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Redbox has announced that they have promoted Mary Leonard – formerly with RR Donnelley and FedEx – to Senior Vice President of Operations.

Leonard joined Redbox in 2006 and has been in charge of DVD distribution and management of regional employees. She will now be in charge of overseeing deployment of Redbox kiosks.

COO Mitch Lowe had this to say about Mary:

Mary’s expertise has helped Redbox meet or exceed installation timelines for our retail partners and optimize operations to ensure a seamless Redbox experience for our clients and customers. Her leadership skills have helped engage and unify Redbox’s extensive network of regional employees, enhancing their ability to provide the highest level of service.
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Congratulations to Mary.

Regarding kiosk deployment, what I hope to see in the future is Redbox being a bit more responsive to faulty touchscreens and otherwise broken kiosks. There is a touchscreen at a nearby Walmart that has been broken for months (1/3 of the screen does not respond to touch). Recently, they installed a second kiosk at that location, but still did not fix the touchscreen on the first kiosk.
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I have called and reported the touchscreen problems, and obviously someone is out each week to load new discs, so why should this problem not have been fixed long ago?

So, Mary, if you are reading this, is there something that can be done about this problem?

Has anyone else experienced any problems with their Redbox kiosks not functioning properly?

17 Responses to “Redbox Promotes Leonard to Senior Management”

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    writeman47 [visitor]

    The touchscreen at the Redbox I use at my local WalMart lives up to its name. It is VERY touchy, especially when I’m trying to enter my code or my email address. It frequently locks up and the cursor starts jittering all over the screen. Sometimes starting over works, sometimes not. Very frustrating.

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      Myron [visitor]

      If you call the tollfree number and report cursor problems, they can fix it from there offices, I have had to do that when I could not enter codes, and they will give you a free rental good for 45 days to boot.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    Is it the Walmart in Lindon or in Highland where the faulty machine is? (So I’ll know where to avoid going.)

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      It is at the Walmart in American Fork (I think the Redbox site calls it Highland), although the second kiosk is working fine, as it is brand new.

      You can still get the first one to work, but entering promo codes and/or your email address is generally a futile endeavor.

      • Member [Join Now]

        Thanks. I figured the “Highland” store was really the American Fork one. It’s odd that they think it’s in Highland when it’s actually on the border between AF and Lehi. :)

        • Administrator
          Michael [administrator]

          Its just a zip code error, since AF and Highland share the same zip code.

          I remember when I called them about the problems with the box, it took awhile for them to figure out what box I was talking about because I told them it was in American Fork on State Street, but their system said it was in Highland on Grassland Drive. :)

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    Jerry Flaherty [visitor]

    Keep up the SUPER work all around Micheal!!!!!!
    Redbox continues to be the BEST bargain by far for DVD rentals. [now all I need is someone to go get and return them for me! just kiddin!]

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    Tim [visitor]

    The store near me just added a second kiosk. But now I wonder about the sense of that. If a movie I want is not available in at the kiosk I choose, I have to see if it’s available on the other one, possibly waiting in line a second time. I always thought it would be nice if there were two screens sharing one (larger) robot disc library. That way, two people could rent at the same time but the library would be common. I first thought of that idea while waiting in line as people browsed to see what they want. It was then that I wished there was a way that I could at least “pre pick” my rentals even if I would still have to wait for them to finish before purchasing. Even with that system the lines would move faster. Another idea would be a “return only” ability, separate of the rental line queue.

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      Kevin [visitor]

      Tim, I’m with you. I get aggravated waiting in line to simply return while I watch people browse and browse (and browse some more).

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    Ray [visitor]

    There is a way to pre-pick your movies Tim.. just go online.. pick your movies.. and pick them up when you get to the kiosk!!! :D

    • Member [Join Now]

      That sounds great, Ray. But didn’t I read somewhere that you can’t pre-pick your movie online and use a code at the kiosk for that movie–you actually have to pay for it?

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    David Ellis [visitor]

    How do you ever figure out what “Redbox” will have what movies? There are only two in my area, and both of them still don’t stock the “available” selections. Very frustrating not being able to find what I want when I go to the store.


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    Shirley [visitor]

    Has anyone else been billed for DVD’s Redbox Claims weren’t returned. To make matters worse one of the movies was so damaged that i called and complained. they gave me info for a comp rental.
    took it and another really dumb movie back weeks ago and got a $53 bill today. Redbox says i didn’t return them. our machine hasn’t ever worked right so……….
    why would i keep a damaged DVD and a really dumb movie???

    I called them since they didn’t respond to my e-mails and they offered to take 50% off the cost which doesn’t work for me OR they will do an audit on the machine.

    any ideas on where to go for help???

    thanks much


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      did you get email reciepts? if you did you could have caught that the machine didn’t register your return and could have called redbox imediately prior to gettting charged 53 dollars.

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      JF [visitor]

      YES, I am being charged for a rental that was returned and they are willing to do a “SEARCH”. The video was returned and rented immediately because the person behind me wanted that movie and it was OUT. A month later I receive a charge on my credit card. I have spent eight different days, waiting on hold for over 30 minutes to just REACH a customer service rep. The machine has an out of order sign on it at this time and I asked the store manager about that. He stated that they have only had problems with it and they aren’t responsible for it. I am looking for anyone else who has a similar problem so that I can present a case with customer service. ANY information you have would be appreciated.

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        John [visitor]

        That are 2 types of emails.
        One is titled reciept the other is return
        “return” will show the “date rented”, “date due”, “date returned”

        Did you get a “return” email?

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Lindsay [visitor]

    Does anyone know who manufactured the touch screens for the kiosks? Thanks