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Exactly 1 year and a day ago, I penned last year’s April Fools’ Day post regarding a new Redbox streaming service that would allow them to compete with Netflix in that space. A great idea lauded by many, but it was not to be at that time…

Today while browsing Twitter for Redbox news, I see the following message:

Just took a redbox survey asking about unlimited streaming movies for 3.99$ a mo. Could netflix get some competition?

I am trying to get confirmation on this, and hopefully I will have more details for you on it soon.
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But, if Redbox does start offering unlimited streaming of movies for $3.99 per month, that could be a major game-changer and blow to Netflix. As long as they had a decent catalog of movies, the price does seem right and it would be a great value. Of course, this would require Redbox and some major studios to kiss and make up before they could get access to the films.

Will it really happen? It seems like the right move, and I have heard something like this was in the works for quite some time. We can hope, anyway!

Let us know if you have seen this survey, and what your take on this is.

UPDATE: It also looks like the survey mentioned that the $3.99 price would include 4 regular Redbox rentals. That makes it even more compelling, especially if you already rent at least 4 movies per month.

Perhaps Redbox will also consider an unlimited rental model, with streaming and unlimited 1-at-a-time kiosk rentals for a fixed price ($15 a month or so?). Old movies from the stream, new movies from the kiosk – that would really heat things up…
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22 Responses to “Redbox Seriously Considering Movie Streaming Service, Competing With Netflix? [updated]”

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    Mike's Video [visitor]

    This sounds like a good idea, but if they are having problems getting their hands on physical copies of the movies how are they going to legally obtain digital copies and release them without the studios getting bent out of shape? I tried a trial of Netflix and hated it, but Redbox seems to offer a great service, so I hope they are able to stick around longer than Netflix…

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    Rob Hood [visitor]

    How many movies will be available for streaming? Netflix has thousands. $3.99 seems really reasonable, but if their isn’t a lot available, is it really?

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    Firstlawofnature [visitor]

    Don’t think anyone can compete effectively head to head with Netflix on an internet subscription service. It’ll have to be something different to work. Hybrid service with the kiosk or perhaps very limited library at cheapo prices would work. Their brand is getting stronger and stronger with consumers so it could probably work on the net. Making friends with studios will be key.

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    shelly [visitor]

    Well, well, well! Make me wonder will Redbox steaming work with Closed-Captioned or Subtitles for deaf people????

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    Justinbotelho1 [justinbotelho1]

    I think streaming is RedBox’s new breakthrough. LOL, poor Movie Gallery, and soon to be blockbuster if they dont think quick. Netflix is the only competition I see for RedBox. A Postal Service that is losing billions of dollars per year, which Netflix is so reliable on to distribute movies, will be Netflix down fall. I think RedBox will hang with Netflix or be Better once streaming. Even if both are streaming, RedBox has the upper hand in availability and convenience. I have at least four RedBoxes within 15 minutes of my home and ther is a line behind each of them.

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    slidecage [visitor]

    if redbox cant carry movies in their machines for 28 days they probally wont allow to stream the movies for 60+ days …. also many of the new releases that netflix allows you to watch day 1 Redbox dont even carry …

    Wont happen. Unless they get taken over by someone but as a stand alone company.. i doubt you will ever see it happen…

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      tinybrat [visitor]

      I think you are wrong. Netflix doesn’t offer hit movies streamed on day one either, so that wouldn’t be any different for Redbox. The movies that netflix does offer on day 1 are not big hollywood blockbusters, which is why redbox doesn’t carry them, there isn’t enough room in their machines for all the crap that comes out of hollywood, but I’m sure they could work similar deals to offer the “B” movies streamed just like netflix and amazon, and if they can do it for less than half the price, bye bye netflix.

  7. Member [Join Now]
    ABCMAN [abcman]

    My survey asked about unlimited streaming and 8 rentals per month for $7.99.

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    slidecage [visitor]

    I dont see how they can do this when asked Why they dont sell Prepaid cards (backed up with a credit card) they said they couldnt do it cause they are set up to run like that…

    this would be the same way..

    I dont know even if they did it i would leave netflix…

    in the past 2 weeks movies i got off netflix and ones redbox does not carry

    this week
    The Fox and the Child —- redbox does not carry
    The graves —- redbox carry
    Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant— no redbox
    Sell the Dead — does not carry good movie
    .Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
    .Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

    Last week—- Redboxes does not carry ANY Of these
    Dante’s Inferno
    WWE: Elimination Chamber 2010
    WWE: Royal Rumble 2010
    The Reeds
    Toxic Skies
    The Final

    getting 24 movies per month via netflix for 18 that is around 75 cents per movie

  9. Member [Join Now]

    Well if we save money, bring it on
    Redbox does have a limited amount of choices, but netflix and blockbuster online suck too, so you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t
    Viva cheap used movies on ebay and amazon!!!!!

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Brian [visitor]

    All of those movies don’t suck, tinybrat. I doubt you’ve seen all of them to be able to pass any credible judgment on their quality.

    And for the record, Crisis on Two Earths and I Sell the Dead were very good.

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Joe [visitor]

    I would be all for this! I like redbox but I mostly use netflix now simply because the machines seem to be down everytime I go to rent or return a movie. If I take my $1 a day movie back and the machine is down then I have no choice but to keep it another night or drive across town to return it to another location! Netflix is much more reliable in that sense!

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    MC [visitor]

    The Redbox survey and its contents were confidential materials and not to be discussed further. Paul is in violation of the terms he agreed to by taking the survey. Maybe a legal slap will encourage him to read the instructions in the future.

  13. Member [Join Now]

    Hmm? no one is asking HOW the service will be streamed???? Remember how Redbox wanted to allow user to stream the movie at the kiosk and watch there, where other people could watch the movie with you or where you would have to stand and watch a 90 min in the cold? Redbox is covienance renter, not a powerhouse, the cost for this would bankrupt them. Are they going to offer set-top boxes, because all this would do is make places like amazon on demand, Itunes, and Netflix lower there prices. Netflix will sometimes release Indie movies or unpopular movies on its streaming service the same day of release. Netflix, thanks to the new deal have add so many shows to streaming (24, bones, better off ted, lost, etc) that I would care less if I only recieved movies once a week with the new post office change. How many shows do you think that Redbox could be able to afford? Indie movies? Older films? Roku/Netflix will be adding CC and other features this summer, yes 3.99 is cheap but you can expect cheap service. Plus redbox is not a stand-alone service, people suppliment their entertainment with redbox, I woudn’t think that people would sign up for 2 online delivery system.

    P.S it is my understanding that a lost of studios don’t like Redbox, so how will they obtain the materials to make them overshadow netflix???

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rob [visitor]

    It would be nice but until you fix the boxes so they do not freeze up when they get wet or when they get snowed on people will go to net flex. I enjoy redbox it is the best thing that has happened since peanut butter and jelly.

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    Catalin [visitor]

    I think Redbox can do very good if they keep focusing on rentals. The costs for implementing a streaming solution will be high and they have to compete with Netflix which has a large video library. This is a review talking about challanges Redbox has to face:

    Professional Streaming Consultant

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    Oscar [visitor]

    I LOVE Netflix. If you get the Roku box you can watch Netflix, among other channels, streamed to your tv. By the end of the year the Roku will have around 100 channels. They eventually hope to replace cable by letting people choose channels a la carte. Many people are already canceling their cable and just buying a Roku and streaming Netflix. I may do the same because I haven’t watched HBO or Showtime since I got the Roku and Netflix. I really, really think that eventually everything on Netflix will be streamed, except for the brand new stuff. Redbox will have to spend a ton of money to chase down Netflix.

  17. Visitor [Join Now]
    MissedAnEpisode [visitor]

    Money is extremely tight in my family right now so many extras are eliminated from our budget. The very first point to go was our cell phone plan and cable wasn’t far behind. At earliest I thought this would be a huge issue as my husband likes to watch sitcom re-runs. Yet, this hasn’t been a trouble as he is capable to Watch Missed Episodes. as well as other favorites of his. I’m glad he found these as I don’t want him to lose everything he loves. Thankfully, I am capable to write part of our World-wide-web fees off for my work so we didn’t have to get rid of that also. I believe that would can be found the final straw for him.

  18. Visitor [Join Now]
    freecarforlamar [visitor]

    no movie service will last long movie streaming piracy will soon take over just like the collapse of the music industry brace yourself for the future. All movie rental stores will collapse including online netflix. The only chance nextflix has is its online streaming service that many of us use on our ps3’s ect. If a better streaming service comes along with hot new releases for a decent price goodbye netflix. Redbox stands to survive in the model it currently serves in cheap dvd market but for how long will people think dvd is good enough?