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The news has finally come – Redbox and Warner Bros are making up and consumers will pay the price. Get ready to wait 28 days if you want to get the latest Warner releases from Redbox at the $1 price point.

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Full press release after the break.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Redbox Announce a Multi-year Distribution Agreement

Companies Agree to 28-Day Window for DVD and Blu-ray Titles

BURBANK, Calif. And OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill, February 16, 2010 – Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and redbox today announced a new multi-year distribution agreement that will make Warner Bros. new release DVD and Blu-ray titles available to redbox customers after a 28-day window. The agreement also marks the end of the lawsuit that redbox filed against Warner Home Video in August 2009.
“We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to sit down with redbox and negotiate an arrangement that benefits both parties and allows us to continue making our films available to redbox customers,” said Kevin Tsujihara, president, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. “The 28-day window enables us to get the most from the sales potential of our titles and maximize VOD usage.”

The new arrangement provides redbox with reduced product costs, sufficient quantities of product and optimal stock levels four weeks after street date as well as extends redbox’s access to Blu-ray titles, which redbox is currently testing in select markets. The agreement also provides Warner Bros. the opportunity to maximize the sales of new release titles as well as video on demand and other forms of digital distribution.

“This agreement enables redbox to fulfill our commitment to providing consumers affordable and convenient home entertainment,” said Mitch Lowe, president, redbox. “By agreeing to a delayed release date, redbox can now acquire Warner Home Video titles at a reduced product cost, preserving value for our consumers and increasing customer access to Warner titles at redbox locations nationwide.”
Warner Home Video and redbox will be implementing delayed availability during the month of March and will reach a four-week window by March 23 with the release of The Blind Side. The new agreement will run through January 31, 2012. Redbox has also agreed to destroy Warner Home Video content following its lifespan in kiosks.

“The 28-day window for redbox balances the economics of our relationship while continuing to offer great value to their customers,” said Ron Sanders, president, Warner Home Video.
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“This accord establishes a mutually beneficial relationship that will foster an ongoing and productive partnership.”

Warner Bros. is currently a leader in many home video categories including total video (DVD and Blu-ray combined), Theatrical Catalog video, TV on DVD, and Blu-ray and will ensure the DVD rental company access to sufficient quantities of Warner Home Video titles including The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Box, The Informant!, Where the Wild Things Are, The Blind Side, and Sherlock Holmes.
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122 Responses to “Redbox Gives In To Warner, 28 Day Window On The Way”

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    5150 [visitor]

    everyone should just download their stuff like i do and get every new release 3 weeks in advance dvd retail i still use redbox for certain things i never heard of

  2. Member [Join Now]
    buck wherry [buck-wherry]

    Oh well looks like i’ll be waiten, shore not going to pay for vod have had nothing but trouble with that $4.99 turns in to $6 or $7.99 after all the tax,fees,ect the cable bill is rediculous allready.Those greedy basterds at warner bro can kiss my……. Iam shorly not going to run out and buy it.I will very comely wait it out,and thats all I got to say about that

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    daniel [visitor]


    28 DAYS! here i come!