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Have you ever wanted to watch Pulp Fiction or Shakespeare in Love on YouTube? Your wish may soon come true if a new report is to be believed. YouTube owner Google Inc. is working to acquire digital rights to Miramax movie studio films, according to the Wall Street Journal.

YouTube has already dipped its toe into the Hollywood movie streaming pool before, having offered select Sundance and Lionsgate studio titles earlier this year. Neither offering was particularly successful.

If YouTube is able to secure streaming access to some or all of Miramax’s 700+ title library, would you be interested in paying to watch them? Would such a move make late-to-the-game YouTube a little more competitive with established streaming rivals such as Netflix and Hulu?

(via The Wall Street Journal)

One Response to “Report: YouTube Working to Get Miramax Films”

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    Nope, not if I can get them on DVD.