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Redbox iPhone App: Almost ready to go…

redbox-iphone-screenshot-1Just a quick update on the Inside Redbox iPhone App…

We are in the final approval stages with Apple, so the application should be ready sometime in the next week. This post will be updated with a link to the application as soon as it is available.

If you want to learn more about the Inside Redbox iPhone App, visit the App’s home page at:

We really think all of you iPhone users will enjoy this app. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.
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21 Responses to “Redbox iPhone App: Almost ready to go…”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    Any plans to create a similar app for other mobile platforms? Windows Mobile or Android?

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      I just had a conversation with someone on Monday regarding the possible creation of the app for Android.

      Once the iPhone app is released and in the wild for a little while, we will pursue its development on Android and other possible platforms.

      • Member [Join Now]

        I would love a redbox app for android. I would even help test and develop if needed. Shoot if it gave me the monday codes I would even pay for it.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dana [visitor]

    Make mine another request for Windows Mobile. It’s practically impossible to use the web interface on a WM platform to find a local Redbox.

  3. Member [Join Now]

    yay, i can’t wait to download this. This app gonna be so much more useful than actually visit the redbox site on safari.

  4. Member [Join Now]
    katie sears [katie-sears]

    i believe i speak for all G1 owners when i say please get a redbox app for our phones too!!!! i really love my phone and its my life, i also rent from redbox atleast 4 to 5 times per week so to have an app on my phone for that would be a dream.

  5. Member [Join Now]
    Car [car]

    Things you may want to check on with your lawyer, like if a license is needed to display the movie cover artwork from your site, even if you are using a link directly to Redbox, it still looks like it’s from your site, could be complications later on. Actually, check all the legalities of anything you display that comes from Redbox.

    And don’t forget that Redbox can simply stop browsers from accessing their stuff if the link reference came from your site, and then create their own iphone application.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Scott [visitor]

    Thanks for your input almighty copyright police. I am sure the developers have looked into anything that would be an infringement before going forward with the app.

    Can’t wait for the release!

    • Member [Join Now]
      Car [car]

      Owning a iPhone is like giving the “copyright police” the right to monitor everything you do.

      Developers are more like a absent minded professor.

      I was just suggesting to do some homework so they can’t just shut you down if they don’t like what you are doing.

      Would you like getting this ap right this minute now and within a week or two you can’t use it anymore?

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Adam [visitor]

    Awesome ! Ive been waiting for months now to see someone tackle this.. the iphone and redbox are a perfect combination.. the gps tie is will be great

    before i used to stand in line at a redbox and use a safari /web connection on my iphone to reserve a movie while someone was taking their time to figure out what to get…

    great job.. cant wait to download this to my iphoone !!

  8. Member [Join Now]

    Let me another vote for the app to make into the G1 as an Android App. I would love this.

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    david [visitor]

    Do we have an ETA on this app? I can’t wait!

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Diogenes M. [visitor]

    I cant wait for the iphone release!!! (Family of 5 iphones!) and all Redbox fans!

    I learned of this by following you on Twitter!

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    whotony [visitor]

    will the app tell you what redbox will be renting blu-ray?

  12. Member [Join Now] []

    I can’t wait for this to be available. I have had many trouble many times trying to find out what movies are available at what kiosk and then reserving from my Iphone. This is awesome guys. Thank you thank you thank you

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    fools [visitor]

    Very stoked for this. I’ve used to see if my local boxes have certain movies, but never for reserving. Though I think I might give it a shot now that it should be pretty damn easy!

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dex [visitor]

    Will this be useable with an iPod Touch or will the lack of gps make it useless?

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      It works just fine with the iPod Touch. You can enter enter a default address to have it search around, or search based on an address as well.

      GPS definitely makes it nicer, but even without it is still quite useful.

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    JohnnyTiger2k [visitor]

    This would have been great a few weeks ago, but now I wrote my own app that reserves the new movies I want from the online store as soon as they become available at any of the locations I choose.

    It uses the Internet Explorer browser to access the pages behind the scenes every 1 to 10 minutes (whatever I chose) and when it finds the movie(s) I wanted, it reserves them for me. The email from Redbox shows up in my email account in the morning and I go pick up my movie(s). No real effort on my part anymore. And I always beat everyone else to the new releases since it reserves them as soon as they are posted and made available to online reservations, which is 1-10 minutes from the time they are posted.

    I thought about making it available to others but I’m sure Redbox wouldn’t like that.

    • Member [Join Now]
      Car [car]

      GPL it and post the source code somewhere.

      The only problem I see is if it ran wild and started reserving random movies every 10 minutes until you went broke.

      Why not have it e-mail your phone when it finds a movie it can reserve and then you have to send a message back to enable that one pick only?

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        JohnnyTiger2k [visitor]

        I actually thought of the repeat reserve issue. It will only reserve each movie entry that is set up in the application once, since it flags it in the application database. It won’t do it repeatedly. The email thing is easy. The reason I didn’t put the email feature in was that my phone (an LG Voyager Titanium) has email capability to monitor the account I have setup and the redbox receipts already go to that email.

        Until I have everything functioning the way I want it, I won’t release it… too many people will complain, “this isn’t working on my system, so fix it”. I sat down and wrote this one day, primarily for my use at the moment, but also to share with my friends later.