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Fresh off the news that it has reached nearly 25,000 installed kiosks around the country, Redbox has announced deals that will place kiosks at Schnucks supermarket locations across several states, as well as at Naval installations around the country.

The Redbox/Schnucks deal will place kiosks at more than 100 of the popular supermarket chain’s locations in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee and Mississippi. The Redbox kiosks will be installed after “Schnucks’ decision to replace its existing DVD kiosk provider with Redbox” according to a press release from the kiosk renter. The previous provider appears to be NCR’s Blockbuster Express.
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Redbox president Mitch Lowe said the following about the agreement in the same press release:

“Redbox is delighted to expand our national footprint with one of the most reputable, family-owned grocery store chains in the Midwest . . . We look forward to delivering a convenient, fun and affordable DVD rental experience to Schnucks customers.
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Naval Installations
According to another press release, Redbox is the exclusive supplier of DVD kiosks to the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) and will be adding approximately 20 new kiosks to the 66 boxes that are already located at Naval installations around the country. Lowe said the following in the release:

“We are proud to work with NEXCOM to provide servicemen and women and their families with convenient access to affordable, new release DVD rentals at Naval bases across the U.S. . . . Redbox kiosks can be found in more than 21,000 convenient locations nationwide and we are pleased to include U.S. Naval bases among our growing number of locations.”

(via Redbox Pressroom)

8 Responses to “Redbox Expands Footprint at Schnucks, Naval Bases”

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    In and around the Dayton, OH area local Speedway gas stations have gotten rid of their Redbox kiosks in favor of Blockbuster Express kiosks. Not sure why but I figured i’d pass this little tidbit along.

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      Farva [visitor]

      Speedway had ePlay kiosks not Redbox.

      • Member [Join Now]

        Ironically enough in my area, only one or two Speedway locations had the ePlay machines…the rest of them had Redbox kiosks. The ePlay machines disappeared this past Winter…the Redbox machines disappeared about two or three weeks ago(I even saw the RB being emptied before it was taken away…pretty cool stuff).

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    Curtis [visitor]

    Avatar is at dvdplay now.

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    The Hoff [visitor]

    Speedway had both ePlay and redbox. Redbox luckily bailed out before they entered into a long-term contract. Speedway was incredibly difficult to deal with when it came to working to install power and create ADA accessibility to the kiosks. It ended up not being worth it from a financial standpoint for redbox.

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      Is that the reason that the Redbox kiosks went away? I even wrote Redbox and asked them and couldn’t get an answer. I know at one Speedway they had the Redbox sitting up on a steep curb, which made it extremely ADA-unfriendly. Sadly the BB Express kiosk is in the exact same spot.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    The Hoff [visitor]

    It is. Before redbox enters into any long-term contract, they will spend time in a test-phase or pilot phase–sometimes as short as 3 months other times as long as a year. The intent is simply to make sure the relationship works on all levels–financial, operational, overall relationship, etc.. There aren’t many deals they’ve walked away from, but Speedway brought an arrogance and inflexibility to the table, with which redbox wasn’t willing to work.