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Report: Web Now Equals TV in Popularity

You’re just as likely to find the average Yank or Canuck spending time online as you are watching TV, according to a new report from research firm Forrester. The reported parity in time spent online and watching television comes from voluntary surveys of individual consumers in the US and Canada.

According to Forrester’s research, time spent online has grown more than 120% in the last five years, while TV viewing time has only increased 5%. Interestingly, one-third of consumers in both of the surveyed countries stream video online, which is up from 16% in 2007.

These numbers resonate with me—between work and leisure, my time online far outstrips the few hours I spend watching TV each week. Those one or two “TV hours”, as often as not, are actually spent catching up on a couple of shows on Hulu, etc.
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How do Forrester’s numbers compare to viewing/surfing habits in your household, Insiders?
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Has TV time been equaled or exceeded by online time in your lives?

(via GigaOm)

4 Responses to “Report: Web Now Equals TV in Popularity”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Linda Sadler [visitor]

    It is not surprising that TV viewing time has not increased. The “Boob Tube” generation has already maxed out the number of hours in a day… What else is left?

    Online viewing of TV broadcasts can be watched at any hour… not just when it originally hits the airwaves. Why rush home to catch your 5 o’clock show when you can watch it after dinner… without commercials? Why wait until the end of the news to catch the local weather when it can be viewed NOW with just one click?

    And if you are like me where TV reception is poor at best, why bother tweaking an antenna when all you need is “”?

    I can foresee TV going the way of AM radio… just fading out into obscurity, to be replaced with ANYTHING on demand… Online, and right now!

    • Member [Join Now]
      MovieWatcherSupreme [moviewatchersupreme]

      For those of you who just navigated to “”, I admire your nescience.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Jamie [visitor]

      Well I agree with the part about on demand replacing a lot of live tv watching. I want to watch scripted programming on my schedule, not the networks.

      But live TV is never going away. Sporting events alone keep tv alive well past our lifetime.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    UBM [visitor]

    Live TV will never go away because (a) there is too much money to be made in it in our capitalistic society, and (b) the US still laggs behind on the rest of the world in total Broadband penetration in it’s citizens homes. among others……

    Until the US makes it national policy that all homes need to be on broadband
    due to a major service ( health would be my first choice, IRS / SSI would be the next likely) only being accessible that way, we will never see TV as we know it go away.

    Prices for TV as we know it will increase however as more “cord cutters” dump cable tv in 2011. The cable companies know it. Cox, which serves my area, has
    started to move most of all “good” channels to digital and off of standard cable, in an effort to shore up their bottom line. Each month in the statement,
    they tell you they are moving this channel or that channel, which if you have
    just basic cable, you aren’t paying for anything more than the local channels.