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Redbox ElvisAviation News is reporting that 2 Redbox kiosks are being installed at the Nashville International Airport, making it the first airport to get a Redbox anywhere in the country.

I wonder if it will be stocked with an over-abundance “direct-to-video” Elvis DVDs?

What do you think: Would you rent from a Redbox at the airport?

18 Responses to “Redbox Ready to Entertain Air Travelers with The King?”

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    Timothy Parry Jr. [visitor]

    Uhh… Nashville doesn’t promote “The King” near as much as Memphis does. It is one of the nicest airports I have had the pleasure of flying out of and the TSA employees are really quick(at least when I have been there).

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      Hmm, clearly I am not from the south, so I can’t pull one over on you guys!

      Nashville… Memphis… They are in the same state at least! :)

      What about Dolly Parton DVDs, then?

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        RMD [visitor]

        Funny you mention that. There is a Dolly documentary I saw floating around in Tennesee …wal mart I think

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          I haven’t looked to see what it was but there is some dolly parton dvd in the local redbox here in north georgia in walmart, but I don’t care to read what its about, also I’ve met her in person when I was a kid when my family went to DOLLYWOOD I was probably about 10 back then.

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    I would only rent from an airport if there was a kiosk at the airport I was ariving at also.

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      STORMCHASER1 [stormchaser1]

      That is the only intelligent response I have read. What’s the usefulness of renting a DVD at Nashville airport unless you are returning to Nashville the next day? Unless you’re flight delayed in Nashville for over two hours. Duh

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        Hey, Duh, please let us know what qualifies you to determine what an intelligent response is.

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        Mike [visitor]

        The usefulness is that you can rent in Nashville and return your movie at any one of the other 9,999 redbox kiosks in nashville and across the country…

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          yes but if you rented it from nashville and got on a plane are you going to know where if at all there is a redbox where you are going. So I said the orignal comment to make the point that without knowing there is a convienent location to return the movie when you get were your going then why risk getting stuck with a movie you can’t return because you didn’t think to check to see if there was a redbox were you were going, so it only makes sense to rent from an airport if the redboxes are at all airports you can be going to.

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      Paul [visitor]

      You can return it to any redbox in the country. As far as I know, there is one in every walmart.

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    Terri [visitor]

    Sure why not, since the airlines are going to start charing for those inflight movies anyway for 5.00 a crack. If you have a laptop with a dvd drive I sure would

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    Summer [visitor]

    Absolutely! I’ve been waiting for this. We need a redbox in all airports so we can easily rent & return the movies.

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    it would be much more convenient than what i have to do now…i stop at the closest macdonalds to the ap and then have to find a close one at my arrival airport to drop off. most airports have macdonalds, so seems like a great place to locate…even if redbox isn’t already in those states/cities.

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    Col. Tom Parker [visitor]

    I flew out of Nashville’s Airport yesterday and saw one of the RedBox kiosks (it’s just past security in Terminal C). I think it’s a good idea they’re putting these in airports, especially considering that the other airport shops there sell DVDs for $10+.

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    If I have a 1 or 2 day trip I think this would be great. What would be really cool is if you could plug in at a kiosk and download a movie.

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      lucca [visitor]

      Yes, but I have to travel with my computer that’s a pain. I don´t think people take their computer when they travel -maybe for business, but I do not see business travelers downloading movies-.

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        JRB [visitor]

        Man, it’s the business travelers and parents that WOULD rent the movies. There is nothing worse than a long boring flight or a long boring layover. Plus, we business travelers spend a ton on money in airports.

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    Paul [visitor]

    I would definitely rent redbox at the airport because they are so readily available and can be turned in at any walmart in the country.