866 is not live, it
      is strictly on-going recording to HANGONS.

      Is it at all possible to get a legitimate business
      phone number?

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        Rosemarie Robertson [visitor]

        The number you refer to is not operating to give out
        any business information ……….just hangons.


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    CP [visitor]

    Excuse me, but the disks are labeled and coded. If his machine is not smart enough to reject a return from another vendor, well then….whose fault is that? Technology is only as good as the person using it…and this guy doesn’t seem to have the technology to read and reject disks that are not from his machines.

    It doesn’t apparent to be a matter of education that is required, but a matter of upgrading the technology he uses.

    Just by two cents…whatever that is worth in today’s economy;)

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    Hmmm… my suggestion is that Todd can change his dvd slot entry/exit so the Redbox dvd case will not fit into his kiosk.

    It may be a benefit Todd to change his dvd cases to prevent loss of his own dvds into a Redbox machine.

    You would think that a person could pay more attention and not to put a dvd in the wrong kiosk.

  9. Member [Join Now]

    Corporate arrogant America ????????? What the ???
    This guy should have machines that are smart enough to spit out dvd’s that do not belong in that system. Don’t blame others for shortcomings of your own machines ! Complain with whoever manufactured your dvd machines, they are are ones who screwed up.
    Speaking of arrogant..

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      Jonathan [visitor]

      Exactly.. I cannot believe he would blame “corporate America” for his own shortcomings. This is the same kind of person who spends all day blaming everything on everyone else, to the most ridiculous ends. I understand his frustration but the fault is simply that of a few individuals.

      Nobody in their right mind would purposely return a Redbox dvd to a non-Redbox machine. (Remember: $25 after 25 days, plus no dvd.) So it is probably just a silly mistake by a very few people. Or perhaps it is just a few people being total idiots, you decide. Don’t blame “corporate America” just because of a few mistakes or idiots.

      There’s my three cents.. Two cents plus one for inflation :)

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    The Wolfkin [visitor]

    I actually kinda agree with the guy. I think Redbox should put more effort into their signage. As much as I’m going to regret saying this people are stupid and will act as such unless you lead them to do otherwise. Noone would return a blockbuster video to a Hollywood video because they look nothing alike. Everything from blockbuster is in blue and yellow in the same pattern all over the place. I could easily see someone picking up a DVD at one grocery chain (which has Redbox) and returning it to another grocery chain (which doesn’t have Redbox) not realizing that all these little DVD rental stations aren’t the same.

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      The Wolfkin [visitor]

      sorry.. but for instance in my area redbox is pretty rare. The closest to me is at a far off Wal-Mart.

      But MovieCube is in Publix and Kroger which are littered around. Anyone who lives near that Wal-Mart may see “Return anywhere” and return at Publix. I’m not saying it’s ‘corporate arrogance’ but it’s something that should be addressed.
      If McDonald’s can hire marketing people to select colors to make me hungry in their stores I think putting forth a few thousand dollars to establish some sort of differentiating mechanism between their major competitors.

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      David [visitor]

      Redbox tries to be different by doing everything red, where most are grey or black.

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        The Wolfkin [visitor]

        i won’t argue that.. I personally don’t buy at the DVD boxes all that often.. like a few times a year at most but to my cursory glances they all look the same. I must emphasize that I’ve never bothered to look for than in passing.

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      Tim [visitor]

      Most people would be likely to think they have to return the DVD exactly where they got it. How someone would think that not only can they return it wherever they want, it doesn’t even matter what the name is on the machine or what color it is or that the entire rental interface is different than the one used when they purchased it. How is a sign going to fix that?

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    Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone feels that Redbox should receive no blame whatsoever in this situation.

    Redbox introduced a feature that has had unintended consequences. For the sake of their own company, their customers, and their own moral responsibility, they should make sure their customers understand where to return their DVD’s. If they do not, at the very least they will see their inventory lost and their customers angry.

    For this particular vendor, he invested in a business when Redbox was nowhere near his location, and the consequences of Redbox policies could not be foreseen. It is absurd to suggest that he needs to spend a fortune on upgrades to his equipment when Redbox could easily send out new signage or change the machine display for the entire nation with a few mouse clicks.

    In the meantime, Redbox customers are actually inflicting damage upon the vendors machines, according to the letter. The potential for funds lost due to downtime and his own unhappy customers will not be recouped by keeping the extra DVDs. They may be complete fools, but it really sounds like people are trying to return their DVDs and angrily jamming them into the machine.

    Also, keep in mind that putting up a sign that says “This is not a Redbox” would work pretty effectively as advertising for the competition, which means that such signs are not a reasonable expectation. Perhaps he could say “This machine only accepts Brand X DVDs” but this may not be enough to resolve the problem considering how dumb these people have already shown themselves to be.

    Redbox should push a few clicks and update their signs and website to clearly state that “Return to any Redbox” means Redbox only.

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      David [visitor]

      So the other person don’t have to upgrade when it’s his problem just redbox when it’s not their problem right is that what your saying. To change signage is more then a couple of clicks you have to pay people to go and change the signs. Or even sometimes have to change hardware. For instance there is a upgrade on the redbox machines and in AZ we still have not seen it. So it’s a lot more then just a couple of clicks. Also if redbox is trying to keep their customers happy by upgrading every now and then why can’t others. See if he wants more business he needs to stop complianing and do something about it.

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      Rick [visitor]

      And I don’t understand how someone could consider Redbox liable in any way whatsover.

      Like Katrina, I rolled past a kiosk to see the diction for myself before I commented. It does indeed say “Return to any Redbox location.”

      I’m sorry that Johnny can’t read. I’m sorry that Johnny is a dumbass. But what Johnny does is not the fault of Redbox. I’m truly disgusted by the thought that every dullard in this country has to be coddled and hand-held through their entire pitiful existence because somehow they are completely blameless for their mistakes NOTHING seems to be their fault.

      This is a case where Johnny is complaining about his toaster catching on fire and burning down his house because he was trying to use it to brew coffee. It is NOT the fault of the toaster manufacturer.

      I feel for Todd for having to put up with the morons, but the line “Typical Corporate America arrogance!” made me laugh (I thought the strike was over and all the comedy writers were back to work.)

      And I wonder… how many of Todd’s DVDs have broken Redbox kiosks? I’m sure that’s not important.

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        Tim [visitor]

        Amen! And to that I add: what kind of person does that make Todd who makes a statement like that: “Typical Corporate America arrogance!”

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    RMD [visitor]

    I think its important to know that nationwide there are also other kiosk companies out there like DVDPlay and MovieCube and I am sure this same problem exists amongst all of those and redbox too.

    I understand his anger here but this problem is something that happens all the time in plenty of industries. The discs have the redbox name on the case….

    How about some suggestions from you all about what this “magical sign” should say? What makes you think people will read those signs when they dont bother to read signs when they are returning these wrong DVD’s?

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    stepheng [visitor]


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    katrina [visitor]

    I thought I had seen something on the Redbox machines but did not wnat to misquote, and so I looked today.

    The main machine I go to, in Southern California, has a large sticker/sign directly above the screen that says ……

    “return to any redbox location”

    It is clear and about 2 inch tall letters directly above the screen that you stare at while you are getting your movie.

    There are people who make mistakes or who do not pay attention. But in my opinion it is just a few iggnorant people who casue the problems. At least in my area, the machines are clearly labeled and it should be the consumers responsibility to pay attention.

    Growing up my grandmother had a small video store in a small time. We always got returns from other places and we would simply call the store and they would come and pick them up.

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    Kevin [visitor]

    Maybe I’m making this too simple…

    The vendor says: “I need Redbox to place signage on their machines, further educating their customers”.

    While it’s not necessarily good marketing for this person, couldn’t he just as easily add some signage to HIS five machines about NOT returning Redbox movies to this location or something similar?

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    jactom [visitor]

    love the weekend update.
    keep it coming

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    Mark [visitor]

    Well,what can you do? Forget about it! Joe Blow with 5 machines can put a big sign on everyone for about few $ each.Is his machines RED?
    It is harder than most might think to get a dvd machine to refuse a dvd.We do not know what exactly happened,they get stuck,they confused the software with a error,The dude is just pissed,I would definitely put a big sign up that states “Do not return RED BOX dvd’s here”But do not take away the “return at any Red Box location” Red Box can not be held responsible. This is deeper than what is told,he has probably lost a bunch of business to Red Box,he does say his were there first and the big corporate came in.They shut out the small guy.This is happening all over America.If he gets more new releases he will have a better thing going anyway.The Red Box around me never have what is on their display board.

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    Tim [visitor]

    This sounds like the customer’s fault and the fault of Todd’s equipment, not Redbox.

    Customer’s fault: “Return to any *Redbox* location”. If the customer doesn’t know what a Redbox location is, how is that Redbox’s fault? They are those BRIGHT RED BOXES! Hello! Is Blockbuster supposed to have a large sign that says, “This is not a Wherehouse Rental Store”? Is McDonald’s supposed to have a sign that says, “This isn’t Burger King?”

    Todd’s equipment: First, if his rental machines are big red boxes, that’s a problem he’s going to have to deal with. Just because he was the first in Kansas doesn’t mean he was first in the business. Redbox started before him and secured the trademark. If he has red rental boxes the onus is on him to clearly identify his machines (in particular as *not* being Redbox).

    Second, if his rental machines are accepting product that does not belong to him, then that is the fault of his machines. I’d say he needs to go to the equipment maker and get that fixed. Maybe he should fix his machines to accept the DVDs and then he can put his own sticker and case and rent them out himself.

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      Dex [visitor]

      I’ll even give a slighty better, more competitive idea…
      Instead of a sign saying Don’t return Redbox here, have a sign saying Only Return (Todd’s Box Name) movies here.
      Removes the confusion (for the ones that can and/or bother to read) and doesn’t promote anyone else.

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    MC [visitor]

    It is not Redbox’s fault no more than it is a chainsaw maker’s fault that customers use them for wrong purposes. Lawsuits and people are so ridiculous that you have to put warnings on chainsaws saying do not use on genitals and hair dryers have to warn you not to use while asleepor in the tub. You know we have problems.

    You can put a sign on a door that says “PULL” and people will push it or vice versa. A LOT of people simply don’t read. My advice to the guy would be to make sure his machines look as dissimlar as possible to Red Box and to put a large notice to return only whatever brand name his business is to that machine.

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    eric lane [visitor]


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      ebob [visitor]

      dvd express’ kiosk/box has the exact same color scheme as redbox,as do many others,in an attemp to lure rbox customers away;maybe a little less simularity would avoid getting the rbox dvd’s put back into those other kiosks!!!!

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    Diana [visitor]

    are people so stupid as to return things to the wrong place or do they do it on purpose because they are to lazy to go to the correct place.

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    Suzanne [visitor]

    I’m going to agree with what the majority of people have said before me. Redbox is not at fault, the consumer is.
    The Redbox machine clearly says return to any “Redbox” location. Not any machine that looks similar. If someone is that lazy, rushed, dim, ect to return a movie to the wrong company’s kiosk, Redbox shouldn’t be held liable for any damages.
    Instead of complaining about Redbox the logical route, like others have said, is to fix it so that your machine will only accept your dvds.

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    poisondart [visitor]

    Redbox would have record of who rented the dvds and returned them to the incorrect vendor–so send them the bill to fix the broken machines. I think that is a reasonable solution if his machine says that it only accepts his dvds, just like redbox clearly says any “redbox location.” Make people that are lazy or stupid pay for their mistakes. Win-win for both companies. The internet can help locate redboxes to return to the correct places while on trips or in unfamiliar areas. He has a right to get his machine fixed without redbox having to do anything other than helping him locate the responsible parties.

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    MC [visitor]

    Having seen dozens of people trying to rent movies before the street date (one labeling problem that Redbox has fixed), I can visualize the frustration one might have about the many potential problems of having a mass market self-service rental center.

    But you know what? The businessman who points the finger is less likely to survive than the one who’s too busy to point the finger. Squealing about your problems is a preliminary symptom of defeat. You can be frustrated all you want off the clock, but a prepared businessman can solve his own problems.

    An unprepared businessman can find a new job.

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    Momof3 [visitor]

    Here is my 2 cents. This is NOT Redbox’s problem.

    HIS non-Redbox machine is having problems, and HIS machine should be changed to deter or prohibit people from returning their Redbox dvds in his machine.

    IMHO if he really wants people to stop doing this, he should paint HIS machine a different color, other than RED. That would be a big deterrent right there, I think. If the purpose of having HIS conpany’s machine red is to remind people of the succcessful Redbox company, then they were just trying to bank off of another company’s successes anyhow, and if their machine gets damaged because it looks so much like a Redbox, then that is their own fault.

    So paint it Blue and call it the Big BLUE Box and make all of your stuff obviuously BLUE and their wont be much confusion anymore. ;)

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      Tim [visitor]

      Did you read what the guy originally stated. He was there in that city BEFORE Redbox came. So, why should he spend thousands of dollars to change for Redbox. That’s stupid.

      Redbox should actually reimburse that guy for his damage. The DVD’s ARE actually Redbox DVD’s. He shouldn’t return the DVD’s to Redbox without compensation. It’s actually Redbox’s problem and the stupid customer who returned them.

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        daniel [visitor]

        so by what your saying if a burger king opened in a town that had a mcdonalds and some one went thru the drive thru at mcdonalds trying to get there burger king order, they got earlier fixed, burger king should pay mcdonalds back for fixing the order, you can’t blame your competition for the idiocy of your customers.

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          Tim [visitor]

          If Mcdonalds staff was stupid enough to fix a Burger King order in the first place, Mcdonalds SHOULD pay for it.

          What your talking about is consumables, what I’m talking about is Product. What I’m saying is, if Redbox wants their movies returned to them from that guy, if I was that guy, I wouldn’t return those DVD’s until they reimbursed me for the damage. Why should he just had over the DVD’s that damaged his Kiosks? After all, he’s holding all the cards, ethically and legally.

          I know that their customers could be pegged as idiots, but after all we are talking about REDBOX’s product.

          By-the-by, I do like Redbox. I haven’t had any problems with them at all.

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        daniel [visitor]

        what redbox should do is supply him with the names and addresses based on avalailable credit card info so he can find the people that damaged his machines, but at the same time if people are shoving redbox dvd’s into his machines then we must assume that those people may also be returning his dvd’s to redboxs and causing damage there but you don’t see redbox going after him because his dvd’s damaged the redbox’s. and by the way in my analogy mcdonalds is this guy, so you agreed with me then disagreed so maybe you should think about this logically. we live in a society that thrives on competition to keep prices resonable and this guy is simply trying to find ways to blame other people for the down fall of his business do to competition, all redboxs state the phrase “RETURN TO ANY REDBOX LOCATION” not return to any dvd machine you can find, also I never said he should return the dvd’s to Redbox unless they will give him the contact info for the retards that broke his machine, hell he should keep the movies so the people get charged $25 for a movie get mad and stop renting at redboxs, but in reality his machine should look different enough to not get mistaken as a redbox.

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          Tim [visitor]

          I seriously doubt that Redbox would give this guy name, address, and phone information so HE could contact them (Although, it would be a good idea.). That would be against their Privacy Policy and they could be sued for doing so.

          This guy may or may not be trying to find ways to blame other people, and yes, there is a lot of competition out there, I just think he shouldn’t have to CHANGE HIS machines (at a cost of $1000’s or more), especially when he has competition.

          Who knows, this may be just “sympathtic advertising” for his business.

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    soxhitman [visitor]

    This is not redboxs problem the renter has to make certain he is returning movie to a redbox kiosk.

  27. Visitor [Join Now]
    m.t. kelly [visitor]

    because one person, maybe two, can’t tell the difference between the two entities, it is not red box fault. let the other person handle the situation by posting on his box;”no dvds from red box can be returned here”.

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    Julia [visitor]

    This is not Redbox’s problem. Same thing happens with library books. He needs to get over it and deal with it. Sounds like he’s just upset about a lose in his sales!

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    Patsy [visitor]

    OK. You guys complaining that Redbox should be changing their boxes need to understand that “Todd” only owns 5 boxes. It would only cost him at best $100-$500 to paint his boxes a different color. Everyone keeps stating that it will cost him thousands of dollars. I don’t think so unless he’s trying to pay some huge company an excessively large amount of money to do the job. He could probably go there and paint it himself and save all but the cost of the paint and it would cost practically nothing. The best thing “Todd” can do is just keep the movies and let Redbox charge the idiots their full movie fee for a lost movie. That’s what the movie fee is for anyway – to compensate them for stupid people. This is not Redbox fault and they shouldn’t be held liable. I love the U.S. but we are the only country in the world where massive amounts of our population believe that when someone acts like a dumbass everyone should look at anybody and everybody else around them to point the finger at for the blame so that person doesn’t have to ever worry about taking responsibility for their actions. This is ridiculous that it has even been complained about by “Todd” publicly. I’m sorry that he has had a problem because people are so stupid but he should “take care of his own business matters as a professional businessman” and stop whining.

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    Harry [visitor]

    Not only are some of his customers dumbasses, but Todd must be the ultimate dumbass for buying his own kiosks and thinking he would make money at it (see my reply to “ Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    Does he not think that redbox gets misdirected returns from other company’s kiosks? They have a system for handling these returns, and their kiosk is designed so that the dvd either fits into the slot or it doesn’t. If it does, it’s not going to “damage” their machine, and their Customer Service department will deal with the customer who calls them to report they put their Mom & Pop dvd into the redbox and attempt to get it back to them, and gain a new customer at the same time.

    Does anyone know the 1-800 number for Todd’s Customer Service department?

    Todd should direct his sour grapes to redbox. Maybe they’ll feel sorry for him, spend a few hundred thousand to change 8000 or so of their “Rent & Return at any Redbox Location” signs to say “Make sure you don’t return this dvd to one of Todd’s 5 kiosks”

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    HouseMD [visitor]

    You guys must still be learning to read, it’s okay, really but when you say his machine should reject the barcode maybe it did, so people FORCED them in thus “causing damage to my machine” I mean really think how else would it cause damage if they didnt make it take it and get jammed. Final story people arent smart enough to read these days the see a “DVD thingy” and figure they can save time to set on their fat asses and eat then take the time to do stuff right. I hate this, the 90’s was the Technology era, This my friends, Is the obeseity era.

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    Nemisischk [visitor]

    I believe it is Redbox that needs to educate more properly because it is THEIR customers causing damage to a small vendors machine. He said he already posted his own signs and it is continuing to happen. If Redbox customers are causing him to have to repair damage they should be the ones responsible for at Least paying for the repairs. If they have to continue to pay for repairs then maybe they will add more to their signs.