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MORE DVDs IN 2008,
These New Releases Will Help

Let redbox help you with your New Years resolution to watch more DVDs. Start the new year off right with one or all of this week’s new releases.

This week starts off with some tough talk and a hail of bullets. Join Russell Crowe and Christian Bale on one wild ride in their popular remake of 3:10 to Yuma. Bale plays a hardworking rancher who agrees to watch an arrested outlaw (Crowe) who’s awaiting a Yuma-bound train to take him to trial. That gives him one shot to overtake the rancher and escape. Two tough guys. One battle of wills.

And the action doesn’t stop there. In Death Sentence, Kevin Bacon returns in a very new kind of role — a business exec and father who turns hell bent on revenge (this ain’t Footloose). When Bacon and his wife (played by Kelly Preston) are victimized by a street gang, he takes matters into his own hands. But how far is too far?

Next, you better grab something a little more innocent. Hip Hop Harry is a live action children’s show, in which Harry (David Joyner in a costume, and voiced by Ali Amini) entertains his young friends with songs and dances, and teaches them a few valuable lessons. This is perfect stuff for kids between 3 and 7, but don’t pretend you’re ever too old to learn from a good song.

Think your New Year’s resolutions are ambitious? In Sunshine, a group of astronauts is tasked with saving the Earth by preventing the sun from burning out and ending mankind as we know it. Hey, no biggie, right? Cliff Curtis and Cillian Murphy lead the rescue mission, which represent earth’s last hope, seven years after a previous mission failed. (Redbox is just shooting for buns of steel.)

Or how about something dark? Something offbeat? What’s that noise? In White Noise 2 Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion) discovers that he has been granted the mysterious ability of being able to tell if someone was about to die. But using this dark gift means interfering with the natural order of life and death, a choice that comes with a heavy price.
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Finally this week, rent the sci-fi thriller Dragon War. As Korean legend holds it, mysterious dragon-like
creatures will come to earth and destroy it. When this begins, one reporter (Jason Behr) and one girl with a mysterious illness (Amanda Brooks) have to race the creatures to Los Angeles and save the city.

There you have it….six great movies to start the new year off right. So pick out a few DVDs online ( today, then pick them up at your nearest redbox location.

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    i saw these movies last year would i want to see them again no stop recycling these older dvds

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    Very nice information…the World needs more Bacon info! Thanks for this :)