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Redbox Signs New Deal with Sony

Redbox has been busy of late inking new distribution deals with Hollywood studios. The latest is an agreement between the kiosk operator and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, which was announce today.

The new agreement is similar to the one the two companies signed five years ago, and gives Redbox access to Sony new releases the same day they’re made available for retail sale.

Galen Smith, CEO of Redbox, said the following about the agreement:

“The partnership ensures that consumers will have day-and-date access to SPHE’s slate, while also driving stronger financial performance for both SPHE and Redbox,”


The Sony deal puts even more pressure on Universal, the only studio still holding a 28-day delay over Redbox for new releases. Do you think they’ll cave?

[via Home Media Magazine]

One Response to “Redbox Signs New Deal with Sony”

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    Chad Cronin [chadcronin]

    You would think so as this you would think would cut into their profits.