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Redbox Code Recap for June 11, 2009

With this post I am starting a new feature here on Inside Redbox called the “Redbox Code Recap”. Periodically as there are new, confirmed Redbox promo codes to post about, I will do a recap like this.

Today we have 3 confirmed codes from the last few days I want to share with you…


This code is valid at Stop and Shop only, and expiration date is currently unknown.


This code is valid an McDonald’s only, and is said to expire on June 30, 2009.


This code is currently working at all locations, but may revert to a Shop N’ Save only code at any time. It expires on June 17, 2009.

To get all of the details on each of these and other Redbox promo codes, click here to visit the Redbox Codes page. You can click on each individual code to read comments and see when/where the code has been working recently. Also, be sure to report your experience with each code using the “ADD / UPDATE REDBOX CODE” form found on that page.

If you want to track the Redbox Codes you use, movies you watch, and get even more personalized services, check out how to get our Inside Redbox Gold Membership for FREE on the Membership page.

78 Responses to “Redbox Code Recap for June 11, 2009”

  1. Member [Join Now]
    jakoblin [jakoblin]

    What a shame

    SPSTA61 <<< my city does not have a store called Stop and Shop .

    MC6AF39 <<< my city does not have a store called McDonald’s .

    6SN67S7 << code does not work in raley redbox

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      rb [visitor]

      Keep trying the 6SN67S7 code at various grocers or Walmarts that have Redbox kiosks. It’s working at 3 different grocery chains where I live, plus the Walmarts.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      E [visitor]

      I am simply amazed you have no McDonalds around!? I thought they were everywhere in the country? Granted none of mine have a redbox, but there are Mickey D’s all over the place.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        dmom [visitor]

        i a m sure that is what they meant…no need to be snide…obvious that MC are all over doesn’t mean that they have redbox, none of our do either.

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          E [visitor]

          “snide”? Wow, if a comment like mine upsets you, good luck reading these message boards-many rude and crude comments around. I guess you can read people’s minds and understand what they really mean. “my city does not have a store called McDonald’s”. I simply stated I was amazed they didn’t have any. Couldn’t imaging going thru life not knowing the guily pleasure of a fattening Big Mac! But whatever….

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    mikeson [visitor]

    hola thanks for a lot of codes promo’s
    I will enjoy movies with my family.

  3. Member [Join Now]
    PennyPetrina [pennypetrina]

    San Diego doesn’t have Stop and Shop and these codes do not seem to work at the Von’s stores that I shop at. But I will keep trying! Thanks anyway for the codes!

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Maria [visitor]

      You might want to re-check the name of the video rental kiosk at your local Vons because it may not be “Redbox”. The Vons in Simi Valley, CA has a red in color video rental kiosk but it’s not “Redbox”, I don’t know the video rental name and can’t check because I was only visiting my hometown when I noticed it and almost thought it was “Redbox” because of the color. Anyway, if you find that the video rental kiosk in your local Vons isn’t “Redbox”, try Albertstons if there is one close to you in San Diego. I’ve never noticed an Albertsons there, but maybe there’s one off the “beaten path” away from the ocean and military bases that were my main destination points every weekend for awhile. LUCKY YOU THAT YOU LIVE IN SAN DIEGO, I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ENVIOUS. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER THAT CAN’T BE BEAT, AMAZING BAY FOR THE BEST WALKS I HAVE EVER TAKEN, CORONADO ISLAND, AND MY FAVORITE… MILITARY, MILITARY, MILITARY!!!!!!!!!

  4. Member [Join Now]

    Yea thanx alot code worked for me at walmart today!

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    inside redbox user [visitor]

    6SN67S7 <—- Does not work in Save Mart Supermarkets Elk Grove, CA

  6. Member [Join Now]

    Thanks for all you do for all of us.
    How’s the new baby

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Gayle [visitor]

    Thanks for all the work to get codes to us. We all appreciate the codes!

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Papaya [visitor]

    Thanks so much will look forward to trying them with the kids this weekend. Ohio

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    rb [visitor]

    Was just on and saw something in the forum dated 6-9-09 about Staples rebate cards can be used at Redbox kiosks. Any one know anything about this? I’m assuming if you buy something at Staples that includes say a $5 mail-in rebate, you get a Staples rebate card worth $5. Said something that you need to use on promo codes/Redbox FIRST before using the card for other purchases. This would be great if no activation or maintenance fee for the rebate card. Can’t check back for awhile, so please blog any info you know about Staples rebate cards on this Weekend Code recap blog. Any other rebate cards anyone knows of that work at Redbox? Thanks

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      missa [visitor]

      I have used staples rebate cards at redbox. I just used a $40 dollar one last week. I had not used the card for any other purchases before using redbox. A few months ago I used a staples card that only had about five dollars on it (i had used it previously) and it did not work at redbox. There is no maintenance fee for first six months on staples card. No activation fee.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        rb [visitor]

        Thank you. I definitely have to look into this. Before 6 months is up, do you know can you cancel it/use the entire money amount on it without any fee for canceling/bringing to zero balance before you have to start paying a maintenance fee? What if the only thing you use it for is FREE Redbox promo codes. After 6 months would there still start to be a maintenance fee if only using it for FREE promo codes and, therefore,you’re not actually making any money transactions (debit/credit/checking your balance, etc.) now that Redbox no longer has that $1 holding fee. Did you get your Staples rebate card (is it a visa/mastercard reloadable or what?) by purchasing something at Staples that had a mail-in rebate included? Instead of requesting a check for the amount of your Staples rebate, do you have to specifically request your rebate to be in the form of a Staples rebate card–or do they send the rebate CARD automatically?

        • Member [Join Now]

          I don’t know if this will help you or not, hope it does. This pass Christmas I got new wireless phone from Verizon, as gifts for myself and children. 4 phones total, each had a 50 dollar rebate. I sent in the rebate forms and got back 4 Visa cards worth 50 dollars each. The account for the phones is in my name so the cards are in my name. I use these cards to rent my movies from Redbox. I have one email address per card. The first time I used eash card I had to use it on line, and give them the needed info. I use a pernament marker to put a mark on the cards each time I get a movie on it, so I can keep track of what has been taken off the card. ( I can also check on line) As for the maintence fee they don’t start until a year after the first time using the card. The cards are not reloadable. Hope this helps.

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          missa [visitor]

          The staples card is not reloadable. You must use entire balance on card by end of 6 months to avoid any fees hitting card. I get mine by doing the staples rebates ( i do alot of rebates, mostly for items i end up getting for free after rebates). I think that staples only does the rebates visa cards now, no rebate checks so it should come automatically. Staples rebates are really easy to do (you do them online) and I have never had a problem with them but if they are free items, get to the store early because they sell out fast but our store get a shipment in on Weds. so they normally get more of the product in.

          • Visitor [Join Now]
            rb [visitor]

            Thanks! Just got a ream of paper (that I needed anyway) at the store Staples for $7.29 BUT it has a $5.29 rebate for this week only–so like paying $2! Submitted the rebate online, it was very very easy. However, before I pressed the final ‘submit rebate’, I called the Staples easy rebate phone # and asked how can I be sure that the rebate will come in the form of a rebate visa card. She said ALL rebates that are submitted online are sent as a Visa debit card that can be used any where a visa or debit card is used!

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Klit [visitor]

    SPSTA61 expires today 6/12 no longer valid

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    smilinjuju [visitor]

    Code did not work at Raley’s. ;-(

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    Nellie Butler [visitor]

    6SN67S7 worked fine for me at Walgreens about two hours ago. Thanks for the codes!

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    meme [visitor]

    Also live in a town where the closest Micky D’s are more then 30 miles from my towns around me…only have VERY limited access to Redbox at all. One only for 20 miles radius – then there is a cluster if I go 30 miles (one way). We need more Redboxes in my area (Central Coast of CA). Also need to see some Blu Ray DVD’s at Redbox too! Thanks for the codes…but are these the codes you can ONLY use at the box to rent? Or are these codes OK to use when renting on line? Being as it’s a drive to get and return..knowing which codes can be used on line and not in the info give out with codes would really be hugely helpful!

  14. Member [Join Now]
    taresa funderburg [taresa-funderburg]

    I can tottaly relate to meme as i live 30 miles any direction i go from a redbox.I really do appreciate all the info on the promo codes,and last weekend i was able to use one of them in arkadelphia arkansas at wal-mart.and meme i also am a meme to my grandkids.

  15. Member [Join Now]
    balarifke [balarifke]

    Thanks so much for the free movies! Being laid off from work, you really appreciate these things. Sometimes the codes work; at other times not, but I don’t mind. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to see a free movie!

  16. Member [Join Now]

    Code SPSTA61 Came up as an invalid code at the Stop & Shop in New York 10993 this afternoon 6/12.

    Got any other codes that might work at Stop & Shop or Shop Rite?

  17. Member [Join Now]

    Had a really hard time getting a pass word to work to get into my account so I could get my info from you but FINALLY able to get one to reset for me. Thanks for all your trouble and hard work to keep RedBox codes going. LOVE MY REDBOX..

  18. Member [Join Now]
    BabsGary [babsgary]

    when does the promo code for Walmarts expire?

  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    Sean [visitor]

    Soooo Michael, any news about the Monday codes yet??? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people that are all pissed off and bitching about only getting one free movie a month instead of four. I just thought you said you’d be updating about it “next week”, and that was at least a week ago. Me, I’ll be fine. If they don’t bring that back, so be it, I’ll just get one free one a month. But I really think they should bring it back.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      Yea, it has been taking me longer than I anticipated to get this new thing going I am working on. It will not have anything to do with codes, though, because I unfortunately have no control of that, but it will be a way to get free movies.

      Anyway, I have definitely not forgot and am still working on it, and I will make a post and send an email out as soon as I have something ready to announce.


  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    skw [visitor]

    I think redbox is awesome but theres way too many i ndependent films and theres now way of knowing what the movies are made by till you get them

  21. Member [Join Now]

    what is the code for movies?

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    Hagus [visitor]

    DVDONME was still working last night. There is also BREAKROOM. This one I haven’t checked yet I got it yesterday GDMK2GM.

  23. Visitor [Join Now]
    me=) [visitor]

    This code–>6SN67S7 work for me yesturday at Walgreens got 2 movies thanks!=)

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    RobinL [visitor]

    Well,I for one thing appreciate anything for free nowadays,I cannot beleive that someone could actually be nasty about this???? I am appreciative for all your hard work so we CAN have something for FREE!! Especially in these hard economic times,some of us still have manners that are FREE also! Thankyou ever so much for any codes! Robin L Doney ~~~~~~~~~

  25. Member [Join Now]
    SFSympa [sfsympa]

    Used code 6SN67S7 Friday in FoodMaxx in greater San Francisco-Sacramento region. It worked fine.

  26. Member [Join Now]

    SPSTA61 did not work in KY

    MC6AF39 Code worked fine for me yesterday.

    Have not tried that last code. Thanks for all you do.

  27. Member [Join Now]
    mrs. felker [mrs.-felker]

    just want to let everyone know that
    CODES :
    DEVRY6268 (at Jewels ONLY),
    DVDATWAG (at walgreens only) all worked fine for me in IL. I used them yesterday

  28. Visitor [Join Now]
    jmgame [visitor]

    DEVRY6268 Worked for me last week, but I think it may have expired already. Arlington TX

  29. Visitor [Join Now]
    msblenda [visitor]

    tried to use the DVDATWAG on tuesday in nashville, it said it wasnt valid. but i have used it before, so sometimes it works.

  30. Visitor [Join Now]
    Sean [visitor]

    I was able to use REDBOX again last week, but not BREAKROOM.

  31. Visitor [Join Now]
    Barbara [visitor]

    6SN67S7 worked in Houston at Walgreens today

  32. Member [Join Now]

    how do i get my code for first time registering

  33. Visitor [Join Now]
    rachel [visitor]

    what does this code get me?

  34. Member [Join Now]

    I really like redbox, but i have ideas for redbox who do i talk to? i get good movies for my son. thanks redbox keep it up.

  35. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dawn [visitor]

    Just used breakroom at Acme in NJ worked great!

  36. Visitor [Join Now]
    Mark [visitor]

    Anyone know on the Redbox Codes page here what is meant by the line in the code list which is blank? It is an orangeish color, with a green dot on the left and that is all. I am guessing it’s a code just for “Gold Members” (as if there is any other kind, lol.) Except if it is I would think Michael would say so, as an actual tangible benefit of membership.

    Or maybe it’s just an advertisement inserted into the list which my blockers picked up? On second thought that sounds more likely.

    Here’s an image, though I don’t know if it will work on this blog:

  37. Member [Join Now]

    6SN67S7…worked at Albertson’s in Arizona. Thanks!
    Rented the movie Doubt…great movie, fantastic acting by all!

  38. Member [Join Now]

    can i reserve a movie today for later at harris teeter/29th baltic ave/ va beach, va. 23451

  39. Member [Join Now]
    Chip [chip]

    Michael, I hope you read this… I’ve been unable to log on to the codes page for several weeks now. When I click that link, it tries to download some unknown file, then halts. This has happened twice before in the past, but it got fixed each time within a week or so. Hope you can help. Chip out.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      Sounds like your browser is caching the page from a few weeks ago. You need to clear your cache in your browser and that should fix it.

      • Member [Join Now]
        Chip [chip]

        Michael, how do I do that? I use disk clean-up to delete the cookies and other files. How do I clear my cache in my browser? (Thanks for the above reply.)

        • Administrator
          Michael [administrator]

          That depends on which browser you are using, but usual in the settings menu of every browser there is some way to clear the cache.

          Another thing you can try that works in many browsers is to goto the page you want to clear, and then press shift (or control) while clicking the refresh/reload button. That usually forces a reload of that page only.

  40. Member [Join Now]

    Am I understanding through reading these comments, that Redbox offers only 1 “free Monday code” a month now? Wonder why I wasn’t notified…I am registered online.


    • Visitor [Join Now]
      rb [visitor]

      Correct. Weekly Monday code went to 1x monthly code–the first Monday of each month…. This is at least until end of summer. After that, no one seems to know for sure what Redbox is going to do as far as promo codes.