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Redbox is continuing it’s expansion (and world domination) with plans to add over 2,700 locations at Wal-marts across the country in 2008.

From the press release:

Redbox, the fully automated DVD rental system featuring new release rentals for $1 per night, recently announced an agreement with Wal-Mart to expand its number of automated DVD rental kiosks to the majority of Wal-Mart’s 3,542 stores nationwide. Currently available at nearly 800 U.S. Wal-Mart locations, redbox will install kiosks at approximately 2,700 additional Wal-Mart stores beginning in the first half of 2008 and continuing into 2009.


Redbox kiosks are now available at more than 6,700 locations nationwide, including leading grocery stores, select McDonald’s® restaurants, and Walgreens and Wal-Mart locations in select markets. The company’s expanded Wal-Mart presence further solidifies redbox’s position as the number one DVD rental provider in the country based on number of U.
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S. locations.

Add that up and that puts Redbox in over 10,000 locations within a year.
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Now if they only had a location just outside my front door…

13 Responses to “Redbox + Wal-mart = The Ultimate Video Store”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Irma Lugo [visitor]

    I checked out 2 movies on 3/3/08 and the machine gave me two worng movies that i didn’t want. Walmart is located in Marietta, Georgia 30062 Cobb Parkway. I was wonering if I could get a coupon for the two movies or somekind of special or discount.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    claudia proft [visitor]

    my husband returned the box without the movie what should i do

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      fiser [visitor]

      each kiosk has empty case for dvds that you can buy or get free with promo code go to the Redbox kiosk get one and return dvd on the spot

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Paula Lee [visitor]

    Is it permitted to return a movie to another Redbox location than the one I rented from?

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Donna Khan [visitor]

    I rented two movies, went by walmart to return them the next morning . the machine was down, I had to work until 11:30 P.M. THAT NIGHT AND WASN’T SURE I could get there before midnight, I rent from them all the time and am never late on returning them. I called it in and they told me it would be fixed, I stopped in at 11:45 p.m. to return them and it worked… A month later I had a deduction of 50.06 from my bank account from them. They stole my money, they found that the movies had been returned, but, the machine hadn’t recorded the trans. that night. Then they told me they would return my money, kept me on the phone for an hour, then 14 days later returned 20.56 to my account. They are liars and thieves and I work for Disney and will tell everyone what they did to me. They lost a customer in me and as many people as I can tell.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Mariozlady23 [visitor]

      wow..i understand what its like to lose money..but..temper tantrum much?? and u work for Disney? one of the most degrading companies to work for…ppl who steal the money of hard working families everyday with their HIGH PRICES and OVERCHARGING??!! lol

    • Member [Join Now]

      I don’t quite get it. Did you have the movies for 25 days and was willing to pay the $25 each in rental fee if you got to wallie’s before the date of owning them? Why not keep the discs since late charges had accrued so high?

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Sasha [visitor]

    So, I rented a movie on 3-25, and returned it 3-30. I got an email today saying that the movie was never returned. And I called them but they could only give me half a refund. They wouldn’t even let me just have the movie. I said since I paid for the movie, why not just give me the movie.
    This exact thing has happened to 3 people that I know. Red box needs to get it’s act together.

    • Member [Join Now]
      Car [car]

      Guess what happens if you just cram the dvd in there any old way and then just walk away.


      Because it pops back out. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SCREEN. Patience. We are talking about 8 seconds.

      Are you that same impatient person that always rides my ass for no reason, especially when all you have to do is switch lanes?

      And in case you still don’t get it, the guy who was behind you in line has your movie now and is laughing at you for walking away. Why would Redbox want to give out another one, and then only for half price?

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      tuna [visitor]

      that happen to me two weeks ago i put the dvd into the redbox kiosk and a few seconds later it spit it out could not read the label so i took it to another redbox kiosk so stick around make sure it stays in and the screen will say the dvd has been return

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    JJ79MIRO [visitor]


    Don’t trust big companies, there are a lot of small dvd rental kiosk operators that if you have a problem I just give you three movie rentals and a complete refund of your money. That is my policy.

    Spread the word around.