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Yet another small town is petitioning to keep Redbox out of their town because of concerns of their children watching R-rated movies.

The article uses the same arguments we have seen before, but feel free to read it if you are bored.

My favorite quote from the article is this:

“The question is, are they the problem? Where’s the responsibility for the parents?” wondered one Winchester resident.

Those are my thoughts exactly, which many of you have expressed as well.
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Any new thoughts on this?

13 Responses to “R-rated Movie Removal Part 3: Indiana vs. Redbox”

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    Dex [visitor]

    That article points out the main issue at hand…

    “”My daughter used it before. I have given her my debit card, but I know what she’s getting,” said a Winchester mother.”

    You can’t rent w/o some type of plastic
    R movies require you to be 18 (or have a guardian) and you can’t get plastic until you’re 18 (as far as I know?)

    So obviously the flaw is with the person giving the under 18 child their plastic without paying attention to what’s being done with it.
    Same thing when grandma buys little Johhny GTA 4 and Johhny’s parents aren’t concerned with what their kid is doing.
    When I was growing up my mom did this thing called parenting and I think it worked pretty well. Maybe we should try re-introducing that into today’s world? At the very least making people aware that it’s an option…

    On another subject, I can see maybe censoring R rated covers on the outside of the Box, some of them can be scary to a young mind.

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    Matt [visitor]

    There’s no point whatsoever in censoring title’s on redbox’s… It would be to a lesser extent than that same young child walking down the aisle at a blockbuster or any other rental place and seeing those titles in a much bigger case. Those little redbox pictures are nothing and to date I haven’t seen anything I’ve thought was obscene. This all just seems so silly to me that these parents would be fighting this. It seems like our American culture has gotten so law hungry that they feel they need to fight this. You need a credit card to rent from it and you can’t get a credit card or Debit with visa without being 18 or having a cosigner that’s 18 and in doing that your parents realize that you have the card and would probably trust that child enough. I know when I was younger my mom wouldn’t allow me to rent R rated films through Blockbuster or Hollywood video until I was 15 or 16 and then she allowed me to through our account. She felt I was responisible at that point and while I didn’t have a Debit with Visa until I was 18 I can’t see where the issue here is.

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    A Beck [visitor]

    I don’t think I have new thoughts on this. I don’t even watch R rated movies, but I don’t see Redbox carrying them as an issue. Kids will get their hands on R rated movies if that’s their ultimate motive. Banning Redbox isn’t going to stop that. I agree with the parenting comment from the article. Besides, smut doesn’t exist only in R rated movies. There are many lesser rated movies I wish I hadn’t seen because of content. Parents need to know what their children are doing and children need to learn to be aware of the influences around them. Redbox is not the problem here.

  4. Member [Join Now]

    To all those saying you can’t get a credit/debit card until you’re 18… Well, you can get a pre-paid visa/mastercard at any age for the most part. They seem to work pretty well on the machines too.

    I’m not saying Redbox shouldn’t carry R-rated movies(I think they should), just saying that’s one way they could do it under 18.

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    the Ramen Noodle [visitor]

    I think there are certainly things that can be done to show more common decency regarding these things. I hope McDonald’s isn’t actually putting these things next to their play lands. That’s just irresponsible on their part. But then again, I think it’s also poor taste for most stores to place magazines with sexually appealing covers “in your face” at the checkout stands.

    @A Beck is right. I personally watch far more R movies than PG-13. Because most of the time, PG-13 movies have more smut as they are trying to appeal to the hormone-raging audience of teens. The rated-R movies are either obviously “bad,” or rated such for violence (which I think people can handle far easier than sexual imagery).

    But the point really all comes down to the parents. If they know their kids are getting stuff they shouldn’t, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Don’t go blaming someone else for your own failure at being a parent. Participate in your child’s life, people!

    And I don’t think it’s really an issue of trust anymore because it seems parents don’t even care about trying to trust their kids.

    GRRR! Now I need to cool off. Ah, maybe I’ll go checkout a Redbox movie with today’s code. :)

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    andrea [visitor]

    What – expect parents to take responsibility for their kids??? I bet these parents let the kids watch anything on cable- not paying attention. If you are a responsible parent- then you can monitor what YOUR kid sees(reads, eats, does)- not me, my kids or anyone elses.

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    DSShaw [visitor]

    For vote tallying purposes: If redbox doesn’t have ‘R’ rated movies then they will receive A LOT less business from me. I am only interested in new releases, and most of my choices are rated ‘R.’

    A credit card is required to rent movies, it’s not like a 10 year old can get a credit card on their own. Parents are responsible for being parents.

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    Terri [visitor]

    I guess parents have now chosen redbox to be their new free babysitter, they are alway trying to push their children off on someone else to take care of them so it is no surprise so congrats redbox.

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    Leathlobhair [leathlobhair]

    It’s funny that so many people are trying to blame others for their own ineptitudes. If a parent does not want their kid to watch an R-rated movie, then they simply do what they can to make sure it does not happen. Redbox machines require a credit card to be swiped in order for the machine to vend a movie, and, correct me if I’m wrong, kids can’t legally have a credit card. Common sense, anyone?


    If the parent is trying to ban a retail rental company from placing machines in their town for the sake of barring their children from watch inappropriate material, that is just a testament to how much improvement they need to make on their parenting skills. Redbox is too awesome to be made into a scapegoat. >=\

    It’s harsh to say, I know, but these are just several honest truths.

  10. Member [Join Now]
    Leathlobhair [leathlobhair]

    And furthermore, if the parents want to track what their kids are renting if they lend their card out (which is a bad idea anyway), they can set their email address up to receive rental/return receipts by entering their email address into the machine.

    Now they’ll be able to tell what their kid is renting!

    If they don’t have an email address and can’t figure out how to operate a computer, then they should “get with the program” and LEARN. Old dogs -can- learn new tricks, after all.

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Charlie [visitor]

    Actually any normal bank card can be used to rent movies, which are available to those under 18.

    But once again, it takes parental permission to get a bank account.

    So there we are at full circle. Parents should be responsible.

    Besides you have to be 17 not 18 to watch Rated-R movies. How many 16 year olds have plastic?

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    Radman [radman]

    Gift Cards and you can make up your own and numerous emails.

    You can get 3 new releases for free with codes, with a gift card and a new email address whenever you want.

    Are all these things dishonest?
    Can Redbox stop this?
    Does Redbox want to stop this?
    What if you had less than the movie is worth on your Gift Card and used a bogus email?

    I’ve been told and witnessed all of these things and they work.