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Lately I have seen some comments here and read some news reports about what many people consider the biggest weakness of Redbox and other DVD rental kiosks: lack of selection.

But, my question is: Do they really need better selection?

To me, Redbox is all about new releases. If I want to to see the latest movies that are just out on DVD, Redbox is where I go. If I want to watch an older flick, I go somewhere else. I don’t expect Redbox to have older movies, nor does it bother me that they don’t have them.
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Some may disagree (as stated in this article), but I just don’t get it.

Now, I do have a problem with the fact that Redbox seems to lack many new releases. I realize Blockbuster has exclusive rights to some movies, but certainly Redbox is missing others as well. I think Redbox would be smart to try harder to ensure that they get ALL of the new releases in their kiosks.

Personally, I will give up “selection” any day for consistency.
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Redbox needs to be the place to go to get new releases – ALL of them – period.

What are you thoughts on this? If you think they should have older releases, please explain.

29 Responses to “Does Redbox (and other kiosks) really need better selection?”

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    what they need to do is remove some of the year old movies so they have more room for copies of the new releases or possibly other movies they have not carried before.

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      a [visitor]

      I will agree that they need to get rid of the super old movies are the movies that claim to have you think there new releases when there knock off versions or cartoons like speed racer….you can pay to have shotime or h.b.o. and see the same movies take a look at blockbuster or netflix redbox and get some of their releases on your list and have all redbox locations carry the same movies instead of dif.kioskis carrying dif.titiles not fair…

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      Blue [visitor]

      I agree. Most regular users probably only look at things released in the last 2 weeks, at most month. Sometimes when I am bored I look to see what the oldest thing is. In mine one is Casino Royale. That’s almost 2 years old now! They also are putting some really old stuff. A few months ago they put some old Jamie Foxx comedy thing from the early 90s?! I was so mad I rented it thinking it was new. I agree, get rid of titles faster and mostly only carry new releases and alot more of them. I get tired of them being all checked out.

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      vallucci [visitor]

      It would be nice to have more of all if not most new releases. And have a few more copies of them. I rent at Raley’s supermarket on folsom cross street julliard and another redbox kiaos would make alot of sence because so many pepole use the one,so two would be the best. I hope this is helpful and i hope you will really consider these really good ideas,especailly since there is a hollywood video store across the parking lot. And they have noticed!lol But like I say if I can’t get the movie I want sometimes I go there and they most often have what I want to watch and I would rather get what I want to watch at redbox.Please do this I’m sure it would bea sound money maker and have alot of happy pepole!!!!

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    H Ryan [visitor]

    I’d personally like to see them remove those movies that do not get rented as much, and make more copies of the new releases available and or bring back some of the popular movies of the past year.

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    KATHY [visitor]

    I think for $1 a movie how can we complain! I like REDBOX alot. I do think now that Blockbust will be hitting the market with Kiosks we will see Redbox improve more and more.

    THANKS REDBOX! Great concept!

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    Ron [visitor]

    As Kathy said…”for $1 a movie how can we complain!” Just remember…more selections mean longer waits in line for those customers who need see every movie the machine has.

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    linda raplee [visitor]

    I say “Who cares” I just want to thank you so much for what Redbox is doing for families with a lot of kids you are a blessing.
    Love Ya,
    Branson, MO

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    Melissa [visitor]

    I would like to see more new release. I rent from redbox at least once a week and it gets old when I can’t find any of the better “adveratised” new releases and get stuck with something that was straight to DVD. The redboxes near me are full of bad movies.

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    Rosemary Ciotti [visitor]

    I would LOVE to see REDBOX carry a line of the latest acclaimed INDY and FOREIGN FILMS/VENICE/TORONTO/BERLIN/SUNDANCE award winning movies.

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    fiser [visitor]

    dvdplay i like their selection on foreign films asian like this week bangkok dangerous (1999), the bodyguard,legend of the shadowless sword, intimate confessions of a chinese courtesan and felon

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    Davis Freeberg [visitor]

    I think that what they need to do is to provide a DVD by mail subscription that includes unlimited kiosk rentals as part of the package, this would allow users to still get instant gratification with new releases (an area of weakness for Netflix) while still having access to the long tail part of the demand curve. If they allowed you to return your DVD by mail discs to the kiosks themselves, it would probably also give them a competitive advantage from a cost perspective because they could mail back their DVDs in bulk instead of the paying the $1.20 or so that it costs Netflix to send both ways.

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    Roberta [visitor]

    I like new releases also, but they don’t get anywhere near all of them. I’ve heard that Blockbuster gets dibs on certain ones, and that’s why.

    All i know is that when i go to redbox, they have a lot of movies, but very few i want to see.

    Maybe the movies out there are just not to my taste and that’s the problem. but i always compile a list of the new movies that have came out, and more than not, redbox doesnt have them.

    I don’t like monster, bloody, terrorist, teenager dumb, child animated or scary movies, so i guess that limits me.

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    Shawna [visitor]

    First I love Redbox…it’s great!!! I am at the Redbox 2 – 4 times a week. Major movie person!!! My only thing is, that you can return a movie to any Redbox, which has its perks but then that movie seems to not be available anymore for renting. Or it shows a movie has come out but it is never available. Is this due to the fact that they can be returned anywhere or few quanities in the machine? I go there way to often to continue to miss the same movies…Other than that Redbox is wonderful…

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    Joe [visitor]

    I want to see more new releases. A subscription would be nice.

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    Sarah [visitor]

    I love redbox with all the free codes and $1.00 a night movies. My only problem is the selection. Not that I expect redbox to get older selections it’s just the choice of movie. I’ve noticed a lot of stupid rated R movies with a lot of swearing and no point to them. What’s up with that? I go to Hollywood and watch some of their new releases and wonder why redbox didn’t pick that instead of Riddle or The lost boys The tribe or that stupid little red riding hood movie! Hope to see better selections in the future!

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    Eric [visitor]

    I think they just need more copies of the popular new releases. Whenever a new movie comes out on Tuesday every copy is gone by the time I get home from work or if I stop by there is always a line of people waiting to get a movie.

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    MB [visitor]

    We love Redbox and the convienence of reserving movies from home online and knowing the will be there when we stop to pick them up. But I agree the selection lately has been lacking…its like having all the CABLE pay channels and yet there is never anything you want to watch…do away with the promo codes and add more movies…we can all afford the $1 to keep REDBOX afloat.

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    Timec [timec]

    I don’t really care if they expand their selection to include older releases – it would be nice, but I realize they have limited space and that may not be practical.

    What I would like, however, is for them to include a wider selection of new releases – and I’m not talking the titles that are exclusive to Blockbuster (“The Mist”, “The Great Debaters”, etc.,) which I understand why they don’t get. What I don’t understand them not getting are films like “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”, “Be Kind Rewind”, “Under the Same Moon”, “Charlie Bartlett”, and “Cassandra’s Dream”. None of them are huge films, but they all played at some megaplexes – and I do think there would be an audience for them. At least as big as some of the straight-to-video releases they get, I’d imagine. And they’d only have to get one or two copies for each machine. I know I’ve seen some of the other DVD kiosks get some of the aforementioned titles – and, in the end, I just having to go to places like Blockbuster to watch stuff like that.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing them get some of the smaller but still not completely obscure independent/foreign films like “Margot at the Wedding” (with Nicole Kidman and Jack Black) and “The Counterfeiters” (Best Foreign Film Oscar winner) and “Funny Games”.

    The thing is, in my opinion Redbox has gotten very few good new releases in the past two or three months – but it hasn’t because nothing good has come out. Quite a bit of good stuff has come out, but Redbox simply hasn’t gotten that stuff. And while I realize that I have slightly less than mainstream taste, I think it would be very much worthwhile for them to include at least some of the aforementioned titles.

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    MC [visitor]

    I always reserve all the good new Redbox releases from home on the first morning.

    After that, I may as well go to a chain retailer. I won’t rent a week-old movie because I know it’s likely going to be scratched and dirty. The people around here seemingly aren’t that, well, respectful. I feel a sense of urgency that I really shouldn’t.

    So I really don’t think a larger movie selection will be useful until manufacturers start making DVDs with scratch resistance. Kiosk vendors would be wise to start lobbying for these because it improves their per-unit longevity, and hopefully business overall.

    If the discs weren’t so easily ruined, Redbox could expand its strategy without second thought. But while they can be, investment quantities will remain limited.

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    Vincent Finocchio [visitor]

    yes you need more new movies I have said this four or more time in the last year but have never got a response… you read your mail or shrede it ????

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    mnWINTERcritter [visitor]

    OK, It’s a small containter and the movies are a buck. Not looking for a big selection. I’d be happier if they had numerous copies of the newest movies. When I am looking for something older or more exotic both Netflix and Blockbust are pretty cheap as well and they will deliver to my home. A lot of people really need to get some perspective. Return on investment says put in what the largest majority want to watch. Indy, Anime, older classics….not a large enough audience for much return on investment. I have noticed local to me the places like Byerlys has a bit of a different selection then McDonalds so someone is giving it a bit of thought.

    I’m a busy mom. I don’t want to take my kid to a rental store nor do I want to go out of my way. I can grab a quick kid movie while on the run or a new release to watch late after the kid goes to bed. During the winter I do Blockbuster so I can get the older movies and watch them a few times. I can get the kid movies for my son to watch until he is sick of them. It has saved me from having to buy a lot of movies to have them for him to watch until he isn’t interested any more.

    I very much want them to keep the selection new releases across a popular selection of genre.

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    DSShaw [visitor]

    If you’re tallying votes: I used redbox for new releases only, I personally am not looking for older movies.

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    Ted [visitor]

    The local ‘BlueBox’ kiosks have a selection of classic movies and all-time favorites like Top Gun, Usual Suspects, Pretty Woman, etc.
    Plus, their machines are smaller, yet seem to have more copies and more titles.

    RedBoxes in my area are ALWAYS sold out.

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      TONJA STAMPLEY [visitor]

      i agree because every time the new hits are out you are out too,so redbox need to do better i believe or we must comeup with another solution,so we will wait for a change!

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    TONJA STAMPLEY [visitor]

    yes! there is needed more movies,machines,and locations,also some of the returns of the rented movie you have rented is damaged from lack of proper useage and when you get ready the movie is scratched,cracked,or full of oil,it is bad at some places and their need to be more of a better insight on your part;also my checking account has been overcharged and i need it to be reconciled please thank you!

  23. Visitor [Join Now]
    Gordo [visitor]

    Do they need better selection?

    “I do have a problem with the fact that Redbox seems to lack many new releases”

    I have the same problem you do!

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    RedSabbath [visitor]

    My only complaint about what RedBox has and doesn’t is the lack of Unrated versions of titles. Look, I don’t want to see the theatrical cut if the Unrated is say 5 minutes more. Sometimes it seems that RedBox doesn’t have a choice (like in Harold And Kumar 2) when that’s the only version pressed for the movie, but they should give us the choice of either “R” or “Unrated”.

    Some have said that it’s to stop young kids from renting them, but honestly, if I kid’s old enough to have a debit card, they’re old enough to see this.

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    Lothar7422 [visitor]

    I am sick of how everytime a new movie comes out it doesn’t show available to reserve! I check it before I go to work at 3 AM the day it comes out as well as through out the day. I have been trying to rent Death Race and it has not been available yet at any location! I have also been lied to by their customer service several times, there was an issue where the online reserve method was malfunctioning and charged me 5 times for one movie, they said they couldn’t credit the money back at all. LIE! They can! I finally had a service rep tell me they could. Not sure if I am going to keep using Redbox as you can never get anything new. Looks like it’s back to Netflix!