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Gaming Insiders, take note. Since last August, Redbox has been running a few video game rental trials in select markets. According to a report on video game site Joystiq, the company is poised to bring video game rentals to “thousands” of its kiosks around the country. As in the test markets, video game rentals will cost $2 per night.

You can enter your ZIP code on Redbox’s website here to view kiosks renting video games in your area, along with the list of titles currently available. Online video game reservations are, regrettably, not available yet.

A search of my ZIP in the SLC area, one of the most Redbox-saturated markets in the country,  revealed zero kiosks renting video games. How about your neck of the woods, Insiders? If there are video games available in your area, does the $2 per night price point make them a compelling rental?

(via Joystiq)

23 Responses to “Report: Video Games Coming to ‘Thousands’ of Redbox Kiosks”

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    Farva [visitor]

    About time.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    I’d consider it depending on what they have. If it’s just Madden, Halo and a couple of first person shooters, I’m going to pass.

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    Michelle [visitor]

    So what’s with putting them in only 3 smaller towns in TN and not the bigger ones like Knoxville, chattanooga ect where you’ll have more of a crowd waiting for the option of video games?

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    justme [visitor]

    From what I hear from my local redbox gal, games are coming to more cities in two weeks.

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    Jamie [visitor]

    I read on another forum that somone said they looked at the website and it showed no kiosks with games near them, but when they went to the actual kiosk there was an option to rent games. The website might not be up to date and accurate as to the current stock (they had a similar issue with the Blu Ray rollout)

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    justme [visitor]

    They don’t list them on their website until its nation-wide.

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    tee [visitor]

    Wow !!! With all the griping about prices, I would think you would all know that you can rent games cheaper at the local video store. $2 a day is allot more than we charge. Way to go redbox!!!!

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      Jamie [visitor]

      BB rate is cheaper, but when they are not around soon, then Redbox will be the only option to rent unless you go with Gamefly.

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    tinybrat [visitor]

    So Tee, how much do you charge? Blockbuster here charges $7.99 for 5 days. They don’t have a 1 day option. What do you charge if I only want to check it out before I buy it? Or if I beat it in 2 days, can I only pay you $4 ??

  9. Member [Join Now]

    Yes! None in my area have them yet, though

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    tee [visitor]

    Tiny, we charge $4 for 2 days, $1 for additional days. Honestly nobody has ever asked for only 1 day.

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    tinybrat [visitor]

    So Tee, you charge the same as Redbox if I were to rent a game for 2 days. You just posted that $2 a day is way more than you charge, but if I want a game for a day, then your price is double and if I want it for 2 days, your price is the same… Good to know.

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      tee [visitor]

      Tiny I have never had a request for any less than 2 day’s, the average rental (here) is 3 day’s. I was merely pointing out that $2 a day is no bargain, so I’ll rephrase – For the first 2 day’s redbox is no savings, beyond that (which most rentals are) redbox charges double what we do. Since my post yesterday i got to thinking this is actually great for me. Since the masses perceive redbox as the cheapest benchmark in the industry I’ll probably change our price structure to theirs. I can double up on my rental charges beyond 2 day’s and be perceived as matching the cheapest guy’s in the business. Thank-you redbox!

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    Richard [visitor]

    when you first start at the kiosk near my home (hit the RENT ‘button’) the option for GAMES shows for about a half second then goes to the regular movies screen… i have never seen that until last Monday. good to know they are implementing the game rental finally. hopefully soon we’ll be actually be able to rent them in here in Memphis.

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    Drew Harmon [visitor]

    None near me yet. I’d definately drop $2 to rent one I was considering purchasing. I could rent it for the one night and know whether or not it was a game I wanted to actually purchase.

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    Christina [visitor]

    No way. I know we would keep it more than 1 night and $2 is a bit steep

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    Steven [visitor]

    This is a great options for some of us who occasionally like to get together and play some LAN games. Many of the games we like to play are 1 person per XBOX…and not everyone has the games.

    Being able to rent a game for 2 dollars for 1 day is a great advantage.

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    Denis [visitor]

    I’m wondering if it will come with instructions on how to play the game or will it be just the disk?

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    Sewunicorn [visitor]

    I don’t see this experiment working out in the end for Redbox. Not only are they competing with Blockbuster (yeah, there actually are some still out there) and the mom-n-pop video stores, but there’s also GameFly (very similar to Netflix but just games, including DS carts) and public libraries. My local library has a very large selection of PS2, PS3, Wii, GameCube, GameBoy, DS, and XBox, all for free, and all for 2 weeks at a time.

    The game selection shown on the Redbox website – and I’m apparently in a test market with over 30 kiosks claiming to stock games according to the site – is completely uninteresting to me. Even if they had a game I wanted to play, one night is just not enough.

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    xbox hacker [visitor]

    I love this. I hope it comes to my area as I rip games and copy them. Now before you bash me keep in mind I do buy the really good ones. I just use this as a means to give a game a good try out before I shell out $65 for it. $2 for one night is much cheaper than $8 bucks for 5 days at Blockbuster when I only need the game for an hour. Now the same goes for Playstation 3 games ever since the new hack came out. Life is good! Does anyone know if this is all games for all systems? I hope it includes them all Wii,PS3, XBOX 360, and even the PSP.

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    interesting [visitor]

    redbox vs sony…this will be quite interesting..

    blow the horn…here come the pirates!