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Redbox New Releases for February 17, 2009

25 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for February 17, 2009”

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    UBM [visitor]

    Still no Soul Man?
    guess I’m going to have to
    (YUCK!) step inside a Blockbuster for it!

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    Jim [visitor]

    I thing the Changling is coming out too

  3. Member [Join Now]
    Schnarr [schnarr]

    Wow! Redbox’s selection is not that good, sorry to admit.

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      RobinNNevada [robinnnevada]

      guess you expect EVERYTHING for practically nothing? (or on mondays, truly nothing) When you’re desperate for a movie that REDBOX doesn’t have, just go to Blockbuster and pay 5 bucks for it. But meanwhile, appreciate what you DO get for the price.

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    Rod bennett. [visitor]

    What do you want for a buck Or on Mondays free.

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    Marlene [visitor]

    why do people complain about available movies at redbox. try getting a better deal anywhere else. pay the big bucks at blockbuster or netflix. that will change your mind

  6. Member [Join Now]

    anyone see these movies coming out tuesday at any of their redboxes? changling, choke, midnight meat train, flash of genius??

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    Helen [visitor]

    When is the Changling coming out?
    Will REDBOX ever get Vicky Cristina Barcelona???
    I do not want to have to frequent Blockbuster…YUK!

  8. Member [Join Now]

    New to redbox, when are you able to reserve new releases, after midnight tuesday AM?

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    UBM [visitor]

    @ UNDERDOG259:
    nope, nope, nope and nope.

    We have a 7Eleven chain here in Oklahoma that is independently
    owned. They are not part of the Redbox/7Eleven deal they tell me.

    And their a great source of $1 movies that Redbox doesn’t get,
    but they have less copies ( often 1 to 2 copies of a hit movie by store,
    1 copy of everything else) so I try and hit them up first, before
    bowing to the Big Blue Blockbuster.

    I have a strong feeling if the above movies Underdog259
    is asking about are Universal releases
    that may have something to do with
    them not being at redbox?

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    RobinNNevada [robinnnevada]

    all media has copyright laws attached to it. If you can’t get something (under any set of circumstances) it’s almost ALWAYS because of this. It’s all about contracts, price and agreement of payment between the big companies. It’s not because a company (such as REDBOX) didn’t “try”…it’s because they just couldn’t. Does anyone really think that a company (like REDBOX) doesn’t WANT all the entertainment that’s available? heck no….having everything for their customers to choose from would make them money TOO…but something caused a hitch that made it impossible for them. Simple as that.

  11. Member [Join Now]

    When can I reserve new Tuesday Releases?

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      xaundra [visitor]

      You can reserve the movies just after midnight.

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      stavros [visitor]

      Be careful some will let you rent before mid night but its due back the next day after midnight the following day even if you reserve online before midnight its not when you pick it up its when you reserve it online your time starts

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    Mark [visitor]

    Blockbuster has the exclusive retail rental rights to ALL Weinstein movies. So, you will never find Vicky Christina Barcelona, Zack & Miri Make a Porno, or Soul Men at a Redbox, DVDPlay machine or Hollywood Video.

    Very soon Blockbuster will be switching their rental prices to either pay by the day a la Redbox or pay by the week. They will also be bringing back late fees. The way it stands now, you can rent a new release and pay $5 but get it for a 2 day rental PLUS a 7 day grace period, effectively keeping that movie for 9 days. That would’ve cost you $9 at a Redbox (if kept for 9 days). Their current structure is if you keep it past the 9 days, your credit card is charged for the movie BUT you have another 30 days to return the movie and get a full refund minus $1.25 restocking fee. So…you basically can keep that new release rental for 39 days and pay a total of $6.25. Doesn’t sound like Blockbuster is such a bad deal after all, eh?

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      Car [car]

      Yea, that will be a big winner for BB. Everyone needs to get a movie and keep it for 9 days instead of watching it right away.

      I always rent something I don’t need.

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        Crusty09 [visitor]

        I also read somewhere that the deal between those 2 is ending very soon….earlier than expected.

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          Jim [visitor]

          Blockbuster (BBI) said Wednesday it reached a four-year deal giving it exclusive U.S. rental rights to Weinstein films….

          This article was printed Nov 2006 so you might have to wait another year plus

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    Kara [visitor]

    Do you guys know if redbox will get the movie Choke??



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    Tabitha [visitor]

    If I rent a movie at RedBox on say, Saturday night after midnight when is the movie due back? Would it be Sunday by 9:00pm or Monday by 9pm? Thanks :)

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      Car [car]

      Computers, “Saturday night after midnight”, is 12:01 AM Sunday, now it’s Sunday. Rental is till the next day. You get a whole day.

      Computers, the next day is…..

      And this is a old thread.