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Redbox New Releases for September 9, 2008

11 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for September 9, 2008”

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    Joltman [visitor]

    Are you serious? They didn’t get the new release of the Marvel animated movie Next Avengers and then a week later they get the year-and-a-half old Iron Man animated movie. I understand they would get that since the live-action Iron Man comes out soon, but why wouldn’t they get the new one?!?!?!??!!?

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    silverfox [visitor]

    I think that they need to do a better job in their selections. Sept 9 releases are 1 action, 1 comedy, and 3 kids. More adult films would be nice.

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    Joe [visitor]

    The new segal movie was never available.

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    silverfox [visitor]

    Pistol Whipped by Segal was released back in Mar. 08. So why are they coming up with it 6 months after it’s release.

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    adrian [visitor]

    Your new releases are terrible! Who is in charge of the movie selection?… A kid?… Im very dissapointed…

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    Bev [visitor]

    I think that people sure bitch alot for getting free movies !!!!

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    Elle [visitor]

    Two adult films and FIVE new kid movies?! Disappointing…

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    bosscain [visitor]

    I rented “the secret” and “bella” two very good movies that I highly recommend if they are available in your local area.

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    Kambo [visitor]

    Call me naive, but I rented “the Invincible Ironman” and come to find out it’s an animated movie!! I kept wondering when the live action stuff would come in, and why people had raved about this dumb animated movie so much. Come on Redbox! I think that was a little deceptive. I want my dollar back!

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      RMD [visitor]


      For you to ask for your dollar back is even dumber than you not reading the description of the movie. Don’t blame others for your carelessness.

      I saw Invincible Iron Man once before but rented it again and loved it! I plan on buying it when it hits the used sale button!

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    Kambo [visitor]

    For you to want to buy the Invincible Ironman is even dumber than you thinking that I seriously am going to demand my dollar back. I was careless, but I suspect Redbox was hoping a lot of people would make the same careless mistake. That’s the point. I think it was tricksy of them! I’ll be more careful with redbox releasing movies no one has ever heard of, and especially movies everyone THINKS they’ve heard of. Who’s with me?