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Redbox New Releases for May 5, 2009

18 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for May 5, 2009”

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    gerry [visitor]

    Monday code does not work at walmart in florida. FYI

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    Monday code works fine at Walmart, Glenolden Pa. Thanks guys.

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    Mon code worked at walgreens , Kewanee,il. Thanks

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    joe [visitor]

    Monday code worked fine at Apollo Beach, FL WInn-Dixie !

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    xaundra [visitor]

    Where is Benjamin Buttons? Does anyone know if Redbox is going to get it?

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    Monday code worked fine at WalMart and Meijers in Commerce, Michigan.

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    why didn’t incendiary come out at redbox. It comes out today and it is not a universal picture.

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      Redbox isn’t big on indie or (arthouse) films for some reason. If it’s not a “big” motion picture a lot of the times they won’t carry it. It’s a shame because there are a lot of good movies they don’t carry! Moviecube has it though, I rented it today.

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    UBM [visitor]

    next week will be the week to rent movies, with
    Underworld : Rise of the Lycans and Taken coming out!

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    Dutchmaster [dutchmaster]

    can I use the same code again and again. Im kind of new to this?

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    most of the time you can if you have additional credit cards. once in a while it will not work on second card. have fun i have rented at least 30 movies and paid for 2.

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    Dutchmaster [dutchmaster]

    I been rent on this one credit card but not with the same code, and i used different code on line and it not work. what do i need to do to get free movies.

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      rb [visitor]

      You CAN NOT reserve a Redbox movie online using a promo code. See FAQ on this site. Usually the Monday promo code works for all—-except a couple of Mondays ago when Redbox was doing remote maintenance on their kiosks and no promo codes worked during that maintenance period.

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    i dot’t feel so good

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    djjojo1 [debra]

    everytime i visit our redbox theres no new ones.. wonder how many of the new ones do they put in each machine??? but i’ve stopped by on different days and never any new movies in them… if its only 2 would be nice to at least 4 of the new one at a time u know people are going to want to watch the newer ones.. so i wait until its now as new and the one like bride wars has calmed down and still can’t rent it… need more