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The Chicago Daily Herald reports that Redbox has recently moved its call center to Downer’s Grove, and are hiring through the end of the year…

The 24,000 square-foot facility, located at 1431 Opus Place, currently houses 190 customer service employees and is expected to staff approximately 210 employees by the end of 2008.
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Redbox is seeking employees to fill positions across all levels of experience.

The Redbox call center was previously located in the company’s headquarters in Oakbrook Terrace.
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Another interesting tidbit in the article states that Redbox now has “more than 9,000 locations nationwide”, edging them ever-closer to the magical 10,000 mark. It looks like they may reach their goal earlier than expected.

Congrats Redbox, and if anyone is in the Chicago area and looking for a job, give ’em a call.

11 Responses to “Redbox expanding customer service, hiring”

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    Dawn Beckett [visitor]

    I live in Kansas City,KS and hope you hire people here. If you do please let me know. I would love to work for you. Ever since you started Redbox i have never rented from any other place. I am 100% satisfied with you and thank you for the free movie eack week. You have the best price anywhere and i have enjoyed your service. Thank You Dawn Beckett (913)596-2829

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    David Weidenhamer [visitor]

    Let me know if you are doing any hiring in Minnesota,I use to buy DVD’S! But since I found redbox at my local micky D’s ,I go no- where else ! It would be nice to work with you guys, even if it would be computor work at home! The wife and I used the money that we got from the bush whacker and procured a new PC !!
    David W.

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    peter cauley [visitor]

    I live in the Baltimore area if you hire around here please let me know. I really enjoy the selection & you have great competitive prices.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Joe [visitor]

    I live in Las Vegas and would be interested in employment with Redbox.

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    IME [visitor]

    You people aren’t smart enough to work at Redbox. Don’t you realize that this website isn’t affiliated with Redbox? I can’t believe you posted your phone numbers!

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    Doh! [visitor]

    —-> […] if anyone is in the *Chicago area* and looking for a job, give ‘em a call. <—-

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Lori Cummings [visitor]

    I live in Green valley Arizona. This is about 20 miles from greater Tucson. I am interested in working for Redbox. We only have two redbox machines in Green valley. 20 thousand people are due to move her in the next few years. Please let me know about your job opportunities.

  8. Member [Join Now]

    I emailed Redbox last night about a job and they said they post on Monster and Career Builder. And YES! They have jobs available all over the country. Long Live Redbox!

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    bigshew [visitor]

    Redbox must have high standards for hiring customer or good training for support personnel because I’ve had several good experiences when contacting them. For example, this summer I emailed Redbox suggesting they move one of their kiosks that was inside a Walgreens to a spot outside. Six weeks later it was moved.

    Another time I called because I thought I had accidently returned one of my own DVDs to the Redbox. Support had their service person looking for my DVD later that night. Emailed me next day that they couldn’t find it. Turned out to be a false alarm as I found it at home stuck in the wrong case.

    It’s really nice to have customer support that listens to you and takes action. Too bad so many other companies make you feel like an annoyance when you call for help. Kudos to Redbox.

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Laura [visitor]

    Way to go Redbox, you are loved!!! Finally, a company that is focused on the customer!!!

    Redbox would be a great company to work for. If anyone is still looking, try for Redbox job postings. Once you are on Monster, click the arrow below search where it gives you the “more search options”. On this pull down screen you can search by company. I just did a search and they do have many openings in different areas…nothing in my neck of the woods currently, but hopefully in the future. Maybe we’ll all be co-workers someday!:)