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Redbox New Releases for August 25, 2009

32 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for August 25, 2009”

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    FoxWins [visitor]

    Hey Mike – Perhaps you can begin listing the studio attached to the new releases. If the title is Universal, Fox, or Warner, the titles won’t be available on day 1. Redbox needs a few days to drive to a bunch of Best Buys.

    Also, Redbox will be stocking very few copies of these titles since retail supply is limited and since Redbox will be paying higher retail prices and thus earning lower ROI.

    Would hate for the cheapos who have more time than money to stand in a 10 minute line only to find out that all three copies of Fast and the Furious are checked out.

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      Jody [visitor]

      who cares? Arent you reiterating yourself over and over again? And for the record this ‘cheapo’ has never had to wait in line.

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        moviebuff [visitor]

        I dont like him using the term cheapo to describe redbox customers but I actually agree with his point to list the company beside the title. that would hopefully take care of people week in and week out asking why is such and such movie not available. I dont understand why people dont know by now that if a movie comes out that is Universal (and now Warner and Fox to follow) that it absolutely is not going to be available on day 1. and when Redbox does finally get it its only going to be available at approximatly half the kiosks if that. Sorry for the soapbox but it happens every week and its such an old issue!

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          I agree with you on the “cheapo” comment. I mean why is wanting something for the cheapest price considered being cheap? If you could buy a car for 20,000 dollars or pay 10,000 dollars for the exact same car why would you pay the higher price? Being thrifty (or cheapo as Moron, I mean Foxwin calls it) is just being financially savvy. You’re a Moron if you pay more for something when you can just as easily get it MUCH cheaper! So let Foxwin make all the moron comments he wants, us savvy shoppers know the score!

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      Sean [visitor]

      And where do you rent your movies from “foxwins”? Saving money is the name of the game, especially these days. Even billionaires are watching there money more closely. But redbox customers are cheapos. Uh-huh. And your screen name is what…? FOX WINS? I wonder why YOU want us to pay more for our movies. …And the horse you rode in on. I think I’m going to start burning pirated copies of Fox, Universal, and Warner movies from my friends…BEFORE they ever come out to DVD. Saves me money and time. How’s that for being a cheapo?

      And don’t worry about me posting this freely on the web, I’d like to see them (the studios) try and stop me. As if it would be worth there time.

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      Vincent Wright [visitor]

      If being a cheapo is a problem with this guy, then why is this d-bag on this site to begin with.

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      JJJ [visitor]

      I’m a “cheapo” and proud of it!

      If there’s a deal, coupon code, rebate or whatever discount, I TAKE IT!

      I use the below site all the time as a “cheapo”.

      I don’t know why everyone is getting so upset, it’s a good thing.

      And, just to be cheap….

      Two Free Moviecube Rental Codes:

      ETUX9A8 … expires 8/27
      ETUX9B8 … expires 9/3

      (NOTE that the above are for Moviecube only)

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    Curtis [visitor]

    No Duplicity! Aw Man!

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    A new trend…
    With the exception of The Informers, titles that received very good reviews:


    Sunshine Cleaning:

    Rudo y Cursi:

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    FoxWins [visitor]

    @Curtis – I believe Duplicity is a Universal title. So you can expect to wait a few days since it will take time for Redbox to drive to a bunch of Best Buys.

    Once it becomes available, good luck getting a copy. I’m sure it will be under-stocked.

    And get used to the delays now that Fox and Warner have jumped on the bandwagon.

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    Nikita [visitor]

    what about “fighting” isn’t that coming out in redbox?

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      moviebuff [visitor]

      Fighting was produced by Rogue Pictures who is owned by the all so loved Universal punks. So even if Redbox does get retail copies of the movie itl be a few days at least before you see it and even then theyl probably only have it at about 30% of the redbox kiosks.

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    Can,t find Last house on the left in any of the redboxes in my area. Has it been released, or is redbox just advertising it on there machine boards?

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      pinpoint [visitor]

      did you do a search on the website?

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      moviebuff [visitor]

      Last house on the left has been released but as mentioned before it is a Universal title. So in order for Redbox to carry it they have to actually buy it from a retailer. Thats why it took a few days after release for them to get it and also why they dont have it available at many of the kiosks.

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    Curtis [visitor]

    I see they added Fighting and Duplicity to list.

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    John Las Vegas [visitor]

    whaeevr happened to Mr. Know-It-All, aka CAR?

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    WOW only 1 movie i want this week

    WOW SEPT IS Bad as well (at least the first two weeks)

    Sept 1

    Sin Nombre
    State of Play

    WOW nothing that i would even want to rent

    SEPT 8

    Crank: High Voltage
    Dance Flick
    Local Color
    Sleep Dealer
    The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
    Valentino: The Last Emperor

    maybe crank and sleep dealer… if there was a FREE CODE i would pick up dance flick

    SEPT 15

    Easy Virtue
    Next Day Air

    Treeless Mountain
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    NEXT DAY AIR AND XMEN will be 2 movies i love to get first day

    SEPT 22
    Adam Resurrected
    Battle for Terra
    Book of Blood
    Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
    O’ Horten
    Observe and Report

    Top 4 and the last one would be nice first day rentals for me …

    SEPT 29

    Monsters vs. Aliens
    Away We Go
    The Girlfriend Experience
    Filth And Wisdom

    MONSTERS the only movie worth it this week

    looks like Red box will only get 11 bucks out of me in SEPT

    they only got 7.00 out of me in aug (but that is with 4 free codes)

    seems i only rent 11 movies a month LOL

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      JJJ [visitor]

      It SUCKED all month!

      And if any of the above movies are Universal, Warner, or any others that are in the lawsuit you can forget seeing them any time soon.

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        pinpoint [visitor]

        Why would you assume that JJJ. I think I’d find them a few days after they came out, just like I always have. I think Unborn was the only one I never saw redbox carry.

        Why is everyone getting so freaked out?

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          They’re not freaked out, just EXTREMELY impatient! If they think this is bad just think how long they’ll have to wait if Redbox loses their lawsuits! I hope they don’t lose but I’m just saying….

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    State of Play is the only title in September I might rent; and guess what…

    It’s a Universal :( meaning that Redbox might not carry it ;0.

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    wildgirl42 [visitor]

    Today’s releases suck!!!!!!!! No Duplicity and no Fighting , I really hate it
    when they are advertised and not released when they say they will be!!!!!

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    inglorious bastards (the 70’s one not the awesome new Tarantino movie) is in redbox now!

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    adventureland is a good movie and it was filmed in my hometown of pittsburgh @ kennywood!

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    Curtis [visitor]

    I just rented Fighting but still waiting on Duplicity.

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    arthur [visitor]

    I’ve used the DVDONME code yesterday in las collinas, Texas and it WORKED!!!!

    A friend of mine told me about this cool website, I’ve used it twice already. Great website for cool deals on Travels, hotels, rental cars and MORE!!!!….works just like Orbitz, travelocity….

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    driver93 [visitor]

    What we have here, but of course, iz: rather small pack of sick puppy style chimps knowingly getting whole herds of other chimps in trouble. ,

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    Christopher [visitor]


    The Girlfriend Experience (2009)
    I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)
    Trick ‘r Treat (2008)


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    Consumer [visitor]

    Redbox does not think that what you want to watch is important. Look what Mitch Lowe had to say recently with an article from the New York Times.

    Limited choice is evidently part of the appeal. In the venture’s early days, Lowe says, Redbox actually experimented with different models, offering wider selections, including classic and foreign films (because the kiosks can hold 600 discs). “What we found,” he says, “is that today there are so many choices out there, consumers are really looking for some help and guidance.”