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Redbox New Releases for January 20, 2009

44 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for January 20, 2009”

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    Ronald [ronald]

    any code for today?

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    vee prakash [visitor]

    its the monday code


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    Thanks a lot

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    Artie [visitor]

    Another NEW McDonald’s code – MCDWNTR.

    Another Walgreens code – DVDATWAG

    Have fun.

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    Crusty [visitor]

    My machine also showed Center Stage 2 coming this week.

  6. Member [Join Now]

    Is the express coming out on redbox.It is due out tomorrow too.

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    Sheila [visitor]

    What are the McDonald’s and Wal Greens codes for?

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    justan [visitor]

    what’s the code for??

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    justan [visitor]

    you just enter it at the redbox thing?

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    huba [visitor]

    Where are you guys getting this codes from? tks

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    huba [visitor]

    Sorry, THESE codes…

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    causey [visitor]

    when are the new movies available to reserve online, it is 12:10 and they are not regisitered as in yet?

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    yeah i know what yoyu mean causey…i do this every monday night, at about the same time and they are usually ready to rent, but tonight is different…wtf? does anyone know what the hells goin on?

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    ohh, what i think happened is the time difference, its like 12:41am where i am at, but the time that my comment is posted on this site is 11:42pm 01-19-09…i feel dumb…

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    well not sure now its 1:05am and still cant rent new releases…omfg!! what???

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    Car [car]

    New releases just popped up on the west coast. I was also checking Florida just for fun and they popped up at about the same time. What’s up with that?

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    It is 1 pm central time and rebox still has no new releases yet. Not good. Might as well go to blockbuster and quit wasting my time.

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    Winter [visitor]

    I just discovered RedBox, and instantly became addicted. Then, a nice gentleman in line in front of me told me that he ‘entered today’s code for me.’ Suddenly my new found addiction became even BETTER! Free movie codes!

    So, a few q’s:

    Can you use the McDonalds and Wal Greens codes at any Red box?
    The Monday code is only good for Monday, and only once, correct?
    How do I sign up to receive all new codes released? Is checking this site the best

    Thanks so much, fellow RedBoxers!

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      SS [visitor]

      that’s awesome.. i’ve run into some friendly redbox’rs who have asked me if i had a code, but never entered it for me! If you haven’t been on this site much lately, let me just remind you, (or tell you first), that you can use the same code more than once, (on a monday), if you use more than one credit card and make separate transactions. So.. that’s an option to keep in mind.

      As for walgreens, i didn’t know they gave out codes.. i also didn’t know my local “box and save” store had a redbox until last night either so maybe there are new kiosks going up faster than i can keep up. (yay)

      you should sign up for ‘redbox insider updates’ at the top right of this page.. then just check your email on mondays.. (i use gmail, which refreshes automatically, and i leave it open all day at work, so i get codes early usually before 10am EST) and use them at lunch or on the way home. enjoy ~~

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    Has anyone seen The Express at Redbox kiosks? It’s sure not in the dfw area!

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    Thanks, but i’ve already checked over 20 different redboxes online in and around my area that’s why i was asking. I’ve been renting from Redbox for well over 2 years now so i know all the ins and outs. I appreciate the response though.

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      Car [car]

      Your question “Has anyone seen The Express at Redbox kiosks?”, is a general, anywhere question. For instance, Kansas City, MO 64127 has it.

      So put in some (other than dfw) zip codes and you will get your answer.

      And since you said “It’s sure not in the dfw area!”, why would anyone bother looking there for a answer to your question?

      It’s nice to know that you are a Redbox expert, I’m just wondering what you were smoking when you posted that?

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        First of all, i was trying NOT to be a @s#hole like YOU when i responded to your first cynical response to me. But since you had to be a jerk like you are to EVERYONE then here goes….Why don’t you just bite me! YOU’RE the one that seems to be the “expert” especially at giving smartass remarks! If you can’t post something without being a jerk don’t post anything at all ok @s#hole!! And by the way wiseguy, when i asked if anyone had seen it at any redbox kiosks that’s what i meant, so that way i would know if Redbox was carrying the movie at all or just not in my area. So i did get the answer i needed. What i didn’t need was some smartass giving me some stupid answer like some customer service people do when you have a problem with an appliance or something….are you sure it’s plugged in etc…. You never post to help someone, you’ve ALWAYS got to be a JERK! So why don’t you just fu#@k off!!!

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          Car [car]

          Wow, you really went off the deep end that time. In a bad mood tonight?

          My first response to you wasn’t cynical, I was helping. Some people may not think at first to look at other areas by zip code and find out if the movie is available in other towns.

          Shame on you as an expert for asking such a stupid question when you know how to look elsewhere yourself.

          Why bother making people look for your lame movie in their area and then post the information when you can go look yourself?

          And then in your second response you state the obvious, that you checked your area already.

          And then, you have to get on this guys case below “online reservation”, who’s being the a-hole now?

          So here’s the proper answer according to you: “I searched the whole system for you, I spent 2 hours looking at a lot of Redbox listings all over the USA for your wonderful movie and found that in a lot of cases it doesn’t seem to appear in bigger cities, like New York and Los Angeles, but I did find it in Kansas City, MO 64127 and Tucson AZ, so it looks like it’s been released and Redbox corporate must have bought at least some. I am so happy to do this for you because I’m your faithful servant, please feel free to ask me to spend my time doing your work for you because I really don’t have anything better to do with my life.”

          I generally help here, and I have seen you help a lot of people too, are you OK?

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            Ok i meant your second response was cynical…my bad. Anyway i do give some wiseguy remarks sometimes but only when they’re needed like in the “online reservation” post. Some people just really expect an awful lot. But i wasn’t asking ANYONE for ANYTHING i was merely asking a question that i didn’t think was too out of line. I didn’t want anyone to spend anytime researching anything, just to let me know if they had seen it in their area. Very simple question. I wouldn’t want anyone doing something for me i could do for myself. And i certainly didn’t want your help! I have seen you be pretty crappy to a lot of people on here and that’s why i said what i said. No one likes to be talked down to and i am no exception which is why i will try and watch what i say to people from now on. At the risk of ASKING TOO MUCH OF YOU please just do me one favor….don’t respond to any of my posts again and i won’t respond to any of yours…

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    online reservation question [visitor]

    so, when reserving online at 11pm on a monday… it says; after 9pm tomorrow night, (tuesday night), “movie_name” will be made available for other customers to rent and your account will be charged $1 +tax”.

    I reserved 4 movies monday night at 11pm.. picked them up Tuesday, and returned them Wednesday before 9pm. My receipts today says I had each disc for 2 days and so i was charged $2 a pop, $8 total.. what gives?

    (I had the movies out for than 24 hours, but it seems they charge from the time that you reserve online). Any thoughts? ..i think i should have been charged $1 each.

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      Car [car]

      I think the problem was that you reserved before midnight so the computer simply thinks you reserved them on 01/19/2009. It doesn’t know any better.

      So you should have returned them on Tuesday the 20th before 9PM.

      If you get Redbox on the phone I’m sure a human could see the problem and give you credit or a few codes to use next time.

      I think it’s a honest mistake and it is a little confusing what time Redbox considers the next day or “rental period” since they have a 9PM deadline. But from their point of view, their info says you have to return it the next day by 9PM (less than 24 hrs).

      Next time just wait until after midnight to reserve. Remember you are dealing with computers here.

      Call Redbox at 1-866-733-2693, 7AM to 12 midnight, 7 days, CST

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        SS [visitor]

        thanks Car.. agreed on all points.

        initially i thought the kiosk times/dates were set wrong or something when my receipts said “rental time 1/19/09 – 11:22pm” ..cuz i can’t possibly get to the kiosk that i typically use, at that hour.. it’s inside and that store closes at 8pm! .. so yea chalking it up to lesson learned. I’ve rented enough freebies, i’ll not worry about the 4 bucks that i would dispute. thanks for the reply tho’ and the phone number/info too.

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          Car [car]

          Yea, maybe they should say “rent it online and pick it up at the box” instead of “reserve it online”.

          Maybe if you call they might consider changing it.

          But then again, people will rent it online and then expect it to arrive at their door magically, or let them download it. Then when they get charged…. nothing but complaints either way.

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            SS [visitor]

            Hey it looks like redbox revised their website…. now it says;…

            By clicking “reserve now” I understand that my credit card will be charged $1 a night plus tax. The rental period for my title(s) will begin immediately after the “Reserve Now” button is clicked, and I will have until 9pm tomorrow to view and return the DVD(s).

            That is more clear. anyway thanks all.. enjoy.

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    Yes they do charge from the time you reserve them online. It’s the same thing as renting them straight from the kiosk at the time you reserved them (11pm). Why shouldn’t they charge from the time you reserved them? No one else can rent them because you had them “spoken for” at the time you reserved them. I suppose you think you should be able to “reserve” them and then pick them up a week later and still just get charge for on night huh? Get serious!

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      SS [visitor]

      no, not a week later…. several hours later.. basically, they charged me a FULL DAY’s rental for the last :46 minutes of a 24:00 hour Monday. That’s what i have issue with, if they gonna charge like that, it should say so.

      With this thinking, i should pay $ to call and reserve a dinner table at a restaurant… or pay $ to reserve movie tickets online (in addition to ticket prices) for a theatre? i wasn’t reserving the only copy.. that would b different.

      BUT on the other hand.. i see your point. I didn’t know… now i do. thanks.

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    Sorry for being a jerk last time…. but anyway actually you were paying for the last 46 minutes of Monday and the full day of Tuesday until 9pm, that was one dollar per movie and the other dollar per movie was for Wednesday until 9pm. So that does add up to $8.00. And it isn’t any different if it’s the only movie or not it’s still accounted for and can’t be rented by anyone else until you bring it back.

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      SS [visitor]

      it’s cool, thanks…. i just reserved again, but am going to pick them up today! lol.. redbox is a heck of a deal, no matter what.. and i’m glad they’re so liberal with free codes. have a good one…

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    katie [visitor]

    I have been renting at redbox for a while and it always has said that you will be charged from the time you reserve. So if you reserve a movie just look at it as $2/movie, its still a good deal and its worth the extra $1 knowing your movie will be there for sure and you don’t have to get a movie you’re not sure about or no movie at all. I know my assurance is worth $1 to me . Even at $2 its still a better deal than anywhere like blockbuster, movie gallery, netflix