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Redbox and Lionsgate Announce New Deal

As DVD sales become a smaller chunk of their revenue stream, Hollywood studios continue to rethink their former strategy of imposing month-long delays on Redbox rentals after new releases become available for sale. Lionsgate is the latest studio to follow that trend.

Redbox and Lionsgate have announced that they’ve signed a new deal giving Redbox “day and date” access to new Lionsgate films at the same time they’re released for sell-through.

Ron Schwartz, president of home entertainment at Lionsgate, was enthusiastic about the new agreement:

“Redbox is a longstanding and valued partner . . . We are pleased to extend our relationship with them and remain committed to delivering a broad portfolio of premium content across an ever-expanding array of linear and digital platforms.”

Galen Smith, CEO of Redbox, agreed:

“Lionsgate has consistently shared our commitment to making content accessible to consumers,”

How long do you think Universal, the sole holdout on the 28-day new release delay, will hold out now?

[via Home Media Magazine]


3 Responses to “Redbox and Lionsgate Announce New Deal”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Danofive0 [visitor]

    I really don’t know how RedBox is still around?
    I mean with all the streaming deals & all. And about 90% of the new stuff is a remake of some remake. Are just more trash. Nothing worth watching. I though the Box would have set up a new streaming deal by now.
    You got me beat on how they are making it?
    And the 24 Hr bit. Pass on that….
    But people must be using the Box..
    Power to them.

  2. Member [Join Now]
    Chad Cronin [chadcronin]

    Eye Roll on the first post. Clearly they are still around as they got the best pricing out there and a ton of locations to rent movies. Costs are fairly low so that it can’t be too hard to make money. Anyways this post isn’t about the quality of movies and if it was wouldn’t that affect streaming too? I find several movies are not on streaming sites or even cheap enough rental streaming. If they can be too long a wait. I would say that having less movies I’m interested in makes me go to the theater less, Redbox and VUDU a little less but those 3 followed last by Netflix will stay my choices for the foreseeable future. I will say with the various windows even recently with releases I always guessed I had to wait 28 days and have missed some movies as some clear out fast in my area. So having things back to normal will have less confusion and make content more fresh and worth a rental.