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No Biggie. The New Releases Are In.

No playoffs this year? Get an early start on the off-season with an all-star team of new DVDs.
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Admit it, you knew Bruce Willis had a creepy side just beneath the surface. In Perfect Stranger, Halle Berry plays a journalist who goes undercover to investigate Bruce as her best friend’s killer. When her cover slowly but surely gets blown, Bruce makes her life as his employee a terrifying ride. (Bruce is pretty tough. After suggesting he’s “creepy,” redbox is trying to stay on first name basis with the guy.)

Next up is the The Ultimate Gift. Drew Fuller plays a young man whose relationship with his grandfather Red (James Garner) was based on money and chilly at best. But when Red dies, he leaves his grandson a stiff series of challenges intending to toughen up the trust fund kid, change his life, and turn him into a man. Ali Hillis and Abigail Breslin co-star.

Calling all vampire flick fans (and practicing vampires, too, redbox supposes): Night Junkies is just your cup of…blood. Ugh. Katie Winter plays a drug addict and dancer in London who meets a fellow addict and kindred spirit in Vincent (played by Giles Alderson). Things start out weird and only get weirder when Vincent bites her on the neck, turning her into a vampire.

Didn’t see these great titles from last week? Oh, there’s still time. You can select them online and pick them up at any redbox location near you.

In Wild Hogs, some of Hollywood’s biggest names play a group of regular guys who take to the open road on motorcycles for adventure, fresh air, and a little run-in with an actual motorcycle gang. John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy star.

Once again, it’s Anthony Hopkins facing off with an ambitious young do-gooder (Ryan Gosling) in a match of wits and gory details. In Fracture, Gosling struggles to make a murder case stick against the wily Hopkins.

Finally, it’s Vacancy. Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson play newlyweds who stop at a creepy roadside motel that’s loaded with hidden cameras. When they find they’ll be the next victims in a series of brutal snuff films if they don’t escape, it’s a race for their lives.

Grab a couple or grab ‘em all.
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You know just where to pick the movies out (online) and pick them up (at any redbox location). Until next week…

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  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Claudio [visitor]

    I rent Perfect Stranger yesterday! Do not recommend. A waste of time and money. What a disappointment on plot, script and acting. Save your money, rent something else.