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We have a new offer for you today, this time courtesy of Albertson’s and Procter & Gamble…

Get 5 Free Redbox rentals when you purchase $25 in Procter & Gamble products are participating Albertson’s locations. This offer is good through 8/18/09.

The promo codes will print on your receipt when you make your purchase. If you buy $25 worth of P&G products in multiple transactions, you will get 5 codes each time.


Note: Let us know if this offer works for you – or if you are aware of any other similar offers – in the comments below.

26 Responses to “Redbox Offer: 5 Free Rentals from Albertson’s and P&G”

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    tommy [visitor]

    it’s PROCTER & GAMBLE – it’s an E. not an O.

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    rb [visitor]

    I hesitate to pass on this info of a redbox code deal BECAUSE I prefer to personally try/test it out to verify first before sharing. However, the local Walgreens near me don’t have Redbox kiosks and when I asked management at these Walgreens, they said they weren’t sure. They said it might be only at Walgreens with kiosks. Saw on slickdeals and other coupon sites that if you buy 2 Post Cereals at Walgreens (on sale now 2 for $5), that you will receive a Redbox code on the bottom of your receipt. Must buy the 2 boxes in a single purchase between 7/17 and 8/9, and the code expires 8/23/09. Go on site and there are printable $2 off coupons for the Post Trail Mix Cereal. Soooooo you’ll get 2 cereal and a redbox code for total of $1! For those who like the cereal and go to Walgreens that have Redbox kiosks, might be worth trying this deal—and then report back! Couldn’t find if everyone gets a different 1x code ,or the same code.

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      Wrong address: should be “”

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        rb [visitor]

        Thanks for the correction. I’ve seen on other coupon sites bloggers blogging that they did get a redbox code on their receipt when they purchased the 2 Post cereal at Walgreens.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      Thanks for the comment. I was actually just getting ready to post the Walgreens offer, but I was unaware of the coupon available from Post. That makes this a super deal.

      If you look at it another way, it’s like you pay for a Redbox movie, and get two free boxes of cereal. Not bad at all!

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        Jim [visitor]

        Some McDonald’s offer a Redbox code for one night rental
        if you purchase a new Angus Burger.

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        i saw an offer at MC D redbox that offered a free code if you buy there new 1/3 LB burger you might want to check this out Michale not sure where all this deal is i am in colorado

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      Curious George [billabott]

      Thanks. I think I will try this WG deal out.
      I have a question: are these WG and Albertson’s code only good at the kiosk outside that particular store? In other words, are these codes transferable nationwide or even within a geographic region? Hope some one can answer this question with actual factual knowledge.

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    Mike [visitor]

    Just got back from Albertsons (San Diego,CA). Spent $25 on P&G products and received a $5 off for Albertsons but didn’t receive any codes for Redbox… :(

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      rb [visitor]

      Don’t know if all Albertsons have Redbox kiosks, but maybe you got $5 off instead of 5 redbox codes if the Albertson you went to doesn’t have a Redbox kiosk.

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        Barbara [visitor]

        most albertsons do have them.

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        Mark [rb123456789]

        First, understand that there are two separate chains called “Albertsons”, which confuses things. And these offers often apply to other brand stores owned by the same people.

        “Supervalu” runs some Albertsons. They also run Shaws, which starting tomorrow is running a “spend $20 on P&G products and get a $5 coupon” offer. My local store does have a Redbox, but I haven’t seen any indication that the Redbox codes offer holds here. My guess is one offer or the other but not both, but if I test it out I’ll report back.

        Albertsons info:

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      Barbara [visitor]

      Call Redbox they will fix it for you. make sure to have your receipt number available

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    Mike [visitor]

    They do have a kiosk, two in fact. I rent there all the time. Maybe you’re right but I was reading a blog earlier that says you’d receive both. Hope you all have better luck :)

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    Barbara [visitor]

    A couple of other things in case anyone wants to know. If you have 2 or 3 or more cards you can use those sames codes on all your cards. also try using dvdonme and breakroom.

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      Mark [rb123456789]

      That implies you’d find 15 different movies in a Redbox kiosk which you’d actually want to rent, which to me is a leading sign of the Apocalypse.

      Although I suppose you could give most of them to friends, or if you were really enterprising stand in front of a kiosk and sell them for 50 cents each :)

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        rb [visitor]

        I don’t know if selling your codes for 50cents would highlight that you’re enterprising–or that times are tough in this economy! A person gotta do what a person gotta do to get by! Hmmm…thinking… If you did sell your codes for 50cents each, could Redbox legally demand some of the profits??? Could Uncle Sam get in the “picture” and tax your “income”??? Might have to work this dilemma out over beers in the White House with Obama!

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    Austin [visitor]

    Just got back from Walgreens / Redbox in NC. I printed the 2 coupons from for $2.00 ea, cereal was on sale, 2 for $5.00. I ended up with 2 boxes of cereal and a free Redbox coupon rental for $1.10 after tax. I don’t know if code is one time use or not: 43DNHZ5

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    Jannette J. Phipps [jannette-j.-phipps]


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    sharmane [visitor]

    I sure wish my Walgreens had a RedBox kiosk;
    would love to get that Post offer.

    Anyone get the 1st week Monday code, yet?
    Last month it seemed to come out later…
    10:00 am to 12:00pm PST.

    If it keeps coming out later in the day;
    you have less time to rent,
    smart thinking by RedBox,
    bad for us.

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    Participating Save Mart locations are also offering the P&G deal. Purchase $25 of Proctor and Gamble products in one single transaction between 7/8/09 and 8/11/09 and the five redbox promo code will print along with your register receipt.

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    why would I spend $25 at Albertons when I could just spend $5 for the movies????