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Here we have some nice, normal Redbox news for a change.

Redbox VP Gary Cohen has announced that they are working on ways to speed up their kiosks, including faster disc vending and allowing customers to return DVDs while others are browsing for movies.
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The “quickreturn” feature is one many have been asking for months (years?) here on Inside Redbox, and it looks like Redbox is listening.

“We will be testing quickreturn at hundreds of redbox retail locations nationwide this year,” Cohen said. “Quickreturn will allow customers to make returns while other customers are browsing films and making movie selections.”

For many, this has been a long time coming. Hopefully they will work this system out sooner-than-later and get it rolled out to all 17,500 plus kiosks Redbox now has across the country.
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So, with speedier rentals and returns out of the way, what is the next thing Redbox should work on?

[via SelfServiceWorld]

38 Responses to “Redbox to Test Speedier Rental, Return System”

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    Crystal Morton [visitor]

    How about a speedier way to pick up a reserved movie? I often reserve a movie online and when I go to pick it up, I have to wait in line 20 minutes while others are browsing for movies. It the Quick Return feature could include reserved pickups, that would be perfect!

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      That IS a great suggestion. I have never had to wait that long, but it definitely can be a problem.

      Perhaps what they could do is make it so if you slide your credit card when no one else is checking out, it automatically looks up if you have any pending movies to dispense, and automatically dispenses them. It sure seems like this fits in well with the “quickreturn” feature mentioned in the article.


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      jakoblin [jakoblin]

      you are so lucky. I had to wait 1 hour.

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    Shane [visitor]

    I think it would be awesome if Redbox carried more older movies. Such as the older more popular movies would be fine.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      They are doing that already as part of the “Redbox Replay” program. In fact, they just released a bunch of older titles yesterday. Go here and click “redbox replay” on the left of the screen.

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        Shane [visitor]


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        Sunu_Thomas [sunu_thomas]

        When will blu-ray rentals become available at all Redbox kiosks? Once all kiosks have that, would there be an online reservation option for blu-ray rentals? Please let me know. I am waiting for that feature that arrive at Redbox near my location in the northwest suburbs of Chicago IL.

        Thanks for your time and patient.

        Redbox fan and Supporter.

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    jack [visitor]

    smart web queue of some sort.

    I’d like to be able to say
    I want to pick up movies film1, film2 and film3
    and I can pick them up from site1, site2 or site3…

    let me know when all 3 movies are available at one of my sites, reserve all 3
    of them for me at the site, and let me know when and where to pick them up.

    As is… I have to keep going back to the web server every so often to see
    if the movies I want are at one machine near me to decide if I want to reserver them and pick them up or not… I don’t want to go out for 1 movie… and I don’t want to drive to multiple boxes…. the web should
    be able to do this for me….

    the only ‘catch’ would be if I didn’t get notfied once they were reserved for
    me…. maybe have a 4 hour window where they are un-reserved if it’s
    not ack’d or not….


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      KenCA [visitor]

      I don’t think your request going to work, because renters return to various locations in the time being titles are are mixed along with many variations, ie) one machine can hold about 700 discs; unless there upgrade,
      One probelm I find lacking with redbox is that the reserve system now, it didnt have multiple orders for one transaction.
      btw the new Wal-mart in my town Redbox kiosks are Blue..may they should named it BlueBox nicer color than the Red.

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      Shawn [visitor]

      I agree this would be a nice feature.

      An easier one to implement might be to allow customers to “reserve” a movie and notify you of where it was returned in your 5, 10, or 15 mile radius. (Pick a setting) Then, using your 4 hour time, you have until 4 hours after notification (text message, maybe?) to pick it up or you have to re-reserve it. Maybe this is just a different way of saying what you said in your post.

      Personally, I like 8 hours better because if I get notified at work that the movie I want is 5 miles away, there is no way I could get there until after work.

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    David [visitor]

    The next thing Redbox could work on would either be a movie on demand feature similar to iTunes or a direct rental subscription service similar to Netflix with the option to return DVD’s to a Redbox kiosk.

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    tina [visitor]

    I want to be able to reserve and get movies with the Free Codes online. Sometimes by the time I get there the movie I wanted is gone. Waste of time and Gas.

    I like the idea of the old movies too, but I like the REALLY old ones like Humphrey Bogart, Betty Davis, Kathryn Hepburn ones…LOL

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    Gloria [visitor]

    More Red Boxes would be nice!

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      djjojo1 [debra]

      more redboxes in area. i agree. but someone told me that u had to have so many customers coming through an area before they could put a redbox in. does anyone know if this is true?

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    crazyjoe708 [visitor]

    I would like to see redbox make an app for the iphone that allows you to do online reservations from your phone.

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    Dave [visitor]

    If the movie is “out-of-stock” the system could tell you the nearest Redbox that has that movie and you could reserve it, then go to that Redbox and pick it up

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      I agree with you on this Dave but also how about just “showing” the movie if it is out of stock instead of the movie not even being listed in the machine! You don’t even know if they are carrying the movie if they are all rented because the movie no longer “shows up” in the kiosk! How about making it like all the other movie kiosks (moviecube, e-play, dvdexpress) that show the movie “out-of-stock”. Redbox I believe is the only one that doesn’t do this.

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      ticktock [visitor]

      The reason Redbox doesn’t show you the movie is out of stock is so you rent something else in the machine. This is business 101. If a consumers first choice is not available, persuade them into their second choice. This is another reason why Redbox is so successful.

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    I would enjoy renting movies again from redbox that I dont have to clean and or disk repair. This happens virtually 100% of the time. When did this become an acceptable customer resposibility????

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      Man you’re one unlucky guy, I have rented hundreds of dvds from Redbox and NEVER had a bad disc!

    • Member [Join Now]

      I use to be able to rent dvd’s that were in perfect condition, but lately it seems that all the dvd’s are damamged and won’t play. I feel that I am being ripped off. What has happened to the quality that Redbox once had?

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    Al [visitor]

    i like dave’s idea of suggesting locations that also have the movie i am after. How about the redbox website listing all the DVDs in circulation not just the top renters. often some redboxes have DVDs that were released a while ago so unless you search all the redboxes in your area you can’t find what you are looking for .

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      This is how it works on the website. Are you suggesting that this happen at the kiosk level?

      I do like the idea of showing nearby locations that have the movie you are looking for at the kiosk level, though. So, if there is a new release that is out of stock at that particular kiosk, it could tell you if any of the other kiosks within a few miles had it, and even let you reserve it right at the kiosk you are at.

      While I like this idea, I wonder if it would decrease sales for Redbox. Lets say you wanted to get the new release of the day, but it wasn’t available. Are you likely to rent something else, or just walk away and get nothing? I am willing to bet that many customers will just rent something else, increasing sales, leaving the new release that may be at the nearby kiosk for someone else to rent.

      Great thoughts!

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    Terry Williams [visitor]

    How about download from the internet.

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    Pete [visitor]

    SPEEDIER answering of my calls to RedBox customer service. My last 3 calls to RedBox CS averaged over 16 minutes wait each time before agent answered.
    They did offer a free code for a movie for my “inconvenience”, but still…….
    All 3 of my calls were for the same machine that would not take back movies, all at different times and days. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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      Sean [visitor]

      Yes, customer service seems to have gotten even worse as of late. I have waited upwards of 30 minutes each of the last few times I have called.

      One day I went online to reserve a movie; I chose my movie, chose ,my machine, and clicked “rent now”. After clicking check out it said there was an error and that maching was not available to reserve online. Usually if a machine is not available to reserve online it will say that BEFORE you check out. So I chose a different machine and checked out. When I got to the machine it said there was no record of my reservation. I then drove clear to the first machine I attempted to reserve the movie at and it said the same thing. So I didn’t get the movie. When I called and asked (after waiting almost a half hour) for a refund and a free code for my troubles she said their machine would only let her do one or the other. B.S. They can get free codes all day long. So I only got what I should have gotten in the first place. Even though I had to wast time and gas driving around in the heat because of THEIR mistake. Stupid. You know, if they are going to be calloused and not give a free code for some reason, they at least don’t have to lie about it. Just be straight up and tell me “yeah, I could give you a free code, but I don’t want to. I don’t care that you were driving around to different machines because our computers messed up. Tough.”

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    TheTony [visitor]

    Blu-ray discs!

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    Pootroot [visitor]

    I also like the old movies. Especially the silent movies but the ones from the 30’s, and 40’s are good too. I do not like John Wayne movies unless they are the LONE STAR movies. In them he seemed ok. I would even pay $2 or $3 dollars for good copies of silent movies.

  15. Member [Join Now]

    Lot of thoughtful suggestions here. I like Crystal Morton’s idea of a speedier way to pick up a reserved movie, and I agree with tina about ability to reserve online using a promo code.

    I think Redbox should put more emphasis on the online reservation system at the kiosks. My guess is that a lot of the browsers don’t know about it. Also, Redbox could mention that not only can you browse all available movies and reserve your selection, but you can find out where it’s available in real time. Perhaps there could be a prominent notice before checkout that gives the customer the option to not show this message again.

    I wish Redbox would do something about those sun shades at outdoor locations. Don’t know if they’re in all states, but we have them here. I’m not going to stick my head in there, yet it’s awkward to hold it up out of the way. I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Just today, I noticed a new release was not available at any indoor location in my zip code and was available at almost all the outdoor ones.

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    nineballdave [visitor]

    I just wish that all red box users would treat dvds as if they owned them,like
    I do!Sometimes,when renting a dvd,it looks like it was given to the dog & cats
    & little kids to mishandle before returning it! Thats one reason I try to only
    rent new releases!

  17. Visitor [Join Now]
    DJ [visitor]

    I would like to see the release date in the Movie Description Box.
    I have gotten many movies thinking they were new or newer releases
    only to find out there a year or more old.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      I have added this as a feature here on Inside Redbox. When you goto the Movies page and hover over or click on a movie, you will see the actual release year.

      Hope that helps.

  18. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jake [visitor]

    I’d like to flag a movie and kiosk on the web site so that Redbox would send me an instant notification (email, mobile, whatever I request) when that movie is available at that kiosk. So, as soon as someone returns that movie, I’ll be notified, and with a 1-click option I could reserve it before the next jack-hole in line at the machine gets it.