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Redbox Gets Robbed: 80 DVDs Stolen

(via Sun News) A police report filed Silver City, New Mexico notes the theft of 80 DVDs from a Redbox at a Wal-mart location in Silver City.

Apparently, the machine malfunctioned and allowed someone to bypass the security device and access the inner door of the Redbox, giving them access to the DVDs.
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The theft is still under investigation at this time. Redbox declined to comment on the incident.
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This is likely an isolated incident and not a widespread function, but it does bring up a good question. How often have you seen a Redbox machine malfunction? Does it happen to you often?

Personally, I have seen a machine down a few times and it would not allow rentals, but I have never had a malfunction when renting/returning a DVD. How about you?

26 Responses to “Redbox Gets Robbed: 80 DVDs Stolen”

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    Rusty [visitor]

    twice after reserving a movie online i have gone to the redbox machine only to find it out of order. Also i recently went to return a movie and the machine was full thus not allowing me to return it. Luckily there are 10 locations within 3 miles of me.

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    I have tried to access the monday promo codes, but every time they dont work. ??? What gives? I am knew to the redbox, so i have no idea how to make the dern codes work. Any one have any tips?? Plz e-mail me…
    Lemmie know i am not the only one. Thank u!!
    – JeSSiCa S.

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      Chuck Norris [visitor]

      Maybe the problem is that you do not spell words right.

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      Joe [visitor]

      The first problem is being a internet newbie with a aol account, second is posting your e-mail to a open website and now you will get tons of SPAM from bots that pick up your e-mail from here.

      Third, read the FAQ at redbox on how to use codes.

      Fourth, you may be using them right but they just don’t work at that location, try another. If you look at the codes page here you will see how far and wide they work. I haven’t had a problem with one yet.

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      The Turnip [visitor]

      Monday codes should work at any location and they have worked for me 100% of the time. Make sure you write them down correctly and double check that you didn’t write down “D” instead of “O” or something like that. Also, some of the touchscreens can be too sensitive – I’ve seen them double up on letters MANY times while I was typing so double check again after you enter the codes. Good luck!

      PS: You really shouldn’t ask people to go off site to answer your question. It’s more polite for you to show a little effort on your part when asking for help.

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    I went to a RedBox several months ago to make a rental and noticed that the little silver lock was popped out (they are the same that’s used on most soda machines) and I thought it couldn’t really be unlocked and unattended. I pulled the lock and the door swung wide open to reveal a full spindle of DVD’s. I went inside the McDonalds and told the manager and they were clueless about anything. They went outside and closed and locked it (with no ‘thank you’, gratitude, or acknowledgment whatsoever!)…so I would first check video footage for a service mess-up. Otherwise I would think it would be pretty hard to pop the lock and steal all those without security noticing…most Redboxes are located about ten feet from the security room, after all.

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      Ski26er [visitor]

      I found our machine unlocked one time right after we got it and it was loaded with DVD’s! I stole everyone of them (lol). Nah, J/K . I called redbox and they told me to lock it back. A promo code would have been nice though.

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    chaton [visitor]

    I’ve never seen a redbox near a security room! Down here in Arizona, most of them are outside.

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    Sandy [visitor]

    Once the movie we rented had a warped case. When we returned it the case got jammed in the slot. The box was out of order for the rest of the day and we had to call the Redbox 800 number to make sure we got credit for returning the DVD. On a positive note, the customer service representative from Redbox was very helpful and courteous.

  6. Member [Join Now]

    There was one time when I rented a movie, the kiosk gave me a bonus movie: Wanted! I was appreciative, but I had already seen the movie. So I just returned it on the spot. I’ve been hopeful for another one, but so far, no luck.

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    The Turnip [visitor]

    The only malfunction I’ve experienced at a kiosk was a bad touchscreen. It was similar to touching the “D” on your keyboard but “T” would register instead. It took about 2 months of phone calls before it was repaired.

    Redbox repairs can be slow. I’ve been calling them every month about two locations that no longer appear on their website. Every call ends with them saying that it will be fixed by the end of the day but it’s still broken SEVEN months later. Kind of a bummer – I won’t go to a kiosk without knowing what is there first and these locations were handy to visit during lunch time.

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    Joe [visitor]

    Sometimes it helps to pull the plug, wait a bit and plug it back in.

    No one seems to think of this, they go tell an employee of the store and they just stick a sign on there saying out of order.

    I wouldn’t go overboard, like moving the thing to get to the plug. I have seen two plugs on some of them, one is for the lighting of the movie display.

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    the other day i saw a redbox employee putting dvds in. she didnt unlock anything, she was just inserting movies through the return slot and checking them off her list. maybe they do unlock it sometimes and leave it open. personally i think it was forced entry.

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      Joe [visitor]

      That would be a interesting job to have.
      I bet they hire a guy to drive all over town taking out extra movies from one box and delivering it to another to make distribution more even since you can return a movie anywhere.
      The main computer could e-mail him a list of what boxes to go to, and which one’s were short.
      Say one box had 10 copies of “Eagle Eye”, but two had none, he would simply “rent” with a special code that gives him a special screen that allows him to “rent” 6 copies, then he goes over to the other locations and simply inserts them into the box as a “return”.
      The main computer figures out what happened.
      It’s also possible he has a special access card he swipes and that gives him some sort of access.
      I’ve noticed lately that “Burn After Reading” and “Death Race” have been “out of stock” at a lot of the boxes around here, they can’t be that popular 3 weeks later. I think they are all bunched up at one good central location that everyone happened to return them to.

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      sandorsnow [visitor]

      They do service them, I’ve been at a location when the lady was servicing and she had the door open.

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    DNET [dnet]

    I went to return movies last week and someone had a jammed dvd in the return slot. I worked with for a little bit wiggling it with my keys and it came out. I put it back through with no problems and returned my dvds with no problem. I called redbox to see if anyone had reported it for that location and they hadn’t received any calls. I could have easily taken the dvd and no one would have been the wiser-baffles me that people would just take the chance to have to pay to buy it. I don’t leave until I see the screen clear! All but one of the kiosks around me are outside but have never seen anyone servicing them.

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    Linda [visitor]

    The only problem I really ever had is not being able to return a DVD or not being able to rent one as the Redbox was not working right. 80 DVD’s came out? If it was me it happened to I would have called redbox and returned them. Come on only $1 to rent a DVD and yet someone needs to steal them?? What’s up with that?

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    Tim [visitor]

    My RedBox in MD is frequently down. I’d say it is unavailable at least as much as it is up. Luckily there are two more locations a mile away, which is good for a return, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to rent something.

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    Tristan [visitor]

    Every time that I have called customer service for RedBox. I have always received professional and courteous service. I have never had a problem with the promo codes and have never seen a RedBox malfunction. GO REDBOX!!

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    Bruce [visitor]

    Spoke with one of the Redbox techs the other day. Really nice guy. Explained how it all works. Said the unit he was checking could hold up to 430 DVD’s and a new one can hold over 600 DVD’s. Also mentioned McDonald’s had a lot of money invested in Redbox. Enjoy your movies.

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    Paul [visitor]

    The last time I returned a movie the Redbox malfunctioned. I May have put the dvd in wrong, (i dont think so) but I stuck it in, and it accepted. I hopped over to the second redbox to check out another movie. While I was there, I heard the mechanical noise at the first one. I looked and saw my movie sticking out! Before I could react it got pulled back in.
    A quick chat with Tech support and they made sure my account would be credited, because they were showing the DVD was still out.

    I’m really curious to see what the inside of a redbox looks like.

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      Car [car]

      > I could react it got pulled back in.

      Calm down, have a little patience. If you would have waited a little bit, it spit it back out again (2nd time) because nothing changed from the first time.

      You needed to flip it over.

      And…. Always wait for the screen to say “returned successfully”.

      That means the computer scanned it OK.

      Sticking the movie into the slot doesn’t mean it’s “accepted”.

      Throwing it on top of the Redbox doesn’t work either :)

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    GadgetKen [gadgetken]

    Occassionally see Redbox on their location search engine showing a location “online rentals unavailable” which I suspect is either the machine temporarily being offline while being loaded with new DVD’s or being out of service. Most Redbox location in my area of Connecticut are inside but the outside Redbox in a PriceChopper near my office once broke from extreme cold weather (you could tell from weird mechanical noises it made when I tried to do a rental)…they fixed it fairly quickly. Still like the outside machine for a very late night rental though. Also have occassionally gotten the marginal touchscreen problem others have mentioned.

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    The other day I was at the Redbox around the corner from my house In Lansdale,Pa.I rented a Movie,and with it came an extra movie that I did not rent.Being the Honest person that I am I gave the DVD back.When I got home I checked my e-mail to see if they charged me for it and they didn’t.If I was dishonest I would have had a free dvd,Redbox does malfunction at times but what can you expect it is a computer.

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    CathyinTX [cathyintx]

    DH recently reported that somebody had put a DVD into the slot wrong at our closest Redbox and jammed it so he had to go to a Redbox that was further away to get a DVD.

    A few days later, it was still jammed, so I drove to the next closest place, a Walmart, to return the DVD. The Redbox had the regular screen showing, but when I touched it to return, it put up a message that it had to warm up and it would be about 3 minutes. I waited a full 10 minutes, and just as I took my first step to walk away, it changed to the next screen. Unfortunately, that only stayed up a couple seconds and then it returned to the original idle screen. I touched it to return the video and it went to the warming up screen again. Arrgh, two Redboxes in one night! I had to go to a third location to give back the durned DVD. I was none too happy, as that location was in a dark, deserted area, outside, and it was somewhere around 3 in the morning. (What can I say, I’m a night owl.)

    Incidentally, the Redbox was originally jammed on a Monday night, and I figured when the employee arrived to stock in the new releases for Tuesday, that he or she would discover the jammed box. No such luck, it was jammed most of the week.

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      In my experience every time a box says it’s “warming up” it’s actually broke down. You could wait for days and it would still say the same thing until someone finally fixes it, which at the Walgreens by my house is usually over a week. In fact the last time it was broke down it was down for 2 weeks! And that’s with me calling them twice to tell them about it, once per week. From the 12th of January until just yesterday the 23rd. So i’m not guaranteeing it will be broke down every time it gives that message but i sure don’t waste my time waiting on it anymore. If it says warming up i just leave.