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(No Seriously. Look It Up.)

Welcome to 2008, movie lovers. Everything starts over today. That means it’s your chance to watch every movie your heart desires, old and new.

Forget ambiguous titles. Redbox loves a movie that spells it out for you. This week’s first movie stars action dudes Jason Statham and Jet Li, and it’s simply called WAR. Statham stars as an FBI agent who sets out for bloody revenge against the secret assassin (Li) who murdered his partner. With a cast, plot and title like that, any questions about what you’re getting into? Pure action.

Is your long resolution list filling you with a bit too much motivation and optimism?
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Hey, then hop right into the dystopian wasteland of Resident Evil: Extinction. The lovely Milla Jovovich returns as a freedom fighter who marches across the desert with other survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe while the evil Umbrella Corp closes in. Oded Fehr and Ali Larter co-star.

And the bullets just keep on flying! In Shoot’em Up, some serious Hollywood stars (Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci) — well, and about 50 million rounds of ammo — bring this story to life. Owen stars as a professional hitman (with a heart of gold…and Kevlar) who in the middle of a gunfight delivers a baby, then feels obligated to protect the kid from an army of gunmen.

Next up, it’s Shattered. This is the emotionally gripping story of a woman’s recovery as the only living survivor of a serial murderer. When her boyfriend is in put in charge of hunting down the killer, things get personal, the pace gets fast, and lines get crossed. Sophie Winkleman and Emmet Kerwan star.

Don’t you forget about these not-so oldies but goodies from way back in 2007: In Rush Hour 3, the one-two comedy punch of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan is back in action. This time, the two head to Paris to protect a woman who knows the secrets of the Triad’s leaders.

And finally in The Kingdom, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman star as members of an elite government team. They’re sent to the Middle East to investigate after an American family is bombed. The action is fierce.

Okay, friends, redbox wants you to start 2008 the right way: by doing nothing but watching the DVDs you know you’ve been dying to see. Happy New Year. You know where to find all these hot titles (redbox.
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com) and where to pick them up and drop them off (your nearest redbox).

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