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Just wanted to give you a heads-up, Insiders, that Consumer Queen is reporting that Walgreens is offering two free Redbox rentals with the purchase of select Energizer items.

To receive the deal, you must purchase one or more of the following Energizer products at the sale price of .
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  • Energizer Batteries or Charger (Value Charger)
  • Rechargeable, Ultimate or Advanced Lithium: 4-pk AA/AAA or Single 9 Volt

As always, visit your participating Walgreens location for full details.

One Response to “RedAlert: 2 Free Redbox Rentals with Energizer Purchase at Walgreens”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    That Guy [visitor]

    I planned on getting another 4 pack of AA or AAA batteries, so more Blu-Ray titles for me!