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As you may have noticed on the first Monday of November, is changing the way the first Monday promo codes work. In the past, they sent out the same code to everyone signed up for their SMS alerts, encouraging users to “share with friends”. That is all changing now.

In a recent email, Redbox has now said the codes they will be sending out to its SMS network will be “one-time use” codes, meaning no more sharing with friends. I am guessing Redbox is doing this to quell the users who abuse the system, using the code on as many as 10 credit cards to get as many free rentals as possible.

From the redbox email:

As a loyal redbox customer, we want to make sure you know about an upcoming change to our Monthly Movie Monday program. Beginning Monday, December 7, the Monthly Movie Monday promo code will be distributed exclusively via text message to customers signed up to the redbox SMS Network.

All codes will be unique and can only be redeemed once. If you get your code from a friend, online or in an email, the code may NOT work. The only way to guarantee your code is valid is to join the SMS Network at

There have been some reports by our visitors that Redbox will still create a code the can be used multiple times, but will make it harder to find. Of course, we here are Inside Redbox are on the case for you, so if this rumor is true, we will be sure to post the code here for all.

In addition, there have been quite a few other codes that have been working for all lately. Visit the Redbox Codes page often (and signup for our “Insider Updates” newsletter) to stay up-to-date on the latest codes.

Please let us (and Redbox) know what you think. Will this new way of doing things backfire and hurt Redbox, or will it just hurt the users who are abusing the service and help Redbox stay in the black? Share your thoughts in the comments.

194 Responses to “Redbox Snubbing Non-SMS Users, Sending One-Time Use Codes”

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    Chris [visitor]

    I find the codes useless. I only rent online then go pick up. It’s not worth a dollar to drive up to the box only to find out everything is rented. I am sure the gas alone would exceed a dollar. As long as they keep the price at a buck I am happy.

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      Imholt [imholt]

      Go online before hand to, find the local REDBOX and you can check to see what is available there before you drive up to the box. I do this all the time. I usually have a couple of extra choices in case too so I don’t spend a lot of time browsing and hold up other people in line.

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        Chris [visitor]

        That’s what I meant. I only rent from Redbox online, then I go pick up. Good point on the line. I am in and out in two seconds while others stand there on their cell phones for 10 min. talking to their whole family about the life changing decision, what movie should we rent.

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        buck wherry [buck-wherry]

        u said it all i tell every one in line to do it read about the movie on line the kosh doesnt bump u (whant more time)how anoing any way on line is the best begining to think i was the only one (by reactions )

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      i heard though you can rent online and then still put the promo code in

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        Tim [visitor]

        No, you can’t use a code online. Redbox says so. They figure that your chance to reserve the movie is benefit enough for the online system. If you rent online, you pay. If you want to use a code, the best you can do is see if your desired movie is available at the moment you check online and hope it’s still there when you get to the kiosk.

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    Sileny Jizda [visitor]

    Don’t have SMS on my phone. Not going to buy it. Not going to get a new phone. Guess I’ll take my business elsewhere. They’re loss.

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      Chris [visitor]

      You getting a movie for free. How is it there loss you won’t cash in on the free movie? Go elsewhere? Blockbuster or Hollywood video for $5 bucks a movie! Redbox rents for $1, locations everywhere and I can rent from home or work. Too good.

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        Kerstin [visitor]

        I agree with Sileny… It IS their loss, because if RedBox doesn’t get you to their kiosks, they don’t get your business – period. The purpose of having a freebie weekly is to get you to the box in hopes that you might rent more than one movie.

        Likewise with Sileny’s comment though, I don’t have texting service on my phone. It is PURPOSELY blocked (not to be charged for those who send me texts) and I’m going to buy it.

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          Jacob [visitor]

          Kerstin, I am curious, though. Where do younplan to take your business? Are you going to switch to some other pay-per-rental service, such as Blockbuster, even if they are more expensive, especially if you only keep your rentals for a few days, or will you go with an unlitrd monthly service like Netflix, or are you hoping to go with some digital option like iTunes? I have nothing against your desicion to avoid Redbox. I am just curious what you plan on doing. Thanks!

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        cheap [visitor]

        blockbuster has a machine in my brookshires store that rent for $1.00 a night and they get ALL the new movies ON TIME and not delayed like deadbox

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          cheap [visitor]

          whats the deal with hiding comments? whats this site scared of anyway? worried the real truth will come out about deadbox

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            Schnarr [schnarr]

            whoa!! what’s happening with “hiding comments”? What real truth? Come on ‘cheap’ [visitor], what are “you” hiding??? Spit it out……..

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        meg [visitor]

        I think the text on the cell does stink. I have a prepaid phone with no texting. I think if they want to save money don’t let people use the same code on up to 10 credit cards make it one code per account no matter what credit card you use. And in the end in may hurt them a little I mean how many poeple are like me and forget to return the free movie and pay a dollar anyway. So in the end less people may get not get movies since they didn’t get a code. I know it won’t bankrupt them but it will effect them a little. But in any case it’s just a dollar and way cheaper then most movie places. So I guess it’s suck it up buttercup and move on. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though so please be nice to each other folks:)

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        Dad In Need [visitor]

        Get Google Voice – Free SMS plus many features… Your gain at no cost!

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      Schnarr [schnarr]

      they are loss????? what does that mean?

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      Sileny Jizda [sileny-jizda]

      It’s actually quite easy. Our local library rents out movies for free as well. Granted, I may have to wait longer but it is worth it. As for their regular rentals of which I usually pick up one or two of when I pick up the free one, it won’t happen anymore either. There is no incentive now to pick through the ‘box’ and see what is interesting isn’t there. It’s easy to just walk by the thing and keep going. Our main use of it to begin with was to view a movie once to see if it was worthwhile to purchase.

      Not anymore. I shouldn’t be forced into a cell contract to get their codes. The monetary incentive dissolves quickly when you factor in the price of the phone and plan. They will see quickly they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

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    Master Bates [visitor]

    Why are all of you complaining about free codes being sent to cell phones?

    If you get a code – use it. If you don’t get a code – big deal. Pay a dollar to rent.

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    Dale [visitor]

    I used to spread the name of a great company called “Redbox” because of the fantastic deals, choices and convience to its customers.
    But now, since I’m trying to survive without a cell phone stuck to the side of my head, I’m going to miss my free weekly code and probably will not deal with a company that sells out there customers for a better bottom line.
    Just a thought….but do you think email might be the answer to satisfy ALL of your customer base.
    Business 101: If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you.
    A business decision like this could be the death of a company.

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      J Hurley [j-hurley]

      Dale is completely right. I don’t text nor recieve them. It’s not in my plan and I’m not going to add it just for codes. If they really wanted to stay in touch with their customers they would do it via e-mail.

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        D. Kashless [visitor]

        And for those who don’t have email….they would start complaining about the same thing. It’s ridiculous that people complain because they don’t get something for FREE!! Redbox is not obligated to GIVE you anything.


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          Joe [visitor]

          email can be had for free from hotmail, gmail, yahoomail etc. SMS text is not free and many people actually OPT to not have this feature on their phones.

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            REIch [visitor]

            Get a Google Voice account, then. It’s free and includes SMS; it can even forward the SMS to an email account.

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            Bill [visitor]

            It’s even a possibility that you can join the SMS list by entering an email address. I know you can send SMS messages via your cell phone to an email address and it will arrive (tested with verizon and at&t). The opposite is also possible with verizon. you can send a text to your and it will arrive via sms on your cell phone.

            Someone should give this a try on the redbox site if they do not have SMS.

          • Member [Join Now]

            well genius REIch
            what do you do when you have a verizon phone that was flashed into cricket wireless but can not receive the sms code inorder to activate your so called solution “google voice account”

            but the whole point of is is what is my opinion on the promo codes now being restructured.
            I dont agree with it, but it has been a great ride. I would use my promo code to offset what my prepaid netspend credit card would charge me every time I rented a movie.

            Not that Im this and that. My situation is my credit got ruined by others other than me…but ultimately I have to pay the price and have to jump over hoops-now.
            it will definately bring me from 3 movies a week to 2 a month
            but I would not overlook a deal and so far redbox is still the one to go to.

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            jim biwer [visitor]

            you are correct !

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    The Frugal Homeschooling Mom [visitor]

    Redbox stinks. We don’t have cell phones here. I enjoyed getting the codes in my email. Our business will go elsewhere as well.

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      Bill [visitor]

      if you’re unwilling to ever pay for the movies then you really aren’t contributing any ‘business’ ;-)

      Having the freeloaders be removed from the promotion is actually a good thing. It will mean more movies available for those at are true supporters.

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      Frugal but not cheap [visitor]

      I loved the Monday promo just like everyone else…. but didn’t find it practical to watch a movie at the beginning of our week (we also homeschool). It is worth the $1 to plan time. If you know of anyone else that can beat a $1 rental, pass the word on. Not even Netflix on the fastest mail days can beat that, and certainly not our local stores. So if you are really going to take your business somewhere else because Redbox stopped giving you something they didn’t have to do in the first place, then I would say you are no longer being frugal…. but CHEAP.

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    Steve [visitor]

    Redbox can quit giving it away free if they want to. It was a promotion, and a heck of a one at that. I used it as much as I could because that’s what they expected and wanted me to do. I spread the word and the wealth to everyone I talked to. Lots of time I’d give the code to other people waiting in line at the “Box”. Some thought I was doing something wrong. I expressed that the company said spread the word. I appreciate all the free movies Redbox gave me. Now I’ll continue using the service when I want to. I also use Netflix. Wifey is allowed to watch DVD on job, and she’s on call during the week. Never know when she’ll need 3 movies to take to work. I don’t understand all the kids crying about the very liberal promotion ending. And it really isn’t ending, just changing and cutting back. I’d rather have this happen than for RedBox to raise prices.

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      Heather [visitor]

      I completely agree! I get my codes via email, which I check thru my phone more then not!Why and how I’m not sure but I take advantage of the codes as much as possible! Why all this hatred towards redbox? They can’t give everyone free rentals! Come on guys we all need to survive!

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    Jeannine [visitor]

    Well I use movie cube at Schnucks sometimes and NOW Blockbuster has a machine for $1 a movie at some Mobil gas stations in Missouri…There is too much competition out there starting to form for Redbox to be switching things up now and getting money hungry on us…Wonder when the cost to rent a movie will go up like I read a month back…Some redboxes in different states are $1.50 and $2…I do like the convienience of looking online and renting rather than traveling all over east jesus though with Redbox, but I am thinking about joining Netflix for $9 a month b/c you don’t have to use just the mail and wait for a movie now…you can buy right there at home and wallah the movie is on your TV…Pretty kool if you ask me.

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    L Sophia [visitor]

    I agree with those who don’t pay for texting on a cell phone and don’t intend to start. If you connect with subscribers via email, what’s the big deal with sending the codes out that way too?

  9. Member [Join Now]

    Oh my goodness! I just have to say, I think it’s ridiculous that people are complaining about the codes not being e-mailed anymore. Come on! It was a FREE movie! If you don’t want to get a text sent to your cell phone, just pay the dollar to rent a movie! Somebody said that changing the way they do things could be the “death” of the company?? Please!! People still love a good deal, and I’d say a buck for a movie is a great deal! Anyway, keep enjoying Redbox, keep enjoying your movies, and don’t complain when you can’t always get stuff for free! They’re a business and have to make money somehow. One post said Redbox was getting “moneyhungry!!” That’s hilarious! Since when is ONE DOLLAR money-hungry??? Think of all the money they have to PAY to GIVE you a free rental! They have to pay their employees to fill the machine; they have to pay for gas to fill the machine, they have to keep their movie selection up, and that costs money too… Redbox is cool!

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    tonetone [visitor]

    I agree with everyone about not being able to get the codes on their cell phones. I don’t have that option. So they should make it a choicewhen you register whether you want the code sent via emai or cell phone. That is not fair.

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    slidecage [visitor]

    and remember there has been 3 FREE codes in the past 7 days alone…. so we miss one… there be more..

    finally got my txt…. couldnt even find anything worth getting so got end game or something (that tna kurt movie) yes i know its going to be bad LOL

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    Please remove me off of your text codes, I do not have texting in my cell package

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      Snowman [visitor]

      Who are you talking to? Inside redbox does not send out the codes. And if you do not have texting then you are not on the text codes list, so there is nothing to remove you from

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    Mary [visitor]

    I don’t know who was “abusing” them. I use them if I am planning on renting a movie anyway. The Redbox gets a ton of my renting business anyway because even though I am a Netflix member they are often out of the new releases. I was also sharing the free codes on my twitter & with my sister. This promoted Redbox. My sister was never a user prior to finding out about the free codes. Now she rarely ever uses them but still rents from Redbox all the time. I think you’re biting yourself in the as* because it was a fun way to get new customers. I would love if you went back to the once a week code but I know that won’t happen. Since I don’t always have my phone on I appreciated when they were also sent my email. This is disappointing.

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    Chris [visitor]

    It was amazing while it lasted. Things change. People hate change when it doesn’t go in their favor. Redbox is not greedy. They are dealing with our greediness. I also don’t pay for or allow SMS on my cell. I will frequent Redbox as always. I will reserve the hit titles online. The occasional freebies that are multi-use are wonderful, but I am happy not to kill the Golden Goose.

    Let them make a little profit now that they are well saturated in the market. I would not be surprised if they have to raise rates a little also. I will choose Redbox as long as it is better for me. Free is great, and cheap is still much better than Blockbuster.

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    Kim [visitor]


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    Laural [visitor]

    If redbox can put a unique code on peoples cell phones why can’t they make unique codes for each email address as well. Since we enter our email address when we rented our movies why want this work?

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    Johnny [visitor]

    SMS is NOT text free, right? I know My cell phone co charges me for almost everything. You can still send me email with Unique code to use for once, Otherwise sending code via SMS this is another money making tool scheme ..I can’t believe everything has to do money, money, money.

    Cell phone and internet services should be free, too charges $60-100/monthly is absurb. There is minimal maintenance, all just electricity! Go Green with Solar or conventional electricity is I say the most. I hope to see these stuff free in my lifetime, just like GPS.

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    Kevlit [visitor]

    Im really shocked at the comments here how “redbox sucks” and “I dont have a cell phone so I want it via email”. Its a promotion for CELL PHONES ONLY! It always has been and always will be. Since it started it was only sent to cell phones. But because of the mis use of the codes it was changed from one universal code to unique codes to prevent this. Redbox was going to remove the codes altogether because it was a PROMOTION to get people to try redbox (hence the sharing of that code). But now they kept it for once per month for their returning customers as a courtesy. Also some people just dont understand the logic in not sending the codes via email. You can have MULTIPLE emails put into the system where as you only have ONE cell phone.

    Think people think. Redbox is doing this as a courtesy they dont have to give us anything if they wanted to. If people keep complaining they will remove them altogether.

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      REIch [visitor]

      Agreed. Too many people cutting off their noses to spite their face.

      Boo-hoo. Freeloaders can’t freeload any more. Socialize Redbox. Free DVD rentals should be a constitutional right!

      Again, if you want free SMS, sign up for a Google Voice account.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        REIch [visitor]

        Ok. That stripped my sarcasm tags.

        That should have read:

        [ sarcasm start ] Boo-hoo. Freeloaders can’t freeload any more. Socialize Redbox. Free DVD rentals should be a constitutional right! [sarcasm end]

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Marsha [visitor]

        Can you tell me how to sign up for a Google Voice account?

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        jeff [visitor]

        google voice is only avialble by invatation and currently that can take a long ime to get when you request one

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Tami [visitor]

      I want to correct you on one thing!!! I have ALWAYS gotten it sent to my e-mail. So, it WASN’T just cell phones. I am not going to complain about it though – it is still cheaper than anywhere else to rent!!

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    lagoonfreek [visitor]

    I can understand why Redbox has decided to do their Monday codes this way. It sounds like the November code was a test run and the feedback they recieved wasn’t negative so Redbox went ahead and made it a permanent policy. I myself feel text messagning is one more way for cell companies to make more money off of the public on top of what they already make on their overpriced cell plans. I therefore have chosen to not participate with text messaging and stick with more traditional ways of communicating with people and companies. This decision by Redbox, while not surprising, will have me use RedBox a bit less than in the past. I would ask redbox to send the one time use codes to people who have signed up for their weekly New Release letter in addition the current method.

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    gg [visitor]

    WOW! So much drama over a Freebie!


  21. Visitor [Join Now]
    JenC [visitor]

    I contacted Redbox, as I do not have a cell phone. They replied that the codes would also be available on their Facebook page.

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    slidecage [visitor]

    What they should of could of done was

    Put out a NORMAL FREE CODE MONDAY TODAY but put with it..

    this will be the last Free code monday.. Starting Jan 1 2010 we will only be sendin this code via TXT only… it would gave people time to understand they are not getting anymore codes besides txt codes … at least give people a month…

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      Kevlit [visitor]

      They did this last month when people were getting unique codes and they put a universal code on the facebook page which was posted here at insideredbox. Face it its now only text message from now on.

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    Cromy75 [visitor]

    I do not think this is fair. I do not and will not ever have text on my or my families phones. It is not necessary or safe to use because I do most of my calling from my car. I have a phone at home and work. It is not worth the cost just to get a code. I can rent the same movies with more selections from the local business for the same $1.00 cost. It is their loss, when I rent the free ones the always dont go back after the first Free Day. and I always seem to rent atleast one more when I rent the Free one so again it is their loss. I have turned on many new customers just because of the Free codes.

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      Kevlit [visitor]

      Whats not fair? The codes are sent to people who HAVE texting on their phones not for you got GET texting just to get the codes….Its your choice to not have texting on your phone. Its not worth having texting just to get codes yes of course its not. So you just miss out on the codes. Is it REALLY that big of a deal?

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        Ha Ha [visitor]

        I think since it’s not a big deal for *you* to not have the codes (and apparently several others like you), you guys should each send your codes to one of us. Since you won’t miss them and we want them, everyone’s happy.

    • Member [Join Now]

      Im with you on this Cromy75

      every situation is different and I would like to add that promo codes are free yes…but they are meant for advertising REDBOX and when a movie k. is not constistant but always a good value then customers will not be consistant but will always be out on a look out for good value.

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    BHA [visitor]

    I’ve got texting on my cell phone. I just don’t ever use it.

    If I signed up for the free code via the cell phone… does that open me up to getting a bunch of spam text messages?

  25. Visitor [Join Now]
    jeff [visitor]

    why not just swollow the 15 or 20 cent charge or what ever it is for a text message when you dont have a textng plan on your cell ifyou really want a code and have a cell. I would be willing to pay for the text message if I did not have a text plan on my cell just to get the code. heck 20 cents for a movie is cheap, it may not be free butits better than anything

    • Member [Join Now]

      If that was the only text message that I was billed for, then maybe that would be an option. But getting hit by wrong number text bills would offset any potential benefit.

      The free codes allowed me to see movies I would have never rented in the past. Now I will be limited to only the movies I really want to see.

      So really not a big deal.

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    martin [visitor]

    i signed up for codes via mobile phone and did not recieve any. i tried all the new monday codes for today and none of them worked. that’s in utah, went to macey’s, walgreens, and maverik.

  27. Visitor [Join Now]
    The [visitor]

    I want my free healthcare! Give it to me! I am “entitled”!!

    (and I don’t care if you have to pay for it, that’s your problem, I’m broke and don’t want to look for a job because they tax me too much)

    • Member [Join Now]


      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Ha Ha [visitor]

        To put this back on a movie-related track, I believe the line you wanted to say was, “What is your major malfunction, numb nuts?!”

        Remember the movie that was from? :-)

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        The [visitor]


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    diane tignor [diane-tignor]

    No way am I giving my cel phone number to redbox so they can sell it to every advertising person in town! (even if I had text messaging, which I don’t) Talk about receiving junk text messages – just wait!

  29. Member [Join Now]
    Joan Zaiz [joan-zaiz]

    Yikes! I sent an email to Redbox that I didn’t think it was fair to only text free codes. I really appreciated the treat of a free movie. Never rented more than one at a time. I am sorry to read all these comments denigrating Redbox and wish I hadn’t sent them a message.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Kevlit [visitor]

      You probabaly arent the only one who sent one….They are probabaly getting hammered with calls/emails about how “upset” everyone is cuz they cant get the codes now instead of freeing the phone lines for actual PROBLEMS like unable to return movies or damaged dvds….

  30. Visitor [Join Now]
    Carrie [visitor]

    I received my text code at 8:14 pm, Dec 7. Expires 11:59 pm Dec 7. Wow, while I appreciate the free code, it sure won’t get used if they give me less than 4 hours to use it. By the time I get my kids to bed in an hour the last thing I’ll want to do is to leave my house to GET the movie. Disappointed!

  31. Member [Join Now]
    buck wherry [buck-wherry]

    oh my gosh all this over a dumb code yea their nice BUT i guess i wont be getten anymore. why does every one whant u to use ur cell phone # Ithink they should have a donot text list to go with the donot call list. if red box can text u a unique code why cant they send the same code by e-mail use the coden once and it deactavates, boy how simple is that and every body is happy once again tada proublem solved

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Kevlit [visitor]

      Because people have multiple emails and can get multiple codes thats why.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Tim [visitor]

        If Redbox isn’t technically savvy enough to have you register with demographic information to verify one-per-household status, then they deserve to have customers get multiple codes. How hard would it be for Redbox to have you register with an address and do an address verification with a credit card? You have to use a credit card to rent online, anyway. In the least, it would be an alternative for people without cell phones/text plans.

  32. Member [Join Now]

    Hey, I live on a fix and dont have money for text on the old telly. So share how to get it sent from another way!


  33. Member [Join Now]

    If you have a computer you can get sms and send sms. Most online chat yahoo,msn,google have that option. I have used this system since they have incorporated . Many of my friends over seas do not have computers and they text me online. You receive the messages just like an e-mail. I text back on my computer to their cell #’s . Hope this helps some people out.

  34. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tom [visitor]

    Well, its 8:53 pm and just finding this out now is poorly special way to learn this new method. If I couldn’t rent on a monday when the code came out so what? So I how do I get my code via text?

  35. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kloneranger [visitor]

    I think the one month monday free text sucks because I don’t get it until way late in the evening. Yet another sneaky way for RedBox to get away with people not using the code.

    I got mine tonight at 8:23 PM……..who’s going to leave the house at 8:30 in the evening after a first day of the week at work, to go get a free rental on a non-new release?

    I think it’s lame and I am going to start investigating my BlockBuster kiosk around the corner….. sucks not being able to get all the new releases at RedBox.

  36. Visitor [Join Now]
    kristen [visitor]

    Just wondering why the redbox to my house went to 2.00 for the first night and 1.00 every night after that…anyone else take notice to whether or not theirs has upped?

  37. Visitor [Join Now]
    Amy [visitor]

    Redbox seems to be just getting themselves into the holiday spirit, and by that, see: Scrooging and Bah-humbugging… I kid. Redbox still has the best deal around, one time use codes or not…

  38. Visitor [Join Now]
    Amy [visitor]

    PS Google Jconnect, you might be able to get text to email alerts with their free phone number… not sure though…

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Tim [visitor]

      Not only will jConnect not help, it’s $20 a month for the service (plus service charges). It would be cheaper to add unlimited texting to a cell plan…or…just pay for 20 rentals a month!

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    Kat [visitor]

    You know, it’s hard on me, because I’ve been generally pretty good about not spreading codes, and I only have 1 card, but my Cel carrier isn’t supported. In this tough economic time, the free movie monday was the only way my husband and I were getting a date night, and now we don’t even get THAT.

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    Tim [visitor]

    I think a lot of people are completely missing the point. Giving away free movie rental codes is part of a marketing plan on the part of Redbox. As with all marketing plans, Redbox needs to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of such marketing, and in some cases, make adjustments that they feel would be more effective.

    Let’s assume for a moment that Redbox has determined that people were abusing free rental codes by using multiple credit cards to rent all of their movies for free. It might make sense for Redbox to switch to a system that would prevent that. However, it makes absolutely NO sense to alienate part of your customer base by implementing a system that selectively disables them from taking part of your promotion, particularly when there is an easy work-around. Since the code itself is one-time use, the delivery mechanism for the code doesn’t really matter. How many people with the “get over it” attitude would feel differently if they weren’t able to use the codes because, say, Redbox wasn’t sending codes to people with last names that began with the first letter of their last name?

    Finally, to call someone a freeloader because they want a free code that others get is crazy. Redbox wouldn’t be sending out these codes if they didn’t make money on their customers that use them. For those who don’t understand how a code for a free rental can make money:

    1. Monday is a very slow business day for movie rentals. Probably the slowest of the week, because new releases arrive on Tuesday, and the weekend is over.

    2. A free rental code used means a customer is at your place of business and there’s an opportunity for a paid rental (or multiple paid rentals) as well.

    3. Movies not returned by the next day incur paid rental fees, so even a “free” rental now reaps revenue.

    Personally, the free code was what “got me in the door”. Without getting the code, frankly, I don’t really think about Redbox any more. I haven’t rented from Redbox in a few months even though I walk right by one at least once a week.

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      Mike [visitor]

      OK . . . . I have 7,000 credit cards and one code that is good for 24 hours. What difference does that make? How many movies can you watch in a 24-36 hour period? 2? Maybe 3?

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      rb [visitor]

      Agree with Tim that ” it makes no sense to alienate part of your (Redbox) customer base….” by only making a monthly code available to those with texting. My suggestion has been that those signed up for Redbox emails should get their monthly 1x code via the weekly email Redbox sends out anyway to those signed up for for emails –weekly email with the titles of the week’s new releases. HOWEVER, Redbox needs to start sending these weekly new-release emails on Monday instead of late Tuesday–which makes more sense anyway!