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Monday Promo Code – June 16, 2008

Here is your special Monday-only code for today:


Be sure to use it by tonight (Mon, June 16) at midnight.

52 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – June 16, 2008”

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    Thomas Kennedy [visitor]


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    Dorothy Mangino [visitor]

    I have had 3 movies that were unable to watch because of bad tape. I call Red Box and got 3 codes for free ones for them The redbox turned every code down for me. WHAT AM I TO DO?

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      Barbara [visitor]

      Call Red Box back and explain that they gave you those codes and you are unable to use them. That happened to me once and they had forgotten to activate the codes after they had issued them. Hopefully that should solve the problem.

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    Bob [visitor]

    Doroty, if you clean the diuk before using it you should have no problems of it hanging up. Put a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a handkerchief and rub the disk from the center to the edge. Give it a few seconds to dty. The disk should then play without problems.

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    Eva [visitor]

    Monday promo code S8U5N2 is not working in Wisconsin. I tried 2 different locations.

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      Tyrone [visitor]

      Hey Eva..I have nt tried the code yet but they have all worked for me so far. Be sure you enter the code directly as S8U5N2. be sure you enter a U not a V after the 8.

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        Eva [visitor]

        Every code has worked for me until today. Code was entered correctly at 2 different locations in Elkhorn WI. It didn’t work.

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      Marie [visitor]

      The codes have only worked 1 out of 4 times for me, what am I doing wrong. Is there a limit as to how many free ones are given out in one day?

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        The codes have worked 100% for me (with one exception which I think might have been my mistake). Remember you can only get it once per credit card per day. I typically use 5 different credit cards and leave the store with 5 free rentals, good for the whole week! (thanks to DVD Shrink, I end up having a movie every night!) ;-)

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    johann [visitor]

    i would like to know how can i enter the monday code in the red box machine?

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      Jeff [visitor]

      After selecting the movie you want to watch, press the option stating ‘Rent with Promo Code’. Enter code…it will process…then it will indicate a $0.00 cost. You will still need to swipe your card (for extra nights if used).

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    Anne [visitor]

    Just a friendly reminder stay at the machine when you are returning dvd’s until it shows accepted. I went to a machine last night and someone was returning one, they put it in and walked off, and for some reason the machine rejected it…..I reinserted it for them but not always will you be so lucky……..

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    Wanda Johnsen [visitor]

    If I am using a code, why do I have to swipe my credit card?

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      so they know who to bill when the DVD doesn’t come back or you return it after that 1 free day.

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      Marsha [visitor]

      Because if you keep it for more than one day then they charge you. They also do a pending on your credit card. If you return the movie before it is late then it goes away and never dings your card.

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    Rey D [visitor]

    Is there some way the codes can be sent through text to cell phones? Thanks. =)

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      Rick [visitor]

      Yes, go to Redbox’s website and click the link that says “Get a free rental.” Fill out the information under “Join the SMS Network” and the codes will be sent directly to your cell phone. Hopefully. Eventually. It took over a month before I got my first code.

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    Parviz [visitor]

    Monday code did not work in N. VA

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      Jeanette [visitor]

      Monday’s code did not work here in Huntersville, NC either …

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      Carol [visitor]

      For the past two monday the codes did not work in Logan Utah. Up until now they have been working fine. Can anyone tell me what has been happening and why they now do not work.

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      Eric [visitor]

      Monday code did work in N. VA, least for me, sorry
      Franklin Farm Giant in Fairfax has given me 100% working codes, might want to try at a Giant near you

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    Jyoti Patel [visitor]

    The codes have worked for me everytime. I would say that I have 99% success rate. You used send me codes every monday and wednesdays but nowdays I only receive the code for monday. Have you stopped e-mailing codes for wednesday?