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Redbox New Releases for August 4, 2009

11 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for August 4, 2009”

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    A better selection this week.

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    I agree that it is a better selection this week. The last couple of weeks have been kind of lame.Would also like to share that sometimes you can find new releases put in on Mondays instead of Tuesdays here in SA,TX.

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      Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

      During the *dog days* of summer, more Redbox Replay titles should be added.

      Starting in the Fall, more mainstream releases should be available.

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        Mark [rb123456789]

        The Redbox Replay titles I have rented were new DVD releases, the original repackaged with extras in a Special Edition. Maybe they’re not all like that, but in general I think Redbox can’t/won’t add a Redbox Replay title unless the studios are rereleasing it.

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    jakoblin [jakoblin]

    what a shame , free code r not on tuesday. I would have rent out race to withc mountain

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    Western Reserve Public Media [visitor]

    Oh. Youre talking about PBS. Right? I’ll Show you PBS!

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    Curtone [visitor]

    I like getting the unusual ones sometimes I find a good one. 10 Dead Men, Holy Hustler, 13 Hours in a Warehouse,Juncture