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(It’s just what the king would have wanted!)

Not sure how to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s passing? Allow redbox to help. There might even be an Elvis sighting or two at a redbox location near you.
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First out of the gate this week is Wild Hogs. What you have here is the American dream— – four long time friends (played by Hollywood heavy hitters John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy) who decide on a cross-country motorcycle trip.
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It gives them, you know, a chance to dress up and play big dog (until they run across an actual motorcycle gang that doesn’t appreciate the suburbanite charade).

Or you can catch up with Anthony Hopkins doing what he does like no one else: intimidating the crud out of law enforcement. This time, in the psychological thriller Fracture, it’s young Ryan Gosling who’s up against Hopkins. Gosling plays an ambitious attorney who finds that his case against Hopkins (arrested for murder) ain’t quite open and shut.

On the off chance you didn’t find roadside motels creepy enough, along comes the horror Vacancy. Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson play newlyweds who stop at one for a night’s sleep, only to find their room contains hidden cameras. What’s more, they soon discover they’ll be the next victims in a series of brutal snuff films if they don’t escape and skedaddle.

Now this is what redbox is talking about. In time for the aforementioned anniversary, along comes Elvis. Jonathan Rhys-Myers was up for an Emmy (and won a Golden Globe) for his portrayal of Elvis Presley in this smashing miniseries, which follows the King’s life from young and ambitious to international megastar. Randy Quaid plays Colonel Tom Parker.

Is there a doctor in the house? Redbox has a fever, and the only remedy is not more cow bell. It’s the animated DVD from Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange. That’s right kids, Doctor Strange has joined the list of other famous Marvel heroes with his own animated movie. Your favorite strange doctor, Steve Strange is back in a movie that is one part old-school Shaw Brothers Kung-Fu flick, and one part neo-mysticism (think Matrix with the whole “all is not as it seems” motif). He’s the one they call Doctor Strange….he’s the one that will make redbox feel alright.

And don’t forget about the biggie from last week: Disturbia. Shia LeBeouf plays a teen who, after getting put on house arrest (and getting really bored), starts suspecting his neighbor of being a serial killer. Sarah Roemer and Carrie-Anne Moss co-star.

Grab a couple or grab ‘em all. You know just where to pick the movies out (online) and pick them up (at any redbox location). Until next week…

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