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Redbox New Releases for March 31, 2009

13 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for March 31, 2009”

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    Car [car]

    Seven Pounds!!

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    champ633 [visitor]

    How’d they get slumdog so fast?

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      moviebuff [visitor]

      Its not that redbox is getting it before anyone else, tomorrow is just the release date that was set for it by Warner Bros and Fox Pictures. As far as why it was so soon i have no idea. I think its a good idea though, distributors should start bringing their movies out on dvd quicker then what they do.

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      RMills [visitor]

      Slumdog was originally supposed to be a straight to DVD movie then it caught some wind at Sundance and it just kept rising.

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    I’ll be picking up Seven Pounds, Marley & Me, and Slumdog Millionaire. At midnight. Seeing as they put a new redbox at the Valero gas station that’s right down the road. I saw that they have them all their already. As for the other new releases I don’t remember seeing them their. I might get Butterfly Effect 3 also but I still haven’t seen part 2. I may have to get that sometime too since it has Erica Durance, Lewis Lane from Smallville, she’s so beautiful.

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    Matdawg86 [matdawg86]

    Anyone find seven pounds? I can’t find seven pounds at any of the red boxes here yet.

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    Rm9308 [rm9308]

    i am new to this, where can I find the code for today?

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    I rented bedtime stories today at a redbox here in ohio.