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Of This Week’s New Releases.

The first week of October starts off with an amazing blend of action and special effects in Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. In the latest installment, the four learn that they’re no longer the only ones with superpowers on the block—the Silver Surfer and Galactus are here to create some serious havoc…and probably utter a couple of sweet new catchphrases. Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis star.

Or let Zac Efron jump right out of High School Musical (or in redbox’s case, the pages of Teen Beat) and into your living room in Derby Stallion. The hunky star plays Patrick McCardle, a teenager with a passion for riding horses. When his gift is recognized by a jaded former horse trainer (played by Bill Cobb), the two form a friendship while helping Patrick chase his dream on horseback.
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Ready for the kids to start bugging you with Christmas lists? (It is October already.) Perfect. Rent Elf Bowling the Movie: The Great North Pole Elf Strike. In this animated feature, Santa Clause has to save Christmas by chasing his elves down after his conniving brother Dingle takes them to Fiji. Joe Alaskey, Sean Hart and Tom Kenney voice the likable characters in this holiday tale.
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For a little something way less festive, there’s Final Contract: Death on Delivery. Drew Fuller plays a young man working a pretty normal job as a courier at his uncle’s company—that is, until he gets caught up in a tangled plot that involves gunfire, an affair with a gorgeous coworker, and him getting framed as a professional assassin. Tanja Wenzel and Ken Bones also star.

Don’t forget about these hot titles from the last week in September. You can find them online and pick them up at any old redbox.

Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl star in Knocked Up, the summer’s comedy smash. After the mismatched two have a one-night stand, they have to decide what to do about their surprise pregnancy…should they stay together and possibly end up like hilarious co-starring couple Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd?

In Next, Nicolas Cage stars as a Las Vegas psychic who has the gift to see just a couple of minutes into the future. The Feds want him to use his power to stop terrorists. The terrorists? They pretty much want the guy dead. Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel costar.

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