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Redbox New Releases for June 16, 2009

25 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for June 16, 2009”

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    With this week’s selection, can anyone say “Redbox Replay”?

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      Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

      Hi all!

      Of the six selections for this week only *one* has a Yahoo rating. Is anyone interested in seeing these releases?

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    gerry [visitor]

    Would like to see Redbox ramp their selection up in regards to the new weekly releases. Sometimes they have the popular ones and most of the other time they do not, like the postings here on the website. This model that they are using is vulnerable to attack. A rival like blockbuster(slleeping giant) could easily
    userp them with a trojen horse kind of attach from within. I know this is a bit of a stretch right now , but think about it . And most likely the customer
    will get the short end of the stick as usual.

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      Crusty [visitor]

      Where would be a good place to find the missing titles for this week?
      What popular title is missing? I dont wanna miss a good one

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        rb [visitor]

        If you go to and type in the month, say June 2009, or July 2009…. it will show all the dvds/movies/tv shows,etc. being released that month and when they are being released during that specific month. Of course, the Redbox kiosks don’t carry all the selections released.

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    Is there a Monday code this week?

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      Mark [visitor]

      No. Next Monday code is three weeks from today, July 6.

      But there are working codes on the “Redbox Codes” page…

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        marina [visitor]

        what are some working codes I can’t seem to find any. I tryed redbox codes but I’ve already used breakroom and dvdonme and they only work once are there any other codes you now of? thax marina

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      martee dvd [visitor]

      Check out to get a code.Code is said to be good at Mickie dee’s and all other locations tonight and tomorrow.

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    martee dvd [visitor]

    THANX!!! 4 tha Codes “Big Red Is STILL HOT” 2 4 THA PRICE OF 1

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    martee dvd [visitor]

    Does Anyone Know How Or When Do Tha Movie Get Put In Tha Kiosk Machines???

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      Barbara [visitor]

      The new release movies (ie. those due for release on Tues) are in the machines now. You can rent them a couple of minutes after midnight tonight.

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      Mark [visitor]

      When Tha Guy Who Works For Redbox Shows Up He Puts the DVDs In Tha Red Box. It’s His Job.

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    lulu [visitor]

    El Pollo Loco does it again…
    In competition with Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken they
    gave 2 pieces of chicken away for free with tortillas and
    salsa for one whole day (I went back 3 times, had lunch and dinner, FREE).

    Now, I just got a coupon in the mail for this same offer, for their
    flamed chicken, tortillas and salsa for only $0.99;
    folks, you can’t beat that!!!

    (I am a California resident)

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    lulu [visitor]

    With this latest “working” code: “6SN67S7”.

    I placed a “PostIt” of this code on the screen window
    at my local Albertsons,
    so others may enjoy
    (several days ago; and it appears this code
    is still working)…..

    (btw, I buy just as many DVD rentals as I get free;
    because I enjoy the attitude of RedBox to offer
    free promo codes!)

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    Next week sees the release of “Pink Panther 2” and then the following week is the sure-to-be-DVD hit “12 Rounds”, since no one went to see it at the theatre and waited for the DVD release. June has been an overall dead month for new releases if you ask me. Hopefully things pick up in July.

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    Are there any promo codes currently available this week. Or do they just come out every other Monday.

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      They come out on the first Monday of each month at least until August. No one knows what’s going to happen after that. There are other codes put out every now and then you just have to look at the top of this page under “redbox codes” and try them to see if they work.

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    On June 19, yesterday, I tried codes: 6SN67S7, BOARDROOM & BREAKROOM, at 3 different Redbox. I received either “Invalid promo code” or, “This promo has already been used”, readouts.
    What defines an invalid code? I double-checked and re-entered each code carefully, with no success.
    Also, does the latter readout mean there’s a usage limit on each prom code?

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    I just tried “84mar3”, “honestabe07”, and “rbxmcd1” these don’t work. I get the same message “invalid code”. I even tried “rbxthxu6” when it came out and that one didn’t work either. What’s going on?