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But, Wow, The New DVDs Sorta Go On Forever.

The last week in September starts off with this summer’s biggest comedy smash: Knocked Up. Up-and-comer Seth Rogen stars as a good-natured California schlub for whom the stars align one night—when he meets Katherine Heigl and wins her over (err, at least for a few hours). But when their little evening together results in a surprise pregnancy, they have to decide whether they’re good enough together to raise a child. (Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann steal the show as a dysfunctional couple.)

Next? Next stars Nicolas Cage as a Las Vegas psychic who—after he proves to be a little too convincing at seeing the future—gets pursued by just about everyone. The Feds (led by Julianne Moore) want him to use his powers to foresee and prevent terrorist activity. The terrorists want him dead. All poor Nick wants to do is be in the right place at the right time when the love of his life strolls by. Jessica Biel also stars.

Redbox just has to tell you…that Ashley Judd can make anything appealing, right down to playing a deeply lonely woman living in a hotel room in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. In Bug, Judd stars as a diner waitress who escapes an abusive husband (Harry Connick, Jr.) and finds herself trapped in a motel room with a stranger who just returned from the Middle East (Michael Shannon). The whole situation is downright creepy.

Or how about en emotional story about mothers, daughters, and love that last a lifetime? (Gentlemen, looks like you’ll be getting a night out with the guys.
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) In Evening, Vanessa Redgrave stars as Ann Lord, who begins sharing with her two daughters (Toni Collette and Natasha Richardson) memories about the formative years of her life and about her most meaningful romance. Claire Danes plays the young Ann.

This week’s releases? Last week’s releases? They’re all available to select online, then pick up at a redbox near you.
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Don’t forget about the inspirational story We Are Marshall. It’s the true story of how a couple of young coaches (Matthew McConnaughey and Matthew Fox) plan to revive the Marshall football team after a plane crash claims the lives of many players and fans.

Oh, and you’ll rent The Condemned if you know what’s good for you. When a billionaire TV producer creates a fight-to-the-death tournament on a remote island and drags a bunch of imprisoned men there, action stars Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones face each other to see who’s tougher.

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