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Redbox Hits Alaska

Redbox has seen fit to help Alaskans fill their interminably long summer days by installing its first kiosks in the 49th state.
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Inside Redbox would like to give a warm welcome to any and all Alaskan Insiders who visit this site. Has a search of Redbox’s kiosk locator turned up any Alaskan Redboxes yet?

(via Alaska Coupon Diva)

4 Responses to “Redbox Hits Alaska”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    ha ha [visitor]

    um whats the point here? i live in indiana where it gets around -9 some days and a good chunk of those the redbox screen is guessed it, frozen. why on earth put redbox in alaska where average temps hit 55 below in some places? and for those of you who think it doesnt happen in the summer well… bam your wrong most redboxes with screens that face the sun will essentially melt and be unusable till you cooldown enough of it with your shadow to maybe get a movie. im not even gonna say what happens when it rains. this is just a bad idea unless the machine is at indoor locations or heavily insulated with some recycled blockbuster employees plasma.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Taylor [visitor]

      You’re retarded, all of them are inside. The areas it hits 55 below btw are north of Fairbanks, AK. Most “towns” that far north are way to desolate to even consider installing a Redbox. And your right it does freeze during the summer, but this is highly unusual unless your are very far from the urbanized areas of Alaska (ie North of Fairbanks!) Lastly I doubt that the Redboxes are going to melt in 70 degree temperatures.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    I assumed that there were already Redboxes in Alaska. Well, at least Alaskians finally have them!

  3. Member [Join Now]
    KoReAnLaOsBoY [koreanlaosboy]

    i’m alaskan and one i have never reach -55 degrees unless you are in northern alaska. it has been less than 3 weeks and they are all covered.