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The day has come, Insiders. The epic and epochal battle between Redbox and the Hollywood Three has come to a close with today’s announcement of agreements between the kiosk operator, Fox and Universal. Echoing the Warner agreement that recently winnowed the Hollywood Three down to two, Redbox’s deals with Fox and Universal are multi-year distribution agreements that impose 28-day delay windows on new release titles for Redbox.

Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, spun the agreement as a positive development for Redbox customers with the following statement:

“While this arrangement mutually benefits our two companies, it’s more importantly a win for consumers who will now have increased access to Universal films at more than 20,000 Redbox locations nationwide . . . In forging this pact, we have successfully established balanced terms for our rental products in Redbox kiosks that provide consumers value and convenience in movie rentals.”

Redbox president Mitch Lowe made similar remarks:

“[These] agreements enable Redbox to fulfill our commitment to providing consumers affordable and convenient home entertainment.”

What say you, Insiders? Redbox gets to end its costly workaround program, and the studios get their much-coveted delay window that they hope will force consumers to purchase more titles, but what about consumers? Hit the comments and tell us how you think the end of this battle will shake out for Redbox customers.

(via Home Media Magazine)

138 Responses to “Redbox Makes Deals with Fox and Universal”

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    Sad Day [visitor]

    Ok, first of all, this is NOT a “win” for consumers! Such statement is actually patronizing… am I wrong?? This will not force consumers to buy movies, but rather seek other avenues for renting. MOST movies, and I’m sorry to say this, are only worth renting and seeing one time, not actually worth adding to one’s personal library! There are movies, and I’ll just throw Avatar out there, that are absolutely worth buying as “must haves”. But most movies, Armored (Matt Dillon) for example, are only worth a “rent-and-watch-one-time” type of flick. I’ll just wait the ridiculous 28 days!